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50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2022

Furthering digital revolution with cutting-edge fiber infrastructure: FiberLight


As the world we live in is undergoing a digital revolution, fiber networks is important as it is one of the most powerful technologies facilitating communication in today's fast-paced world. Fiber networks are preferred over electrical cabling when high bandwidth, long distance, or immunity to electromagnetic interference is required. This type of communication can transmit voice, video, and telemetry through local area networks or across long distances .Globally, there are various companies providing excellent fiber optic services, FiberLight stands out among them.

FiberLight has decades of experience in designing, engineering, building, and optimizing fiber optic networks. The company’s success in building better networks has been driven by a simple formula: the right people in the right places making the right investments. With a constant focus on simplicity, FiberLight has made it its mission to drive reliability for businesses, improve reach for network solutions, and enable partners. The company’s culture of hustle allows it to respond better than anyone else in the industry, enabling higher touch relationships with lasting business value. FiberLight builds one-of-a-kind fiber networks that ignite digital transformation. With its customers and partners, it designs, builds, and deploys mission-critical networks and responsive customer experiences.

Dark Fiber

Network operators and carriers have been wise to the value of high-bandwidth, scalable dark fiber for decades. More recently, businesses have begun looking to dark fiber to future-proof their own data and technology initiatives, attracted by the low latency and scalable bandwidth capabilities these networks offer. Today, professional service firms, healthcare systems, government organizations, and educational institutions are all turning to the dark side for their networking needs. When it comes to building custom fiber networks, no one else has FiberLight’s construction background, so no one else knows what it knows—or has its experience, know-how, and drive. And the company has proven it for the last 20 years. As a leading provider of fiber optic infrastructure in some of the country’s most rapidly growing metro areas, the company’s design, build, monitor, and maintain its network to ensure even your most mission-critical applications don’t miss a beat. Newly constructed, custom dark fiber is now a popular network solution keeping organizations ahead of internal and external data needs. By combining its Dark Fiber services with any of FiberLight’s Lit Services options—including Ethernet, IP, or Managed Wavelengths—you can build a network to accommodate all of your current and future transport needs.

Wireless Backhaul

With the promise of 5G also comes the challenge of exponential increases in data traffic. The Ericsson Mobility Report predicts 1 billion subscribers will be using 5G for streaming, immersive video, and other high bandwidth mobile applications by 2023. As a result, data traffic is expected to swell to 110 Exabytes per month. Mobile operators are being pushed to simultaneously expand and densify their networks in order to meet the expected demand associated with 5G consumption. As the number of mobile devices—and the amount data each device uses—continues to grow, multimedia wireless communication networks must also evolve. That means wireless service providers have to be ready to meet zettabytes of demand and 5G speeds. FiberLight is ready to help you face the challenge head-on. FiberLight’s deep industry experience delivering wireless backhaul services for voice and data providers can help you navigate the delicate minefields of local permitting and federal licensing. The company does whatever it takes to keep you—and your customers—connected.

Ethernet NNI

Available in all of FiberLight’s PoPs and data centers, Ethernet ENNI (External Network-to-Network Interface) is the connection between different telecom carriers to provide total end-to-end ethernet solutions. ENNI is often referred to as a Layer 2 “hub and spoke” design. That means there’s a hub or aggregation point that connects with another carrier with one large handoff at one side of the ENNI and multiple smaller circuits going off the other side. The net result? Carriers are able to bring solutions to market faster by eliminating the need for multiple switch ports and physical cross-connects at a meet-me point.

Meet the leader behind the success of Fiberlight

Christopher Rabii is the CEO of Fiberlight. Prior to Rabii’s appointment as CEO of FiberLight, he was the SVP of Technology, Fulfillment and Operations for Altice Business, a division of Altice USA, where he was responsible for all activities related to service delivery, engineering and operations in support of Altice’s enterprise and carrier customers. Prior to his role at Altice, Rabii served as the SVP of Operations and Chief Technology Officer at Cablevision Lightpath, which was acquired by Altice in 2016. In this role, Rabii was instrumental in achieving challenging operational upgrades, leading a team to ultimately provide improvements that were noteworthy for their successful partnership with sales, speed of implementation and subsequent customer service enhancements. The resulting financial performance exceeded industry expectations.

Chris and his teams have consistently outperformed in key technical and operational areas, including network design, fiber construction, engineering, field operations, provisioning, maintenance and network monitoring. Earlier in his career, Rabii held a number of executive management positions at AboveNet, an early leader in providing mission-critical metro fiber connectivity to enterprise customers across Tier 1 markets in the U.S.

“Our culture of hustle allows us to respond better than anyone else in the industry, enabling higher touch relationships with lasting business value.”