April Special 2021

Fayrix is 100% flexible and can offer its client from renting a single specific developer to building a whole offshore development center


Each organization has its own business model and in-house processes. It is very difficult for organizations to change their processes to suit a particular software package or application, however efficient and powerful it may be. Therefore, software needs to be designed and developed in a manner such that it can align with the business model and follow the organization’s unique in-house processes. Custom software development helps to optimize your business processes rather than replacing them.

We introduce you to Fayrix Software, a trustworthy brand with maximum merges and acquisitions in the year 2017. The company actually was started back in 2005, having accumulated one of the largest IT human resource capital in Eastern Europe. The company is 100% flexible and can offer its client from renting a single specific developer to building a whole offshore development center.

Fayrix was particularly developed to put a full stop to traditional commercial processes of IT firms and bring in more innovation. Fayrix does not bare any travel, representative or rental charges. This immensely saves the budget and gives the freedom to offer the most competitive rates, preserving the highest level of services provided, again confirming that Fayrix is the most innovative and digitally-advanced project.

At the same time, cooperating with Fayrix does not incur the same risks as working with a freelancer. All its processes are well-established; developers are properly-managed, motivated, and comfortable with their colleagues and friends in office every day.

Here are the key values of Fayrix: 

  • World-class engineers, the firm combines the unique experience of Israeli project managers with the sharpened tech skills of Russian & East-European developers;
  • An outstanding cost-quality ratio. With Fayrix, you could save up to 40% on software development costs;
  • Express team building. On average, the firm takes only 2 weeks to build a fully-functional software team;
  • Transparency & quality assurance. The organization’s own methodology, honed over 12 years, ensures that its customers only expect the highest standards of project execution

Fayrix- Technology savvy

Fayrix believes that any firm might face problems of picking the incorrect technology or development approach. These issues may appear tactical, but can also have wide ranging impact on the successful and continuing operations of the overall business. So before starting any kind of project the firm carefully looks into the company's niche features, compare already implemented solutions and offer a stack of technologies that are most suitable for your specific situation.

2020 being the start of a new decade, can predict the need of new technologies while others continue with the existing technology. Many innovations are yet to come, so Fayrix continues to keep abreast, research and apply the most productive approaches to make your product better.

“At Fayrix, our objective is to not only foster long-standing relationships with our clients but to become true technology partners and add immense value to their businesses.”

Stay ahead with Fayrix

Building automation: Fayrix offers a wide range of complex software and hardware IoT solutions targeted at real estate developers, property management and utility service companies and community associations. The solutions ensure straightforward cooperation workflows, optimize costs and bring transparency to related business processes. The main features include online service requests creation, payment of bills, utility meter readings submission & utility consumption management, lighting management, ventilation management and Big Data services related to preventive maintenance and operations optimization based on Machine Learning.

Social Media Monitoring: Fayrix Social Media Monitoring Platform processes data from over 300 key media sources, groups and publications on social networks. It allows to analyze brand performance and presence in media space, identify key topics, information waves and respond to image threats in a timely manner. Internal mechanisms of the artificial intelligence can predict the information distribution channels and audience potential reaction. The platform’s main purpose is to increase performance of marketing and PR departments in the rapidly changing conditions of digital media.

Mobile Service Platform: Fayrix Mobile Service Platform (MSP) is designed to organize enterprise data management, build proprietary data services above existing data storages and facilitate end-user services development and deployment. Fayrix MSP enables enterprises to facilitate data management process, make it cost-effective and increase effectiveness of end-user services development & maintenance.

Machine Learning Solution: Fayrix Machine Learning solution is used for efficient warehouse management, minimizing risk of product unavailability and costs or warehouse ownership.

The Leader Upfront

Ofer Zvi, Director: Ofer is a serial entrepreneur with 10+ year of experience in leading corporate management and business and technology activities. Ofer is a true driver and a heart of Fayrix team. He has a knack for building new reliable relationships.

Ofer is with extensive experience in global corporate management and B2B business/products and technology activities (product management), entrepreneurship/Innovative, high systemic vision, strategic and Solution thinking construction and, Administrative capacity and practical experience in multi-year management of a wide range of areas such as operations, Business & sales marketing / development, P&L, customer relations, development teams, product management and Raising money from VCs. 

“Fayrix is a specialist software development company that has successfully set the seal on over 250 projects, within the course of the last 12 years.”