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Proudly British: Finxone is democratizing access to fintech tools and technology through its robust no-code platform


"We have a truly global team. We are a proudly British firm. This diversity provides us with a richness of viewpoints that we employ on a daily basis in our ideation, creativity, and implementation."

Finxone is a game-changing fintech platform that allows anyone with no coding experience to create their own financial applications. Users may easily construct powerful financial apps and services that match their specific company needs using Finxone's intuitive drag and drop interface. Finxone's strong no-code platform allows users to design and market finance solutions without any technical knowledge.

Fred Baumhard, CEO of Finxone spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review about how his company helps clients build or incorporate stunning finance app experiences for mobile and online.

The Rise of Finxone

Finxone is a worldwide distributed community of intelligent and like-minded people who, despite their differences, share a common objective and set of values. When asked why he founded Finxone, Fred Baumhard responded, "We founded Finxone because we wanted to give everyone the ability to quickly and easily build financial technology and apps. That is not an easy task right now. Building an average financial services platform takes roughly nine months and costs between $500k and $1 million, which prevents most entrepreneurs from creating something new? It also discourages small and medium-sized businesses without large staff from trying new things. We founded Finxone to level the playing field and allow anyone to innovate and launch amazing apps.”

"Our core founders are from Latin America and Africa, where access to technology can be difficult at times. This has given us a profound awareness for the difficulties of achieving success in technology. We've risen through the ranks of big tech, having worked for firms such as Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare, and Unisys, where our team learnt how to create world-class enterprise software. We're committed to make that level of technology available to everyone at a reasonable pay-as-you-go pricing.”

Revolutionising Fintech Sector

Finxone is the best platform for anyone wishing to leverage the power of fintech, whether you're developing a financial app for your company or a new product for your clients.

"Our goal is to bring a new generation of entrepreneurs and businesses into the world of Fintech. By making the tools extremely simple to use, employing templates that adhere to all standards, and employing an innovative generative code technique that simply produces everything automatically. Currently, most industry players provide a vast and ever-expanding set of APIs and coding end points. This means that the customer must find out how to construct it, write it, and trust that they follow the rules correctly. Imagine if your automobile manufacturer simply delivered you a kit with 10,000 pieces and instructed you to assemble it yourself. That's today's financial services!"

"Our technology creates applications for our customers automatically. You select a template, personalise it, and then our intelligent system creates the infrastructure, apps (iOS, Android, and Web), and connects them to genuine delivery providers. Everything happens automatically. We offer simple drag-and-drop components as well as an auto build mechanism that creates the complete programme instantly. This allows our customers to focus on their ideas while the platform intelligently builds it for them. We only work with licenced, regulated partners such as banks, payment firms, KYC and anti-fraud companies, card companies, and so on. Our technology also ensures that all consumers automatically obey all financial services standards, making everyone safer. As a result, our customers can simply drag, drop, and deploy their brilliant ideas, and we will bring them to market," extols Fred.

Customer-centric Approach

"We provide our customers with a sandbox in which to experiment and innovate. A customer has a library of template apps in that sandbox that they use as the foundation of their system. They can then personalise and style each interface, feature, onboarding, and workflow after selecting a template. Once they are satisfied, they can apply to go live, and in a matter of weeks, they will be able to launch onto our partner's regulated genuine fintech rails and have a real product running in the market with applications, portal apps, back office, and their innovation," Mr. Baumhard adds.

Team of Experts

"We have a truly global team. We are a proudly British firm with members from four continents and a wide range of faiths, beliefs, and orientations. This diversity provides us with a richness of viewpoints that we employ on a daily basis in our ideation, creativity, and implementation."

"Our founders come from diverse backgrounds and are ardent supporters of financial inclusion and diversity. This isn't a passing craze or a marketing ploy; it's a way of life for us. We started our company to level the technological playing field, and every single member of the team thinks that creating fantastic generative coding tools for financial services would enable millions of people around the world to enjoy financial inclusion that has never been possible before."

"Our execution team is unrivalled. We've assembled an industry-leading team of enthusiastic and devoted businesspeople, operations, financial services, and technologists that are sincerely committed to creating software that improves the world. "We even have a real rocket scientist on the team," said one of the team members," adds the CEO.

Client Testimonial

One of our customers wants to compete with a well-established firm in their market, which they believe is ripe for disruption. The incumbent had been in business for ten years and was charging exorbitant fees for seemingly easy tasks. The cost of constructing something similar, as well as the intricacy of integrating all of the components, was preventing new entrants from entering the market.

Our customer approached us with the goal of creating a platform that could not only accomplish what their incumbent competition was doing (and spending millions on), but also nearly twice as much, plus things that the end user actually needed and had been asking for a long time. With us, a new solution offering will enter the market, providing the industry with options and bringing innovation to their market sector. This solution will be 80% less expensive than the competition while providing twice the capability.

This collaborative approach promotes innovation, increases competition, and broadens customer choice.


"Throughout 2023, we plan to expand our partnerships beyond Europe, into the United States, and into Africa, as well as launch additional fintech scenarios and partnerships this year." "2024 will see the launch of the self-service platform in Europe, Africa, and the United States, allowing customers to build their technology entirely on their own," concludes Fred Baumhard.

About | Fred Baumhard

Fred Baumhard is the CEO of Finxone. He spent 15 years at Microsoft in the United Kingdom and the Middle East and Africa divisions. For a year, he ran VMware in Africa before launching ventures in financial services, payments, and aviation technology in the UK, South Africa, and Australia, all with the goal of lowering the cost and increasing access to technology.

"With Finxone, we enable our customers to drag and drop, as well as automatically assemble and develop apps for them in seconds, and then provide to them a final, regulated product that conforms to all of the rules and is ready to go live."