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50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2023

Flash Global continues to adjust and adapt to the dynamic business environment of the ever-changing supply chain landscape. Leveraging intuitive technology and a robust IT platform, Flash Global has significantly thrived through the pandemic challenges and beyond.


To learn more about Flash Global’s progression and growth, The Silicon Review reached out to Chief Technology and Marketing Officer, Denise MacDonell, and here is what we learned:

How it All Began…

In the early 80s, Flash Global was founded as a courier company, supporting law firms requiring the (same day) delivery of time-sensitive documents. Flash was quick to recognize a new market demand taking shape. OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) sought opportunities to decrease cost structures while supporting products after the initial product sale.

Flash Global began to expand operations throughout the United States, supporting OEMs with same day services as outsourcing service/support became more reliable and acceptable by the market.  In the early 2000s, Flash continued to build out a global network structure to provide same-day mission critical delivery services, expanding internationally.


Carving Their Niche in the Service Logistics Industry

Today, high-tech OEMs around the world rely on Flash Global to deliver their critical service parts when a malfunction occurs.  Industry-goers refer to this business model as ‘post – sales service and support supply chain management’.

“Flash Global helps enterprises in the high tech, network hardware, network security, medical devices, and data storage technology sectors making sure their often expensive and always essential field assets stay up and running, with minimal or zero downtime."

Whether it’s critical imaging equipment for preventative and diagnostic healthcare of women, to the telecommunications infrastructure ensuring communications networks keep users connected, or cybersecurity hardware protecting sensitive data for billions of consumers, to integrated medical devices connecting data across care teams – being fully operational is essential.

Should a disruption or lag in functionality occur, the consequences could have a severe global impact. The ability to deliver high-tech, mission-critical service parts, anywhere in the world, anytime of day, within a time-constrained delivery window is why customers trust Flash Global.


The Secret to their Success

The company specifically focuses on four complimentary areas of business: Service Logistics, Global Trade Management, Importer of Record/Exporter of Record and Field Services. Flash Global delivers these services – and the revenue protection that goes with it – with a supply chain footprint that spans 140-plus countries and a network of more than 700 warehouse locations.

In addition, Flash utilizes its proprietary, intuitive, and powerful technology - FlashTrac – designed specifically for service parts execution - to simplify and digitize the service supply chain.  FlashTrac enables Flash Global customers real time visibility into all spare parts moving worldwide: inventory control, order management, 3rd party shipment tracking and the ability to identify and manage any potential exceptions. 

“We are an extension of our customers—not just a service provider. We offer customers the flexibility that allows them to grow and scale globally, and in so doing, help protect their brand and competitive position every step of the way.”

Flash Forward

The company will continue to lend its expertise to effectively lead growth, engineer change, and ensure long term profitable results for its customers.  Additionally, Flash Global will continue its trajectory as an industry leader in service supply chain - remaining heavily focused on the digitization of the supply chain ecosystem, and committed to ensuring customers have absolute predictability, consistency, and visibility.

“Agile service parts solutions aren’t just nice to have - they are an essential piece to contributing to a company’s healthy bottom line.  And as supply chains remain ever evolving, Flash Global will continue its pursuit to provide configurable service supply chain solutions.”


Denise MacDonell

Denise MacDonell, an expert in change management with a proven track record of shaping software applications to drive value-added services to customers, took over as Chief Technology and Marketing Officer in 2016. Denise’s strategies, vision and ability to leverage technology and people to create a collaborative, efficient environment that always puts the customer first — after all, Flash is in the services business —is crucial to our success.

Throughout her 15-year career, Denise has led and worked in turnaround and startup efforts with small, midsize and Fortune 100 companies. As vice president of Product Management for This Technology, Denise led the company’s transformation from an engineering-driven organization into one driven by product and software innovation. That successful evolution led Comcast Corporation to acquire This Technology in 2015 and Denise was appointed VP of Advertising Software, a role she held until coming to Flash.

Flash Global will continue its focus on delivering a competitive advantage - enabling manufacturers to fully meet their service level agreements (SLAs) with their customers. That’s the business Flash Global is in. And it’s a business that makes a difference to Flash Global’s customers’ bottom lines.