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‘I have always been passionate about being involved and improving my community, and I believe Ameri Realty and Blue Line Security Solutions allow me to do just that’: Fatima Hasan Callahan


“We are woman-owned and minority-owned. We do not prioritize profits over integrity or relationship-building.”

Ameri Realty, Inc. is an Illinois-based real estate firm. It caters to the emerging needs of the real estate and construction industry, specifically in the areas of residential, infrastructure, planning, designing, management, and contracting. The firm manages and oversees projects of any size in the private domain. With expertise in a comprehensive range of construction segments, Ameri Realty is committed to providing excellence in developing, analyzing, and executing projects. Ameri was incorporated in 2016 by Fatima H. Callahan and her father, Shahnawaz Hasan.

In addition, Fatima runs Blue Line Security Solutions with her business partner, Jack Harris. Blue Line Security is a respected private security company that currently operates throughout the Midwest. It was established in 2016.

The Silicon Review contacted Fatima H. Callahan, who spoke about how Ameri Realty, Inc. is making a difference in its segment and plans to stay at the forefront of the industry. She also expressed how Blue Line Security Solutions goes above and beyond to meet its clients' expectations. Fatima is the President and Managing Director of Ameri Realty, Inc. and Blue Line Security Solutions, respectively. Below is an excerpt.

Head-to-Head with Fatima Hasan Callahan

Q. Have you always been passionate about the real estate and construction industry? And tell us what inspired the creation of Ameri Realty.

One of the most meaningful parts about Ameri Realty and Blue Line Security is that they involve many of my passions. For example, I am passionate about people, finance, marketing, business strategy, law, and giving back to my community. I also love working with the team on large projects, overcoming challenges, and achieving beautiful results together. It is a feeling of reward and pride! I have always been passionate about being involved and improving my community, and I believe Ameri Realty and Blue Line Security Solutions allow me to do just that.

Q. What's Ameri's point of differentiation?

We are woman-owned and minority-owned. We do not prioritize profits over integrity or relationship-building. We often find properties that other people don't want and work with our team to make improvements, which results in job opportunities and progress for our community. This area is special to me because it is my home.

Q. What new endeavors is Ameri currently undertaking?

We are currently working on securing several unique properties and renovating them. We will either sell or lease to local businesses within the next couple of months. We often acquire "forgotten" or abandoned properties in economically challenged areas and recondition them for residential or commercial usage. Our team handles almost all of the maintenance and renovations for our properties. We build each strategy by looking at each location's distinctive challenges and developing an original action plan. It is important to remember that resources are limited, and sometimes, it is necessary to adapt to new game plans and approaches to be successful. The challenge is all part of the fun!

Blue Line Security Solutions is a well-known professional private security solutions provider.

Q. How trained are Blue Line security personnel?

Blue Line Security Solutions personnel are trained and licensed in all states in which they operate. This may involve separate training for unarmed security, armed security, CPR/ AED, conflict de-escalation, and more. Our training ranges from general to site-specific, and we can fully customize our training program based upon customer needs and requests.

Q. What strategies does Blue Line implement to better its services portfolio?

We focus on hands-on engagement from management to serve our employees and clients best. No one is exactly alike, and as such, we focus on integrated and adaptive services, customized and tailored explicitly toward each client's needs and desires. We emphasize integrating the best personnel, training, and technology into our daily work. We build solid and meaningful relationships with our staff and clients. We take the time to listen to our clients and staff's needs and prioritize. Due to our operational systems, we can provide peace of mind and transparency. Our daily goal is to create proactive security systems that our clients can depend on and trust.

Q. In what industries are Blue Line's clients? How do you serve your clients?

Blue Line Security Solutions serves clients in various industries, such as retail, transportation, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and more. We can fully customize our security services to support our clients at the highest standard. Jack and I focus on continuous improvement by working hands-on with our staff and clients to ensure transparency and compliance. If something needs to be improved, we communicate and take the necessary steps to make improvements. In addition, we truly appreciate and consider the opinions of our management team and believe their feedback is essential in moving the business forward.

Q. No doubt Blue Line is charting new territories in this segment. Given how frequently circumstances change, what plans for transformation are you pursuing to remain relevant now and in the future?

The security industry is constantly evolving, and we are determined to continue innovating and staying at the forefront of all new noteworthy developments. We will continue to research, explore, and integrate with new technologies. Currently, we are making momentous integrations with new technologies that will enhance the way we can service our clients and employees. We plan on offering new services soon that utilize advanced threat detection technologies. In addition, our clients will be able to interact and communicate with our team remotely, in real-time, with these new services. We intend to provide even more interactivity, responsiveness, and increased peace of mind to our clients. We are also moving into a realm that incorporates elements of cybersecurity.

Additionally, we will always place a high priority on professionalism, transparency, and customer service. These are business qualities that I believe will always remain important. Our team is very hands-on and has a shared vision to provide the best quality service to our clients and treat our staff right. We believe that this is why Blue Line Security has blossomed into what it is today.

Fatima Hasan Callahan | In Her Own Words

Efficiency is my superpower, and I use it to build businesses. I specialize in strategic planning, regulatory compliance, digital control systems management, finance, communication, project management, and innovation. This is the clay I use to shape successful operations with effectively managed processes. I have a passion for entrepreneurship, and I use that energy to strengthen the framework of my businesses.

My journey to becoming a burgeoning entrepreneur began at Lake Forest College (LFC), where I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in Finance, Communication, and Legal Studies. I was treasurer of the largest student-run organization at LFC, WMXM 88.9fm, for two years and then served as its General Manager for two years. I was also an active member of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity and continue to volunteer time for community outreach. I am currently adding to my foundation of knowledge at Johns Hopkins University in its Advanced Academic Dual Degree graduate program. I am pursuing an MBA and MA in Communication. My life is enriched by my dedication to animals and opening my home and heart to them. My hobbies include personal fitness, photography, reading, outdoor activities, and attending music events.

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“Currently, we are making momentous integrations with new technologies that will enhance the way we can service our clients and employees.”