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January Edition 2022

Fixflo – Solving Repair and Maintenance Issues in Homes and Work Places by Leveraging Award-Winning Repair and Maintenance Management Software Solution


Implementing a smooth and comprehensive property maintenance strategy is an important aspect as far as doing business is concerned. It has led to the birth of a platform that you should have to try to use for your maintenance and repair program to become better. A more efficient approach is vital when it comes to scheduling regular maintenance, receiving requests, and sorting out what needs to be done to address the problems. This is why you need property management maintenance software.

Fixflo is one such firm that provides a repair reporting and maintenance management software system. By using this system, property managers and landlords save time and money, and tenants get repairs carried out more quickly. Used by over 4,000 lettings agents nationwide and expanding into international territories such as South Africa, the business is widely regarded as one of the leading suppliers within the industry and was awarded the 2016 Sunday Times Gold Award for Best Supplier to the Lettings Industry. Fixflo regularly exhibits at industry conferences and events, and is constantly striving to improve the repair reporting and proactive property management landscape for everyone involved in lettings and property management.

Leveraging Most Reliable and Trust-Worthy Real-Estate Solutions

Fixflo for Lettings: Property maintenance is highly complex. Not only do you have to gather detailed information about each repair and get approval from landlords and occupiers every step of the way, but you also have to ensure that you stay compliant with layers of regulations and ever-changing legislation. Fixflo software is seamlessly integrated with 40+ property management systems, eliminating any work duplication across systems. It keeps your landlords in the loop effortlessly with communication feature and demonstrates great property management service with hard data. Property managers can instruct contractors, manage works orders, schedule planned maintenance and get approvals from landlords in one central hub. More landlords prefer to use their own contractors; with Fixflo, you can easily designate specific contractors to specific portfolios.

Block Management: Managing residential blocks is a huge responsibility. You could be in charge of the health and safety of thousands of residents in one building alone. On top of that, you need to make sure that communal facilities are serviced regularly. Fixflo enables to manage proactive and reactive maintenance tasks, communicate with stakeholders and stay compliant easily with its leasehold and block management solution. Users can collect performance data effortlessly and communicate the cost justification for your services easily with numbers and trends. From fire doors to lifts, each building is unique in its maintenance requirements. Set and forget future tasks to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Student Accommodation: Fixflo makes reactive repair reporting, works order management and planned maintenance smarter and more transparent for everyone involved. It offers assistance in the compliance of UUK or ANUK/Unipol schemes with regards to repairs and maintenance. Its smart picture-based diagnostic feature can be accessed anytime, anywhere, freeing students from back and forth emails and phone calls with the property manager. The Fixflo system focuses exclusively on managing reactive repairs and proactive maintenance while centralizing and streamlining the process to improve controlled oversight. It allows for the reporting and resolution of reactive repairs, as well as the management of planned preventative maintenance in both communal and personal spaces as needed.

Fixflo CAFM: Fixflo makes reporting repair issues easy for both tenants and facility managers. Receive clear, concise reports through a picture-based system, with translation into English from 40+ languages. Its customizable in-system guidance provides signposting when the maintenance issue should be resolved by the tenant, reducing the number of repair requests received, and in emergencies, directs the tenant to take steps to protect the building from further damage. The company ensures your maintenance workflow works for you, mitigating risks while reducing costs and time spent on administration.

Social Housing: Property management in social housing is highly demanding. You need to engage residents and make sure they know how reactive repair issues should be reported. When carrying out works you need to make sure engineers can gain access and not waste valuable call-out time. More importantly, you have a duty of care for your residents and you need to make sure all statutory safety checks and maintenance works are carried out. Fixflo is designed to help with all these, and more. Its in-system guidance helps them safely resolve issues themselves without ever involving the property manager.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Rajeev Nayyar is the Chief Executive Officer of Fixflo. He was a former property lawyer Rajeev Nayyar and former CTO of Friends Reunited Duncan Careless. He was living in New Zealand and living through the pains of both being a tenant, and the long-distance landlord of a property in England. That is when Mr. Rajeev realized that there must be a better way for agents, landlords, and tenants to communicate, and that’s when the idea for Fixflo was sparked. After teaming up with Duncan to bring life to the idea, Fixflo was launched in May 2013.

“Our smart, cloud-based software solutions help property managers improve efficiency, exceed customer expectations, and stay compliant with regulatory requirements.”