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FinancialForce: An ERP provider for business process acceleration


“FinancialForce PSA brings predictability and efficiency to every stage of service delivery, helping the world’s largest enterprise organizations grow more rapidly.”

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is softwarewhich integrates all departments and functions across a business into a single system while still serving each department’s specific needs. It is designed to help businesses make smarter decisions, serve their customers better and work more efficiently overall by automating processes and workflows.ERP software integrates all facets of an operation including product planning, development, manufacturing, and sales and marketing in a single database, application and user interface.The knowledge regarding “tailor-made” legacy systems often is contained in just a couple of “brains” in an organization. The potential discontinuation that could occur if something happens with these valuable “brains” is enormous. Any person that has experience with the implemented ERP solution can work on it (modify the configuration) and the use of standard available functionality also guarantees smooth upgrades to new releases of the solution.

FinancialForce is a cloud-based applications company headquartered in San Francisco, California, that provides a cloud ERP solution for, a cloud computing platform from FinancialForce supplies Accounting, Billing, Professional Services Automation (PSA), Revenue recognition, Human Capital Management (HCM), and Supply Chain Management (SCM) applications. FinancialForce Accelerate is a comprehensive set of product and service solutions created to deliver value across all stages of customer lifecycle experience.

Implementation Services

Make implementation simple for a smooth path to ROI and draw on the experience of hundreds of successful FinancialForce projects to find the best route to success. Expert product specialists and experienced project managers guide will guide the client’s team through the implementation process and steer them clear of common pitfalls.FinancialForce works closely with a network of specialist service partners to ensure successful implementation of FinancialForce apps for their customers. These partners have access to the latest implementation tools and training materials to keep up to date on the latest product releases and bring their own domain experience in their chosen areas of expertise.


FinancialForce will unify systems to streamline data flows and automate the movement of data across the different applications in the client’s ecosystem. The Salesforce Platform enables FinancialForce to be extended with other on platform applications while providing the security and API model to integrate to off platform systems as well. Completing business specific solution stack is possible with FinancialForce’s pre-built connectors.As all the data is in a single common data platform, clients can use generalized integration solutions to integrate with any 3rd party products. FinancialForce provides open, standards-based APIs that developers can use for integration. Both RESTful and Web services (SOAP-based) APIs are available to support development goals.


FinancialForce offers a number of training programs to fit the client’s specific needs, or they can work with FinancialForce’s training team for a tailored program. Accelerate end user adoption with in-depth, virtual instructor-led training, tap into self-service training to learn a new function or refresh knowledge, and partner with FinancialForce’s professional services team for "train-the-trainer" project-based training.

Success Plans

FinancialForce’s premier Success Plan willpartnerclients with a Customer Success Manager (CSM) who will help them map out goals and KPI’s and help them accomplish their goals by conducting regular business reviews. To help the clients to take their usage to the next level, FinancialForce will give its clients 4 sessions annually with a Technical CSM. They will have access to one fundamentals class to be used throughout the year, to help them on-board and train new team members. Clients will also receive 1 free pass to FinancialForce’s annual customer event. From a support perspective, Clients will receive an initial response to FinancialForce’s most critical cases in 1 business hour.


The FinancialForce Community is the digital hub for customers — a one-stop-shop that will support the clients throughout their journey with the company. By joining the community clients gain access to documentation, 5,000+ knowledge articles, video tutorials, On Demand training modules, and download additional applications and extensions. Clients can also participate in monthly best practices webinars and collaborate with 14,000+ customers and the entire FinancialForce team by asking questions and sharing tips and advice in FinancialForce’s discussion groups.

Tod Nielsen President & CEO of FinancialForce

Tod Nielsen is the President and CEO of FinancialForce. Formerly the Executive Vice President of Platform at Salesforce, Tod joined FinancialForce in January 2017, bringing his deep understanding of cloud platforms and extensive experience taking technology companies beyond the billion dollar revenue mark. Prior to his role at Salesforce, Tod redefined Heroku’s enterprise strategy as the Chief Executive Officer, significantly accelerating its growth. As the Co-President of Applications Platform Group and Chief Operating Officer at VMware, their market cap increased 9-fold to more than 50 billion dollars.

Tod has held additional high profile positions throughout his career. Prior to VMware, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of Borland Corporation where he successfully rebuilt the organization and quadrupled the company’s revenue. Earlier, Tod served as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Global Sales Support for Oracle and Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for BEA Systems. Prior to BEA, he spent 12 years growing Microsoft cloud and development offerings in various executive roles, including General Manager of Database and Developer Tools and Vice President of Microsoft's Platform group, where he was responsible for the development of .NET and Azure platforms.