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First Line Software – Leveraging organizations with processes, and decades of engineering excellence to help create solutions that will change the world


First Line Software is a premier provider of software engineering, software enablement, and digital transformation advisory services to clients across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Headquartered in the US, First Line Software's global staff of 400+ technical experts leverages agile technological excellence to efficiently deliver complex projects in retail digitalization, web content management & eCommerce, healthcare IT & real world evidence and data, machine learning and enterprise data management. An Optimizely Gold Solution Partner, First Line provides implementation and customization services to direct clients and in cooperation with other Optimizely Partners. First Line Software is consistently recognized with industry rankings and awards from top global and regional, independent research agencies.

Creating Cutting-Edge, Custom Software Solutions

Agile Software Development: Agile is more than methodology, for their team of world-class engineers – it’s the way they work. When you have a SaaS idea or need rapid development of any technology to achieve your scaling goals, you need an experienced agile software development team. Their engineering teams have practiced distributed, agile development for decades allowing us to join into or lead any project in the world with experienced developers, QAs, and project managers working together to realize your goals with their high standards of excellence. Talk with their team today to begin a technical analysis of your position, project proposal, and deficits. They give honest, technical feedback to inform your decisions on how to proceed and what resources it will take.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms are force multipliers for your project and company. They scale your data processing, create efficiencies for your team, and expand capacity for growth. How are you leveraging AI and ML for your business growth? First Line's engineering teams can use AI and ML to create algorithms that analyze your data in real time. Advances in AI and ML can transform a range of business services—from cybersecurity to operational transformation to clinical research. And they can help you transform those processes in your organization to empower your team to new levels of data at scale. they’ve developed an intelligent data management methodology and can tailor it to build you a custom AI and ML solution.

Cloud Transformation: Stay ahead of your competition by sending your business to the clouds. First Line Software will help create opportunities to accelerate delivery, quality, and value through their cloud solutions. At First Line Software, they are technical experts, solution architects and problem solvers. Years of experience and hundreds of engagements have given us expertise in creating cost-efficient cloud transformation models for their clients using leading platforms all over the world. Their solutions deliver speed and quality — effectively solving the “good, fast, cheap” conundrum once and for all. Their teams can onboard quickly wherever you are and start working immediately to understand your challenges and help you navigate around them with quick wins that put you on the path to success.

CMS, DXP, and Commerce: First Line's world-class engineers work beside many of the top agencies to provide the best implementation and customization of CMS, DXP, and Commerce platforms. First Line Software engineering team has completed over 350 Web Content Management (WCM) projects, utilizing more than 40 certified engineers and 200+ architects, projects managers, and quality assurance technicians. You can leverage that experience and their team to create the best online experience using the top platforms and technologies available today.

Data Engineering: The most valuable asset any company has is its data. They work with your internal teams to create data transformation solutions to leverage that data into a competitive advantage. First Line Software’s Data Processing engineers have worked with data sets in millions of records to create clean, accurate, and understandable insights for their customers. To achieve this, they use decades of experience and clear methodologies that they’ve fine-tuned over the years to create an easy process for their customers. Their team works to understand your objectives for the data, the resources required, and then they create a clear plan to execute with technical excellence.

IoT Development: First Line Software focuses on integration, interoperability, and interaction so the solutions they deliver are scalable and tailored to your business needs. Start the conversation with their team today to get the process started. First Line Software’s Internet of Things (IoT) engineers have been part of many innovative solutions for companies around the world. The capabilities of leveraging devices to achieve business goals are growing at an exponential rate. Their teams have created clear processes to understand your needs first, make realistic development plans, and execute those plans with speed and accuracy ensuring your projects are completed with technical excellence. From the beginning of development and throughout the Software Development Lifecycle, Quality Assurance testing has to be planned to ensure the most efficient and effective software is deployed. First Line Software’s Free QA Audit examines your entire development and deployment process for potential bottlenecks. Vulnerabilities are specific security testing term and opportunities for increased efficiency which results in a quicker time to market and lower budget requirements.

Software Support and Maintenance: First Line takes the time to understand your organization’s legacy systems, so they can adapt or even rewrite them to help you achieve your long-term goals. Software is not a new concept, so every company has a legacy system they depend on to do the things that need to be done. As they grow though, not all software keeps up – that’s where they come in. First Line Software’s world class engineering teams can examine your systems, listen to your new needs, and develop a plan to expand your legacy systems to help your business continue serving your customers and grow with your expanding needs. This includes extending your systems into cloud environments to allow them to increase efficiency and accessibility for your teams.

Nick Puntikov | Chairman of the Board & CEO

"For every client, we provide a needs-based consultative assessment of how a solution will suit your business – and achieve a secure, fast, and effective result for you."