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Find the right executive for your company’s board with Boardsi’s cutting-edge AI powered platform


An advisory board is a group of experts in a particular business or profession area, who provide advice to nonprofits and businesses. The group will not have any kind of governing or legal authority over a business; instead, they will give suggestions to those who do have the power. Individual board members will be assigned to roles that will allow them to oversee the organization’s finances, fundraising, website, retention, meetings, sponsorship recruitment, and marketing. Advisory boards will work with the staff and board members before an activity is commenced and provide feedback after the completion of the activity. For an individual, it is advised to look for opportunities on the advisory boards because it can significantly boost the career opportunities and professional profile.

Find the right executive for your board by harnessing the network of Boardsi. The company has been building a private network of top executives. All C-suite executives, from VP and higher up from all over the world, are joining the boardsi network with the purpose to give back and join a company as a Board of Directors or Board of Advisors. Start-up, Well Funded Companies, Public Companies, and Nonprofit companies are reaching out to boardsi with the purpose of finding executives that match their needs. Boardsi speeds up the process of finding executive talent that matches what the company is seeking. It uses a mix of AI and part of human resources. AI helps Boardsi identify companies that may be seeking a new board member, replace a board member, diversify their board, or completely restructure the board of directors. Sometimes it may just be a search for Board of Advisors; either way, Boardsi supports the AI discovery process with a human process to verify the opportunity and then identify the possible matches from its network. Boardsi has two sides to its business: the executive network and then the companies seeking the executives. Boardsi has developed a platform that executives have access to and will find opportunities that they can apply to. It also has a secondary process where the AI and human process tries to identify each executive the opportunity that may not be available on the platform yet. This creates a system where Boardsi is always discovering and finding matches for both the executives and the companies.

Boardsi was founded in 2018, and it is based in El Dorado Hills, California.

In conversation with Martin Rowinski, CEO of Boardsi

Q. How do you make sure that your clients are tapping the right opportunity? How do you make sure that your clients are increasing their success rate?

When it comes to the “right” opportunity, it comes down to the “right” timing. Some of our clients, when they join our network they find the “right” opportunity within our platform, and other times the timing and the opportunity may not be available, but with our custom AI and human resources and approach, we are able to find the opportunity.

Q. Internal inefficiencies in an enterprise undermine its operations. Do you help your clients patch their internal operations?

Whatever the challenges a company may have, we have the executive that can help them achieve the solution. From growth strategy, M&A, IPO, Networking, Fundraising, and other challenges, we have many executives that have been there and done it in many different industries.

Q. Bigger the network. Bigger the issue. Do you think your services are ready to cater the needs of never-ending digital transformation?

Yes, we are growing at a good pace, fast but not too fast. 2019 was a good year for us, we experienced great growth, placed many executives on great board positions, and made an impact in the space of recruitment for the board of directors and advisors. 2020 is looking even better; halfway through 2020, we are really becoming a brand that people are aware of. Our digital experience, blended with a human touch, is just what we need in our industry. In our case, the bigger the network, the more organically diverse the network.

Q. How efficient is your strategic approach. Do you have qualified individuals who can keep your service standards up and running?

With our AI and platform in place, with the support of our team, we are in a good place to support our network of executives. Our executives who are the best in their field have always driven us to keep making our services better. When you are working with the best on a daily basis, it makes you strive to improve your services. We encourage our executives to give feedback and not only embrace it; we apply it often.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We have just launched our new version of the platform. The new version makes the mobile experience a lot more efficient. This was a big update for boardsi, since we rebuilt it from scratch making it so that adding new features in the future will be easier. One of the new features we are working on is training videos for executives. These videos will be focused on Board of Directors training.

Meet the leader behind the success of Boardsi

Martin Rowinski is the CEO of Boardsi (, an El Dorado Hills, California, corporate matchmaking service that pairs top executive talent with companies looking to fill positions on their Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards. Martin was born in Warsaw, Poland, and moved to California at age 11. Being raised in a communist country really made him appreciate the freedom and possibilities of working hard and owning your own business in The United States of America. Martin is now a technology executive with over 25 years of experience providing leadership, developing and implementing strategic processes, and deploying new products to streamline services and improve growth in lead generation and sales in the fields of recruiting, finance, technology, marketing, and mortgage lending. As a CEO at boardsi, Martin was able to bring employees together and build a common theme of success for clients and going above and beyond to deliver results for companies and executives which creates a win-win situation for both.

 “In the end, it is always about timing, the timing of a company seeking the executive, and us having that executive they are seeking, then it is simple, we make the match.”