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August Monthly Special 2023

Fieldin – Digitizing and transforming agricultural operations into the autonomous farm of the future


Farming is a hands-on vocation requiring dedication, resilience, skill and stamina that is often overlooked in terms of its critical importance to society. As populations increase and there are ever more mouths to feed, a groundswell of recognition for what is being termed “food security” is being felt across the world. Farmers are expected to sustain increasing populations and provide for broader dispersion of produce, so require new methods to achieve this. To overcome the above and many other challenges facing the agricultural community, new technologies and practices are required to replace particularly mundane and labor-intensive tasks and freeing up time for other work. This results in a shift in farming and agriculture practice to automate labor and machinery intensive practices through the adoption of autonomous systems.

This paradigm shift in agriculture from relatively low-tech to latest-tech is sure to inspire youngsters that otherwise might leave the farm to pursue city jobs, to stay on the farm and be part of a new generation of farmers that use and help develop cutting-edge agriculture technologies.

Fieldin’s smart farm control center gives specialty crop growers unrivaled visibility across all field operations. Its user-friendly dashboard seamlessly reports a full range of field data points (monitoring tractors, implements, operators and in-field sensors) to provide managers with actionable data that improves production, transparency and efficiency in the field. From its award-winning smart spraying module and scouting app, to innovative harvest tracking dashboard, Fieldin’s smart tools have helped transform some of the world’s largest growers into hyper-efficient, data-driven operations.

Built for high value crops

Fieldin unlocks real-time insights for better visibility, accuracy, and efficiency. Fieldin improves business performance and ESG outcomes. Customers use Fieldin to digitize the mechanized activities carried out in the field. The company is transforming the way growers operate using highly precise data coming automatically from equipment and operators. Best of all, they do it using the equipment you already have and use every day. They provide a new level of standardization by integrating and connecting all your data.

Fieldin’s focus has always been to help high value crop growers thrive in the face of ever changing conditions and challenges. They do this by improving the business performance and sustainability of your operations. How? By getting rid of the traditional black box approach to growing where limited data was tracked and measured — leaving the door open for lots of guessing. With Fieldin, the customers accelerate their journey into the digital era by using smart sensors, applications on their mobile phones, tablets or laptops, and a sophisticated cloud-based platform to track every aspect of their grower operations.

Fieldin delivers the visibility and insights to understand exactly what is happening at any time across your entire operation, regardless of how large and distributed it might be. There is a lot of value to be gained when you digitize your operations and continue to build towards the autonomous farm of the future. Fieldin is all about reducing variability across equipment, operators, and regions. This directly impacts the ability to raise quality and performance benchmarks, and enables your operations to become more consistent, accurate, and efficient.

Helping growers grow smarter

Fieldin unlocks real-time insights using your existing equipment — including tractors, implements, ATVs/UTVs, trucks, and other purpose-built agricultural machinery. They provide integration and an open platform that supports your existing and future equipment. You benefit from better visibility, accuracy, and efficiency across your operation which improves your business performance and ESG outcomes. Their company was founded by growers and most of their team has been in agriculture their entire lives. They know what it’s like to be a grower. They dealt with the same challenges, setbacks, and successes you contend with every day.

Transforming the way growers operate with insights

It starts with moving away from pen and paper toward an all-digital world where your mechanized activities carried out in the field are tracked, recorded, and analyzed. Through the resulting data, they reduce variability across your equipment, operators, and regions while also raising performance benchmarks. The more data they access, the more actionable insights are generated. New insights can be used to update tasks to successfully improve every aspect of growing your crop — resulting in better outcomes. With autonomy, they create instructions using their platform. The updated instructions can then be automatically carried out in the field for maximum efficiency by removing the inefficiencies introduced by human operators.

With Fieldin you automate the process of creating instructions carried out in the field which removes the inefficiencies introduced by human operators resulting in optimized outcomes. Digitize operations and build the autonomous farm of the future — as it makes sense for your business. At every step of the journey, they are here to help you:

  • Unlock valuable visibility from day one.
  • Transform every aspect of your mechanized farming operations.
  • Improve business performance and sustainability.
  • Build a baseline and benchmark within two-three weeks after implementation to drive insights.
  • Transition automation and fully-autonomous farming on your own terms.

About | Boaz Bachar

Boaz Bachar is the Co-founder & CEO of FieldIn. He previously worked at Baratz & Co. as a Law Intern.Boaz Comes from a family of avocado growers and knows the joys and hardships of farming life well.

Mr. Bachar attended Reichman University (IDC Herzliya).

“At the heart of everything we do is a singular focus to make the lives of growers like you better — it is what’s behind every decision we make.”