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Five9 – The intelligent cloud contact center making customer service a more human experience


Most of the contact centers in operation today are running on old technology and call center software that can't keep up with the way customers and businesses now communicate. A cloud-based contact center is a modern alternative to on-premise contact centers using the latest in communications technology. It offers many benefits to businesses who want to meet and exceed their customers' expectations continually. With the rise of communications APIs for contact centers, however, contact centers are finally evolving. Building a cloud-based contact center with APIs is easier and faster than ever. You can add new features and channels as you need, in far less time than it takes to write an RFP. This type of contact center is built with APIs; the software building blocks power modern communications.

Five9 is the leading provider of cloud contact center software. The firm is driven by a passion for transforming contact centers into customer engagement centers of excellence, coupled with a deep understanding of the cost and complexity of running a contact center. The firm helps contact centers of every size create powerful customer connections. Five9 software creates more successful customer interactions while increasing contact center productivity without the capital expense and premise-based systems' maintenance costs. With the experience of thousands of customer implementations, the firm is laser-focused on building, implementing, and supporting an easy-to-use, complete cloud contact center solution. The company's software is built on a flexible architecture that adapts to your changing needs. Companies can turn agent seats on and off as needed, avoid the hassle of maintaining infrastructure and focus on converting interactions into brand loyalty.

Path-breaking products and services offered by Five9

Cloud Call Center Software: Five9 call center software enables agents to be more effective when handling customer interactions, delivering a better service experience, or selling more. Smart Dialers give agents more time with live prospects. Intelligent Omnichannel Routing connects customers to the right agent. On-Screen Customer Info puts information at the agent's fingertips to personalize service. And everything is automatically logged to your CRM. Five9 provides everything you need to run an effective inbound, outbound, or blended omnichannel contact center, including interactive voice response (IVR), real-time and historical dashboards and reporting, telephony, workforce management, quality monitoring, CRM integrations, and more.

Inbound Call Center: Five9 Inbound Cloud Call Center software delivers exceptional customer service by using the omnichannel routing capability by connecting a customer to the best agent every time. With Five9 Engagement Workflow route contacts to the right agents and automatically deliver customer information to them before they engage, to provide personalized service. Customers serve themselves through speech-enabled IVR and Visual IVR on mobile devices, freeing agents to focus their attention on high-value interactions. Five9 "screen pops" give agents the information they need to personalize the customer's experience, potentially turning routine service calls into revenue-generating opportunities.

Digit-first Omnichannel: Customers expect options on how they contact your company, and they increasingly look to digital channels as a first choice. Five9 Digital Engagement is fully integrated with Five9 inbound and outbound voice to create exceptional digital-first customer experiences across voice, email, SMS, webchat, video, and social messaging apps. Move customers seamlessly between channels and engage customers within multiple channels in a single interaction to resolve issues quickly.

The visionary leader behind the success of Five9

Rowan Trollope serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Five9. He is passionate about how digital transformation revolutionizes how we communicate, particularly how organizations bring personalized experiences to their customers. Mr. Rowan is a recognized Silicon Valley leader and has a depth of experience in software solutions and cloud innovation. He is a self-proclaimed geek and taught himself to program on a Commodore 64 at a local Radio Shack and holds several patents in computer security and operating systems.

Before Five9, Rowan was SVP and General Manager of Cisco's Applications Group and an executive leadership team member. Under Rowan's leadership, he refreshed the entire collaboration technology portfolio, simplifying the product line and winning over 20 awards for outstanding product design. At Symantec before Cisco, he was Group President Sales, marketing, and product development, responsible for cloud security and the SMB market. He developed and grew its software as a Service strategy and expanded its cloud-based delivery and customer support models.

"We provide digital-first omnichannel experiences that route your customers to the agent best equipped to meet their needs regardless of the channel they choose."