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October Special Edition 2020

Fieldwire – Changing the future of construction through software and helping the largest construction companies in the world to manage their job sites easily


Construction management is a professional service that involves providing a project owner with the management of a construction project's management, from planning a schedule to execution. Construction management is incredibly vital to large-scale projects with more potential for problems that could significantly delay the project and cost money. A construction manager measures each design decision with a careful analysis that calculates the impact of the budget and schedule. Effective construction project management benefits owners by increasing the potential for successful project completion on time, within budget, and free of financial or legal complications. Project management can also provide clear lines of accountability.

Fieldwire is one such field management firm used by construction companies of all sizes to power clear communication on over 750,000 projects worldwide. With its easy-to-use mobile application, Fieldwire saves each user 1 hour every day by enabling more efficient information sharing onsite. Its key features include plan viewing, task management, issue tracking, reporting, and more. It is venture-backed by top investors in the industry and is already transforming how dispersed teams communicate and collaborate on projects. Fieldwire is the easiest way for construction companies to stay organized on the job site.

Path-breaking field management software

Plan viewing Software: Fieldwire's construction management software is a fully featured blueprint management solution, so people in the field can view, edit, and share drawings. Its construction app makes it easy for everyone to use the latest information and drawings. One can access all plans at blazing fast speed directly on their mobile or tablet devices regardless of connectivity. The firm optimizes blueprints as as-built drawings on its servers to display them instantly on mobile devices in high resolution. The floor plan app syncs automatically and works even when the users are offline so that everyone is always on the same page. The speed and reliability of Fieldwire make it one of the best apps for construction.

As-Built Drawings Software: The users can easily maintain their as-built drawings in the field. Fieldwire's construction management app allows you to stay on top of all as-built documentation with a full set of markup tools. At the end of a project, export a comprehensive drawing set of what was built. The blueprint app lets you redline drawings while out in the field, along with any other markups that come to mind. The company's markup tools include freeform lines, highlighters, clouds, arrows, and text comments, all in various colors. Its construction app also lets you attach files and progress photos directly on construction drawings so your team can easily see every bit of information. Managing your as-built documentation is at the core of Fieldwire's construction management software.

Construction Management Software: Fieldwire's mobile and web-based construction management software connects field and office teams. Its construction project management software gives everyone on the job site the tools to execute day-to-day while keeping the full project plan in sight. Fieldwire's construction management software allows you to keep tabs on everything vital to your project. Its mobile and web-based construction software keep your team in the field connected to all core use cases: plan viewing, punch list, scheduling, and reporting. The construction app brings structure and clarity to your project while beating the speed of the traditional combination of paper, Excel, and Outlook. One can quickly create and assign tasks, then start sharing files and photos in seconds with one of the best construction project management software platforms out there.

Construction Scheduling Software: Fieldwire's construction scheduling software focuses on the project plan's day-to-day execution, bringing both speed and structure to the entire team. It helps organize, assign, and distribute work from any device while ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Construction scheduling software enables you to run your pull planning sessions in a highly flexible manner. The recorded information is immediately dispatched to all the team members so that everyone knows what they have to do onsite. Contractor scheduling has never been easier to organize. The calendar and Gantt views in the construction scheduling software help you quickly arrange task deadlines and track task progress on the fly.

Yves Frinault, Co-founder, and Chief Executive Officer

"Our mission is to be the world's most trusted field management solution for construction teams on projects of any scale."