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‘We Care for You’: CEO and Co-Founder Victor Kostroub on How Fine Designs Inspires Young Athletes and Celebrates their Achievements


“We created a valuable brand to serve young athletes better and that’s our USP.”

Fine Designs is more than a company. For nearly three decades, it has been positively impacting young athletes and their lives. The company’s unique selling proposition is to add quality to the lives of these young athletes. Truly, it has made a difference in countless lives over the years.

Remarkably, young athletes who used to attend events conducted by Fine Designs 30 years ago are adults now. They treasure their memory of the company showing support during their memorable childhood days. These adults continue to attend these events, now with their children, the Gen-Z kids. Indeed, an outstanding turn of events.

From the outset, the company offered a variety of services to these young athletes to groom them emotionally for their respective future endeavors. The most popular service among children was the customization service as they could write names on their T-shirts, put a medal on their sleeves, etc., which seemingly made them blissful. Put simply, the company went the extra mile to support children who aspired to be future Olympians.

Fast forward to 2021, Fine Designs has updated its services and products portfolios and continues to inspire young athletes. This is where the company excels, in particular, as noted above.

Fine Designs conducts as many as 100 to 150 events on weekends across the United States, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Yes, the company has expanded its territory and is now operating across several continents. The reasons behind this grand success include out-of-the-box service, unbelievable quality, integrity, and commitment. Importantly, this all was achieved in harmony with event directors.

Needless to say, Fine Designs is undeniably the most innovative retail company in the apparel printing services segment. From sporting events to festivals, music concerts, and more, Fine Designs provides imprinted apparel for on-site customization with the newest fashion apparel trends. It has created a ground-breaking business structure that brings quality merchandise, exceptional customer satisfaction, and all at no cost to the event host.

The company uses only the top-of-the-line equipment to print custom apparel on-site, providing a hassle-free ordering experience for parents, kids, event hosts, and coaches. With a wide variety of apparel merchandise, Fine Designs imprints custom event logos, decals, numbers, and names on-site at each event.

Most importantly, Fine Designs is an environmentally friendly company, creating a well-working system of providing risk-free apparel merchandise to any event without leftovers.

The company was founded in 1994 and is based in Seattle, Washington.

The Silicon Review reached out to Victor Kostroub, co-founder and CEO of Fine Designs, who spoke about how the company is making a difference in shaping a young athlete’s life and planning to lead the pack from the front.

Fine Designs: Synopsis

The threefold Fine Designs model speaks volumes about how the company is committed to making achievements memorable by inspiring and empowering young athletes. As cited above, Fine Designs is dedicated to inspiring children in sports and other life achievements, while helping provide parents with the opportunity to dedicate more quality time with their kids.

“The message is simple: we care for you. You are the future Olympians.”

“Now three decades later, parents, who used to attend our events 30 years ago, say, ‘I still keep your shirts in my closet. I still remember how you cheered for me.’ This is the biggest compliment for me.”

“We created a valuable brand to serve young athletes better and that’s our USP.”

“Our model is threefold: a) the company coordinates every aspect of on-site and online event merchandising at no cost to the event host. b) Our team comes alongside to support your organization through sponsorship by paying you a percentage of each on-site and online sale. c) Your attendees, especially children, can choose from products that are catered to your event-specific requirements, and our prints are guaranteed to last.”

Meaningful Collaboration for Responsible Innovation

A Complete Solution: Fine Designs plans all the on-site printing operations and provides the sales staff needed for each event. You no longer need to put countless hours into planning or recruiting staff to coordinate apparel sales. Indeed, working with Fine Designs is hassle-free.

Free Staff Merchandise: The company provides staff and volunteer apparel which offers your organization direct budget relief. Truly, a freebie!

Increased Revenue: Fine Designs not only supports your organization through sponsorship by paying you a percentage of each on-site and online sale but also helps increase the revenue your organization could typically make by offering customized options to consumers.

Since 98 percent of participants and fans, especially children, prefer to add customization to their apparel items, instead of buying a pre-printed item, the company can generate a higher spending average among consumers and prevent the added cost of inventory leftovers.

Personalized On-Site Souvenir Apparel: Participants and fans have the opportunity to custom “build” any item of choice by selecting between a variety of styles, colors, logos, decals, and more. It can be as simple or as decorated as they choose. The process is quick, easy, and fun.

Free Graphic Design: Fine Designs’ award-winning art department will make you stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching event logo. All its logos are custom designed for your event, available free of cost, as noted above.

Internet Sales Opportunity: Fine Designs’ graphics team can develop an “Official Souvenir Merchandise Online Store” for each event which will improve customer satisfaction and your bottom line. 

Custom Printing: In addition to its on-site custom printing service, Fine Designs also provides industry competitive prices for services such as a) Bulk pre-orders of silk screening, b) Embroidery projects such as team merchandise, school functions, spirit wear, volunteer and/or gift apparel, c) Paper printing, d) Hats, e) Program printing, f) and all other digital and press print services.

Warehousing and Distribution: All warehousing and order fulfillment is provided at no additional cost! You don’t have to waste time worrying about running out of inventory or having leftover boxes of apparel that will cut into your bottom line. Fine Designs manages all the inventory on-site and online, and ship directly to consumers when applicable.

Products Portfolio

Fine Designs offers only top-of-the-line merchandise and all items are backed by its quality guarantee: T-shirts (Short and Long Sleeve), Shorts and Sweat Pants, Polo’s, Tank-tops, and Hats, Performance or Fashion Style Apparel, Hooded or Crew Neck Sweatshirts, Cadet (zip-up) Sweatshirts, to name a few.

Customization Options: The Event Logo in 3 Different Sizes, Themed Slogans, and Phrases, Names and Numbers, Generic, Event-related Decals, Team Rosters with Athlete’s Names, etc.

Victor Kostroub | CEO & Co-Founder

Victor Kostroub is a dynamic and interesting speaker with a remarkable ability to inspire audiences to higher levels of achievement. His excellent methods of personal efficiency, seminars about management, and mutual relations lead to urgent changes and long-term results.

“The message is simple: we care for you. You are the future Olympians.”