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Flowspace – Offering modern brands an ecommerce command center, centralizing their Order Management and Network Optimization into one place


eCommerce fulfillment may not be the most exciting aspect of running a business, but it is an essential element for success and growth. Your product may be number one in the industry, and your website could be glitch-free, allowing your customers to easily slide to checkout. Order fulfillment is an essential part of your eCommerce operations because it involves a series of processes that ensure smooth delivery of products to your customers. Usually, these processes include getting the product off the shelves, picking and packing the orders, shipping methods, and other logistics.

Flowspace is an ecommerce fulfillment platform helping brands meet their customers’ post-purchase expectations in the real world. The company’s cloud-based software, integrated within a network of +130 strategically located fulfillment centers nationwide, enables fast, affordable, omnichannel fulfillment. With a single point of integration, the Flowspace platform empowers brand operators with the real-time visibility and tools needed to control ecommerce operations.

Leveraging Digital Infrastructure to Power Ecommerce

OmniFlow Visibility Suite: According to the reports 85% of shoppers wouldn’t shop with a retailer again after having had a poor online delivery experience. Delivering an ideal customer experience is crucial to success. Don’t fly blind – track your open orders across delivery stages with Flowspace. Maintain visibility through your busy season and beyond with OmniFlow Visibility Suite, now in beta. Stay ahead of low inventory and provide visibility from fulfillment through delivery with platform-level transparency. It offers real-time insights and predictive analytics empower you to forecast inventory needs with confidence. Build customer retention and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring optimal inventory levels. With a connected network spanning the entire country, Flowspace finds the optimal fulfillment centers for your brand. Take control of orders from every channel and coordinate omnichannel fulfillment with ease.

Network Optimization and Real-Time Visibility: With a distributed network of hundreds of fulfillment centers, connected by software, Flowspace will determine where to fulfill products closest to your customers, speeding up shipping times while reducing transportation costs. Flowspace makes inventory management easy by providing complete inventory visibility of inbound, outbound, and in-progress stock. Ensure an optimal stock level with real-time inventory tracking, low inventory level alerts, and a predictive view of remaining product. With accurate customer demand insight, you can better manage inventory by having safety stock to avoid low inventory count situations while also avoiding excess inventory cost.

Inventory Flow: The Flowspace platform provides real-time insights demand forecasting recommendations to help you make smarter inventory management and allocation decisions. Inventory accuracy is important to ensure the optimal stock level to fulfill customer demand, without wasting resources on excess inventory. Actionable inventory data can help you make informed safety stock decisions to avoid an out-of-stock situation. Investing in inventory software makes facility management and inventory tracking much easier while ensuring customer service level expectations are met. Flowspace’s breadth and depth of integrations allow you to bring your partners – whether they’re shopping carts, marketplaces, or retail stores – along as you grow. The Flowspace platform provides seamless integration with your online store and every other sales channel, so you can see inventory levels, manage your items, and create sales order reports with just a few clicks.

EDI for Retail: Retail EDI stands for Retail Electronic Data Interchange. Retail EDI allows retailers to digitally exchange business information with suppliers in a standardized format such as a purchase order or invoice, increasing automation and reducing disruption. Fulfill orders directly to the customer via digital retailer ecommerce channels. The customer experience is seamless between the order, which takes place via the retailer’s ecommerce channels, and fulfillment through your instance of Flowspace. If your inventory is being sold on store shelves, Flowspace’s B2B fulfillment can keep them stocked. Flowspace order management platform global inventory planning allows you to maintain a multichannel view while also keeping your retail partner happy. Retail EDI is not just a technology solution; Flowspace provides fulfillment centers with the data, tools and guidance necessary to ensure Routing Guide EDI compliance for every retail transaction. In the event of a non-compliance chargeback penalty, Flowspace swiftly investigates and resolves the issue to reduce or eliminate Retailer-issued non-compliance fees.

Meet the Leader

Ben Eachus is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Flowspace. As CEO of Flowspace, Ben is leading Fortune 1000 brands’ fulfillment into the digital future – powering their scale as consumers increasingly choose ecommerce as their mode of buying. Prior to founding Flowspace out of Y Combinator in 2017, CEO Ben was an early employee at The Honest Company, one of the fastest growing direct to consumer companies in the U.S. There he led supply chain operations and scaled the company’s distribution and fulfillment network during an extended period of rapid expansion prior to the company’s IPO. Ben previously managed fulfillment operations at McMaster Carr, a leading industrial supply distributor specializing in same-day delivery.

Ben earned his undergraduate degree from Princeton University and his MBA from UCLA Anderson. Ben is a native of New Jersey and currently lives in Southern California with his family.

"Flowspace is on a mission to empower brands of all sizes to grow their businesses and to meet their customers’ post-purchase expectations."