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Angela Pan, Eyexpo Technology Corp CEO and Co-founder: ‘Our Company Actively Promotes Diversity, Constantly Challenges Convention, and Believes that Innovation Starts with a Great Product that is Supported by a Strong Business Model’


Angela Pan founded Eyexpo with the vision of reshaping the way people experience cities and places from a digital lens. Incepted in 2016, Eyexpo is a global immersive technology company with offices in Canada and China. The company provides an all-in-one immersive content creation, hosting, and data platform that boosts engagement and drives conversion for the business. This enables businesses to generate digital twins of people, places, and products. Eyexpo helps companies create 360 digital experiences with intuitive, immersive content creation and service platforms. It offers Emulated Reality (ER), a collection of technologies including the continuum of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), 3D display technology powered by deep analytics AI.

Carving a Niche in the Market

Eyexpo Technology’s platform offers an instant upgrade to deploying immersive marketing and helps businesses discover new ways to engage with your target audience.

The company has set its foot across many industries such as:

  • Retail and E-commerce – Immersive retail experiences help differentiates businesses against the competition by capturing interest and influencing purchase decisions.
  • Travel and Hospitality – Its immersive experiences help to travel without traveling. It offers meeting organizers and travelers an inspired interaction that boosts booking rates.
  • Real Estate and Construction – The company brings immersive technology to real estate sales and marketing. It also offers an ER 360° virtual tour of the neighborhood, aerial and ground views and creates a compelling reason to view the property. Besides, it builds immersive construction engineering reports within minutes to track visually progress for the clients.
  • Advertising and Events – As immersive content is the new useful communication tool, the immersive technology brings the unique interactive experience of creative ads, content marketing, events, and conventions. The company integrates and displays copywriting, photos, and videos in an immersive panoramic environment, embedded in websites and shared on social media. Clients can significantly increase click-through rate, conversion rate, and duration time. Its advanced data also brings insights into the client’s consumers’ behavior and preference.image

A Plethora of Products and Services

The company’s products help clients build extraordinary brands by connecting better with customers in the digital world. Eyexpo’s solutions and service offerings are fuelled by its clients’ and end-consumers’ needs.

The company has a range of products that includes:

  • Eyexpo SaaS Platform: The platform provides immersive content creation and advanced data platforms to boost engagement and drive conversion to grow businesses.
  • Eyexpo Pro: This platform creates dynamic 360 immersive experiences with a simple drag-and drop-interface. It can create immersive content, both code free and hassle-free. Eyexpo Pro can perform interactive digital storytelling, incorporating imagery, 3D objects, music, videos, and content into a single interactive asset that invites users to explore and engage. It also transforms the immersive world with VR mode for more visually stunning results.
  • Eyexpo Spotlight: Eyexpo Spotlight is an Intelligent Viewer for 3D Models. It can easily annotate 3D models by adding text, images, and videos. It enables intuitive hotspot mapping and provides placement of hotspots for 360, interactive viewing. It also provides optimized viewing adaptive both for computers and mobile devices.
  • Eyexpo AI 3D filming App: Eyexpo AI 3D filming App is an Intelligent 3D objects filming and 3D graphic analytics App. It provides optimized viewing adaptive both for computers and mobile devices.
  • Hosting & Advanced Data, Multi-Channel and Device Sharing, Content Creator Community, and Enterprise Platform API & SDK Solution.

An Exceptional Leader

Under the leadership of Angela Pan, CEO and Co-founder of the company, Eyexpo has grown into a global organization with over 60 employees in Vancouver and Shanghai offices, shifting the business model from services to the SaaS platform. At Eyexpo, she established an Innovation Lab that pilots new use cases and identifies computer visioning technologies. In addition to the VR 360 experience builder, Eyexpo has developed ER 3D interactive tools like Eyexpo Scanner – an ER 3D interactive mobile scanning software, and Spotlight – an interactive ER 3D viewer that enhances product experiences.

Angela is a serial entrepreneur with years of executive management experience. Before founding Eyexpo Technology, she was the CEO of CCEA Management Ltd., an investment holdings company. Supporting the community is a big part of Angela’s life since she was a student. She is also involved in various business community initiatives, including co-founding the Evergreen Elite Club to connect successful young chief executives to a global network and promote more significant business opportunities and trade between Canada, the USA, and China.

At SFU, Angela grew the Chinese Student Scholarship Association from a few hundred to over 3,000 members by connecting other colleges and universities to help Chinese students integrate into school and life in Canada. She is the Co-Chair of Members for the Rotary Club of Vancouver, where she helped raise funds, create a strategic vision and plan for the Rotaries’ annual charity event where all proceeds went towards helping children in need. The ardent entrepreneur is also the Committee of Lion’s Gate hospital foundation, where she helped raise funds to help hospitals and people.

She asserts: “We bring together the best of Eastern and Western cultures. Our management team brings deep experience in marketing, product strategy, and innovation in Canada and the US, as well as strong networks with strategic partnerships and investors in China and Silicon Valley.” She adds: “We are a company that actively promotes diversity, constantly challenges convention, and believes that innovation starts with a great product that is supported by a strong business model.”