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February Monthly Special 2023

Will Sears, CRO: A visionary leader helping FiberLight continue to build a legacy where advanced optical networking meets technological revolution


Technology enables sharing and access to unprecedented levels of information through the Internet, allowing people to communicate, learn, work and earn money from anywhere they have an Internet connection. For those living in rural communities without broadband or wireless services, access to information is not equal. Getting a signal for a mobile device, for instance, has often meant throwing on a coat and driving into town. Abundant and accessible communication infrastructure makes life easier. Digital transformation requires dedication, and in some cases, overhauls of communications infrastructure to improve or even provide access to the Internet. Digital transformation, and thus enablement, provides equal opportunity to information and opportunities that improve traditional processes. Things begin to improve when digital transformation comes to rural communities through fiber and wireless buildouts. Infrastructure and those who are building it are fueling these life opportunities. Simply put, fiber and wireless services transform the lives of rural communities, equalizing access to information and thus a greater amount of choices.

FiberLight is one such company that has decades of experience in designing, engineering, building, and optimizing fiber optic networks. Their success in building better networks has been driven by a simple formula: the right people in the right places making the right investments. With a constant focus on simplicity, the company has made it their mission to drive reliability for businesses, improve reach for network solutions, and enable partners. Their culture of hustle allows them to respond better than anyone else in the industry, enabling higher touch relationships with lasting business value.

Driving Reliability and Improving Reach for Network Solutions

Ethernet and Wavelength Transport Services: Cisco Systems predicts a 31% increase in global Internet traffic in data centers by 2022. In order to meet this increase in demand, data centers and enterprise organizations are already planning for and deploying high-capacity transport infrastructure, including 100G Ethernet circuits. At FiberLight, they are all about creating a personalized, high-performance transport experience. Explore their Ethernet and DWDM services to see how their custom solutions can help you build a strong foundation to ensure the success of your technology initiatives. Constant connectivity ensures seamless business operations, and FiberLight’s carrier-grade MEF-compliant Metro E-LINE Ethernet services and cost-efficient DWDM Wave offering each provide a simple solution and greater peace of mind.

Cloud Connect: Choosing the right cloud service provider is important, but it’s only half the battle. You also need the right network infrastructure for seamless data flow in and out of the cloud. FiberLight partners with the most trusted cloud exchange providers to bring you FiberLight Cloud Connect—a private connection to the cloud using their carrier-grade fiber infrastructure combined with Ethernet and Long-Haul solutions. This low-latency, secure, and private connection is offered from any of their Core POPs to any of FiberLight’s or exchange partners’ cloud-enabled locations to the top cloud providers in the industry, including AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, IBM, and many more. Through the AWS Partner Network, FiberLight provides a direct connection for your business from their network directly to the AWS Cloud.

Dark Fiber: Network operators and carriers have been wise to the value of high-bandwidth, scalable dark fiber for decades. More recently, businesses have begun looking to dark fiber to future-proof their own data and technology initiatives, attracted by the low latency and scalable bandwidth capabilities these networks offer. Today, professional service firms, healthcare systems, government organizations, and educational institutions are all turning to the dark side for their networking needs. When it comes to building custom fiber networks, no one else has FiberLight's construction background, so no one else knows what they know—or has the experience, know-how, and drive. And FiberLight has proven it for the last 20 years. As a leading provider of fiber optic infrastructure in some of the country’s most rapidly growing metro areas, the company has designed, built, monitored, and maintained network to ensure even your most mission-critical applications don’t miss a beat.

Data Center Interconnect: Scaling your organization’s bandwidth to ensure your applications are performing optimally isn’t an easy task, especially in today’s bandwidth-intensive environment. Applications are continuing to demand more bandwidth and businesses are transferring massive amounts of data each day. The increase in bandwidth needs requires a solution that will keep your business operations running smoothly. Wavelength services offered by FiberLight can enhance your application performance, decrease latency, and allow you to fully-leverage your bandwidth from 10Gbps up to 100Gbps. Whether you’re increasing workloads to a data center or migrating between two data centers, achieve your business goals faster with Data Center Interconnect from FiberLight.

Will Sears| CRO

Will joined FiberLight as Chief Revenue Officer in 2021 and leads the sales team in driving new revenue opportunities through expanded customer engagements, new customer acquisition and the FiberLight partner program. He brings more than 20 years of sales and leadership experience in the telecom industry, and has a proven track record of building high-energy, highly-engaged teams who work collaboratively to implement customized solutions and meet business goals. Recognizing that the customer experience begins with sales, Will is laser-focused on delivering positive, predictable and reliable customer experiences. Will has led numerous programmatic initiatives to optimize sales processes and methodologies with significant results, including a highly-profitable product launch that resulted in a 100% year-over-year product growth rate. Will holds a BA from the University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg and served as an aviation officer in the US Army.

"With our customers and partners, we design, build, and deploy mission-critical networks and responsive customer experiences."