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Flowspace – Providing businesses a robust geographic footprint and shipping services to every consumer market


The speed of commerce today means that logistics and freight companies must respond with faster throughput times while lowering costs to squeeze more from already narrow profit margins. Market trends such as value-added services growth and increased automation are transforming the way logistics providers do business. E-commerce is growing exponentially, and the diverse fulfillment, distribution, and delivery points require integrated digital and physical inventories and transportation tracking. Warehouse management plays a strategic role in the supply chain by enabling inventory distribution, sorting, or cross-docking processes that strive to meet the market's growing demand. The transition from on-site data handling to the cloud opens new opportunities in the overall company management. The cloud-based supply chain management helps you schedule and set the deadlines more efficiently as executives possess all the needed data and can react on issues at once. It incorporates your resources from every stage of the logistic process in real-time.

Flowspace is the most flexible, reliable, and easy to use cloud-based logistics platform for businesses of any size to store, manage, and fulfill their inventory from warehouses and fulfillment centers across the United States. Unlike a fulfillment center or warehouse, Flowspace cross docks minimize the cost labor, material handling, and storage.

Next-gen services and solutions offered by Flowspace

Transportation Services: It is the only 3PL transportation solution that makes your life easier. With fast quoting, straight-forward prices, and a network of the most trusted carriers in the country, it can align your shipment with the best carrier for your goods for a fraction of what you pay now. Whether you are shipping business to business, direct to consumer, to a 3PL or FBA, the company's transportation specialists will find a solution that meets your needs, every time, regardless of your freight or its destination. It doesn't matter how fast you can deliver a shipment if the shipment is damaged when it gets there. That's why the firm takes special care to transport your load with integrity and professionalism. It cares for your business and will, therefore, care for your freight as if it were its own.

Kitting Projects and Special Assembly Services: Flowspace knows what it takes to assemble and ship your product to your customer quickly and cost-efficiently. The Flowspace network of more than 1000 certified warehouses is specialized for kit assembly and optimized to help e-commerce brands exceed customer expectations from marketing kits and subscription boxes to gift baskets and furniture. Its customers can manage every aspect of their unique project with its platform. All-in-one, innovative solution with powerful tools and features to support your kit requirements, increase accuracy, connect with customers, and provide real-time visibility across your entire network. With 1000+ warehouses and fulfillment centers, Flowspace is the only logistics platform that offers storage and kitting services and one and two-day delivery to every significant market in the United States.

Cross Docking Services: In a market like e-commerce, you have to capitalize on every advantage. One way to sharpen your competitive edge is with Flowspace's cross-docking service. The speed of delivery is the key ingredient to a successful e-commerce supply chain. The cross-dock services deliver speed and efficiency by consolidating inventory and shipping directly to the final customer. That's the kind of speed and optimization that enables faster inventory turn around and makes expedited and same-day delivery possible. Just like the On-Demand warehousing model, Flowspace cross docks scale with your business. There are no lengthy lease agreements or pricey space minimums. You only pay for the service you need. With Flowspace Cross-docking services, you can remove long-term warehousing from your supply-chain and minimize the cost of unloading, storage, retrieval, and reloading.

The Pre-eminent leader behind the success of Flowspace       

Ben Eachus is the Co-Founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Flowspace. He has spent his career working in fulfillment and operations. Flowspace was started to solve a problem he experienced firsthand. Prior to starting Flowspace, Mr. Ben managed fulfillment and operations at The Honest Company, helping the company scale rapidly during his tenure there, and managing fulfillment operations at McMaster Carr, a leading industrial supply distributor specializing in same-day delivery. Ben received his undergraduate degree from Princeton University and his MBA from UCLA Anderson.

"With Flowspace, you benefit from the fastest pace of innovation, the broadest functionality, the largest and the most trusted operational expertise."