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Manoj Kumar Padhi, Fan’sGlobal SocialNGN LLC CEO: “After researching for several years, we invented the Zone-Domain- Role Model as an alternative to the Lure-Track business model”


In the digital world we live in, social media platforms have become more intrusive, having no concern for data privacy. Many big names in the segment are under fire for privacy violations, and it’s quite evident that people are well-aware of the breach. During the early days of the internet, it was a basic human right to protect the information of users. But now, things have changed massively, and thousands of apps out there are collecting and misusing data for promotion purposes. It is very difficult to entirely control the cyberworld, but one thing that we can do is, restrict social media platforms from collecting user data.

Globally there are various firms delivering excellent privacy-first social media platforms but Fan’sGlobal SocialNGN LLC stands out from the rest. Fan’sGlobal has hundreds of service domains where you could promote your products with a nominal yearly subscription. FANSIAL®  by 4FANZ® is the Next Generation Social Network. In Facebook, the social network that is prevailing today - everyone - your Dad, Mom, Teacher, Coach, and even Spouse is a friend. With FANSIAL® if you are a Business - you sell and promote your product or services in a Zone where your customers and fans are there. Keep them happy by connecting with them locally - every weekend, you can sponsor an event - Music, Dance, Modeling, or Sports - anything that your Fans would like.

In conversation with Manoj Kumar Padhi, CEO of Fan’sGlobal SocialNGN LLC

Q. What was the motivation behind starting 4FANZ®

The Answer is - “Privacy Must.” In 2014, I observed that all the Big Tech companies like Facebook and Google were practicing the Lure-Track business model and gathering personal data by offering various free services to internet users and tracking their browsing activities. Those personal data, such as likes, dislikes, locations, etc., were also collected even when users exited their app. This kind of invasion of privacy was unacceptable to me, and 4FANZ® was born to do research on an alternative business model to Lure-Track where Businesses (aka Producers) can find consumers and fans quickly without tracking. I concluded that we need a new kind of Internet to make it happen and hence envisioned the new Internet as the Internet of Roles (IoR). IoR is the only way by which a ‘Privacy Must’ alternative to the invasive World Wide Web aka Internet of People or simply The Internet is possible. After researching for several years, we invented the Zone-Domain- Role Model as an alternative to the Lure-Track business model. For this research, we have been recognized by several International and USA Magazines. The very first recognition came in September 2020 when I received the CEO TODAY USA AWARDS 2020 for my vision and work on THE FANSIAL® NETWORK.


Q. Can you explain about your services in brief?

When you define the term “service” in the context of the current internet, it is always attached to a company. E.g., the Maps service provided by Google or Apple, etc. 4FANZ® doesn’t operate on the Internet of People. We designed our services for the Internet of Roles (IoR), where initially we determined that we could fit all services we need across 36 different Zones and then attach one or more services to each of those zones with meaningful domain names. Then we pre-define various roles per service domain that the users will subscribe to while onboarding to 4FANZ®. In the image, you can see a user John Doe who wanted to find a job first selected Job Zone and then selected service-domain In, there are several pre-defined roles. John Doe subscribed to the Job Seeker Role. Similarly, an employer, who wants to provide a job, can also be onboarded to in an Employer Role. As you can see, out of 36 zones, we created a Job Zone and further narrowed it by service- domains and So, one does not need a search engine or a single job portal to find a job. Just go to job2apply service and subscribe as a job seeker.

There are about 100+ services available across 36 Zones; which we have organized in a wheel format called The Wheel of Wonder. (

Q. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

It depends on if the idea is patentable or not. If yes, find a good patent attorney, file the provisional patent, and look for a good mentor who is also an investor and connected to investors. is a good place to start if they are just beginning. If this is an app, appropriate market research is required to check the existence of any similar apps to compare the features. The hardest part is finding an investor who can believe in the idea at an early stage. Alumni can connect with their professors. Most founders are strong in R&D but weak in marketing. Investors will always look if you are using their money, in which year they will get a return, and how much. I have seen founders are presenting without properly estimating the value of their company if they already have sales, then how to scale the model. Never tell investors that you will take out a salary from their investment money.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

If you visit and see the number of zones listed there - we have hundreds of Bizile™ services spread across 36 Zones. We have recently launched, where various startup founders are getting connected with investors. They also get in touch with entrepreneur mentors. In addition to this, we are launching,,,, etc.


Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

We invented the “Privacy Must” business model with a beautiful Wheel of Wonder to hold 36 Zones. This Wheel of Wonder with our Zone-Domain-Role model can be used in the Corporate and Government Sector to refactor or redesign their clumsy and unorganized internal and external websites, where their employees and customers can get onboard with roles. We are going to make every organization Bizile™, and The FANSIAL® NETWORK would grow exponentially with billions of users spread across 36 zones in different Roles.

Meet the leader behind the success of Fan’sGlobal SocialNGN LLC

Manoj Kumar Padhi, CEO graduated from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India with a M.S. Degree in Software Systems. His passion for finding a business model that respects absolute privacy led to formation of 4FANZ®. Today both 4FANZ® and FANSIAL® are USPTO approved trademarks for Global Listing and Next Generation Social Networks respectively. The Vision of “Privacy Must” FANSIAL® NETWORK with the Zone-Domain-Role model based onboarding with a subscription model won the #6 CEO TODAY USA AWARDS 2020. As an inventor of the Patent Pending technology, he has been featured as a Visionary Business Leader across several CIO and CEO Magazines. He can be reached at

“We designed our services for the Internet of Roles (IoR) where initially we determined that we can fit all services we need across 36 different Zones and then attach one or more services to each of those zones with meaningful domain names”