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Find valuable prospects for your real estate business with Amped Lead Generation’s web-based solution


Successful lead generation is possible when a company introduces itself to the prospects in a valuable way. In real estate lead generation, you must convey to the prospect that you are the best person for the job through different types of information and sincere tactics. The main motto in the real estate lead generation is that you must attract strangers and then convert them into leads. The lead generation system is a systematic process in which someone’s search history is utilized to identify potential clients. Real estate is primarily about relationships, and having a strategic lead generation plan in place will generate clients; this, in turn, will be converted into the success of the business.

There are several companies that provide lead generation services for real estate, but one that stands out from the rest is Amped Lead Generation. The company was founded in 2017, and it is based in San Antonio, Texas. Amped Lead Generation is an innovative, Web-based company that uses many websites in a geographic area to capture a high percentage of consumers searching for a mortgage or real estate online. The reason the capture rate is so high is due to the volume of websites going down to even a suburb in the area.

In conversation with Rick Orozco, CEO of Amped Lead Generation

Q. Businesses can generate a lot of leads/engagement, a lot of web traffic, but not a whole lot of demand. What and where do you think businesses are lacking? How do you help your clients turn conversations into opportunities?

The key to a high capture is in understanding the targets’ search history. You then have to have all sides covered with many websites that will pull up on Google when searching for information. The next step is critical, you must make contact within 2 minutes to attain a high capture rate, and you must consistently be in contact so that when the target is ready to buy a home, you are front and center in their mind.

Q. Documentation processes are complex in real estate purchase for buyers to understand. How do you make the processes more feasible and transparent?

The transaction to own a home is tedious and has many parts to it. We do not participate in the loan or real estate process. We simply get the clients and turn them to our mortgage partner in that specific city, and they take it from there.

Q. How do you help the buyers identify the right property for them?

The key to finding the right property is in the hands of the realtor, but in about 90% of the transactions, the buyer has already searched for homes online and has one on the site. It is during this search that Amped captures them.

Q. What are the various technologies leveraged by you in your lead generation efforts?

The first part, of course, is the landing pages they land on. After they fill out a form to be contacted, the leads go into a robust CRM with Amped Database Management. It is in this system the voice drops, text drops, and emails are triggered. The system is full proof and does not let any lead fall through the cracks. Once they respond, the application is taken by the lender partner, and the transaction begins. Our job is simply to quickly place the buyer in front of the appropriate party and at a high volume.

Q. How do you generate quality leads without going overboard with the budget?

The key to attaining a high capturer without spending too much money is to blanket the area with hundreds of landing pages. This provides organic leads with no expense. The second part is to only send ads on Facebook or Google to people that are actively searching for information to buy a house online. This eliminates wasted ad spend to someone not currently in the market.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched? What are your future plans?

Amped Rescue is my newest entity, and it is also an online-based lead generation platform, but it is searching out people in a distressed property and are actively seeking to sell their home fast due to possible foreclosure, or some other situation that needs to be dealt with quickly. We capture the information and turn the clients to investors seeking properties to fix and flip or rent. In most cases, the seller walks away with some cash, avoid foreclosure, and the investor gets a good deal on the property, so everybody wins. We then stay in contact and put the seller in contact with a credit education partner, and when they are ready to buy again, we then turn them over to our mortgage partner at Amped Lead Generation to start the process again for closing on a new home.

Meet the leader behind the success of Amped Lead Generation

Rick Orozco is the Owner and CEO of Amped Lead Generation. A seasoned innovator and entrepreneur, Rick Orozco learned first-hand how to build companies from the ground up. In addition to his 17 years of experience working with mortgages and real estate, he also boasts an extensive background in the lead generation and music industries. Rick is currently the owner of a network of businesses including Amped Lead Generation, Amped Digital Solutions, Amped Business Solutions, Amped Rescue, Amped Database Management, and Latin Twang Entertainment. Rick got his start in the mortgage industry in 2004 when he accepted a management position at a small, privately held mortgage group in San Antonio, Texas. From there, he went on to serve as a Regional Manager for a few banks before moving up to become a Division manager for 15 years. Rick is currently a Regional Manager at Land Home Financial and is tasked to build the retail and operations platform for Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Rick’s newest conglomerate of companies with the Amped brand, was founded in 2017 when he was serving as a division manager for Columbus Capital Lending, headquartered in Miami, Florida. The lead generation company was created because mortgage and finance businesses rely heavily on the Loan Officers to bring the business relationships to the bank. In addition to finance and lead generation, Rick never lost his passion for music. He has maintained his music business since high school and has now entered the film industry in producing his documentary; This is My Country, about the Latin influence in American music, and a new film, Its Happening Right Here about the sex trafficking industry. He has also written two books, I Got Life, a spiritual motivational book, and now has become a best-selling author on Amazon with his new book, written with the legendary Brian Tracy, Think Big. There is no doubt Rick lives up to that title. He has certainly lived his life thinking big, and going after his dreams.

“Today’s world is a loud and fast moving jet stream. You must find a way to amplify your message to be heard.”