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A disrupter in the marketing segment with a results oriented approach: FLUME Marketing


These days, marketing departments in large organisations are entirely metrics driven with a focus on how any activity converts to both pipeline and the bottom line. Gone are the days when marketing could produce an advert with no measurement of its success in real value terms. This means that it’s crucial to employ strategic marketing tactics to connect with the right customers in a meaningful way in order to nurture them through the buyer journey and ensure a return on investment. Many of these companies have central Marketing teams but don’t necessarily have representation in local regions, or they may have a small local team who perhaps require support. Outsourcing to a marketing agency such as FLUME Marketing who provide this type of support is becoming an increasingly popular solution in both these scenarios.

FLUME Marketing provides marketing resourcing and marketing solutions to the tech industry. With a portfolio of 20+ predominantly global tech leaders in cyber-security and networking, they are the strongest martech solutions provider in the region. The company employs marketing professionals from all over EMEA, most of whom have a background in the tech industry and are experts in their marketing areas. FLUME Marketing is known to be a market disrupter – championing individual thinking and differentiating itself from competition. They believe that a key component of their success is based on an obsession with creating concepts that ensure exceptional results. FLUME Marketing’s biggest strength is its ability to reach target accounts and contacts, combined with engaging and nurturing those contacts through a variety of marketing techniques to build a sales pipeline. They primarily focus on ABM, events, digital marketing, and data/telemarketing, and ROI is always the priority.

In conversation with Sarah, Founder and Managing Director of FLUME

Q. It isn’t easy to achieve success in every marketing campaign that is developed. How do you overcome failures?

To be honest, we don’t fail. Our success is based on the results we continually achieve for our clients – we focus wholeheartedly on the outcomes of any given campaign. We do that by ensuring that each element is planned and executed with results front of mind. Obviously, not all activities get the result you want 100% of the time, but if we start working on a campaign and we can see we’re not on target, we go above and beyond to ensure we adapt and re-work it until we get it right. Our goal is that every dollar invested generates pipeline. However, if a campaign were to fail and we were unable to adapt it, our philosophy is that honesty is the best policy, so we would hold our hands up and work with the client to find a solution.

Q. How do you understand the culture of the company before devising a marketing campaign?

Our team collectively worked in the tech industry, some for many years, holding positions in the companies we work for today. We have literally been in our client’s shoes, so we fully understand their pain points and where they need support. We understand that no two companies are the same, so we tailor each campaign to the needs, objectives, and ethos of their overall corporate strategy and project requirements. It’s very important to us that our clients feel we are an extension of their own marketing department, or “one of the team” and as such, our Account Managers fully immerse themselves in the company culture, often attending new employee inductions and all team meetings depending on the longevity of the assignment.

Q. Tell us about your project management system.

Understanding that the market can rapidly change from one minute to the next, and appreciating that each client operates differently, we have built a flexible working model which enables our clients to scale our services up and down, without a long-term commitment. Our internal project management reflects that with a flexible system that allows any one of our employees to quickly understand what is happening in each account or project without going to the extreme of getting bogged down with time-consuming system updates. Everything we do is precise, fast, and flexible. This approach allows us to quickly diversify our campaigns to the needs of our clients and the market. As an example, our ability to adapt, scale, and diversify when Covid-19 hit is a testament to that. We’re in a strong position to swap event budgets over to our digital campaigns. Combining our strengths and that of our partnerships with other providers, we were able to move our clients into this space with much success very quickly.

Q. Do you think there any anticipated new trends to look out for in marketing?

Covid-19 instantly changed the way we work. We will continue to see less (if any) physical events for the foreseeable, and more digitalized forums. We will see a new generation of digital marketing trends and solutions, finding new ways to connect to our target audience without needing to meet them physically. Technology will play a big part in this, and there will be many disruptive start-ups offering new ways of doing traditional marketing. It’s going to be a very exciting time, but companies need to be ready to adapt quickly if they are going to survive in this new world.

Q. Do you have any new services launching soon?

Yes, we are working on some exciting joint partnerships. We believe in the power of partnerships – working with leading providers who can complement our skillset to provide our clients with the best-in-market campaigns. One of the partnerships we’re currently developing will demonstrate to clients a fully aligned process to ensure a smooth and integrated approach throughout the buyer and customer journey. It will incorporate purchasing data, awareness, compelling content and thought leadership, as well as generating, nurturing and re-engaging leads. We already manage all of these elements, but the partnership will allow us to streamline and maximize productivity and results. In addition to this, we are developing a community-based program that will connect business leaders to leading companies, evoking discussion around industry realities and challenges, best practice, and future predictions. Our community of c-suite and influencer executives will enable direct contact with target audiences, providing a platform for meaningful discussion and networking opportunities, which will result in a strong pipeline of business.

Meet the leader behind the success of FLUME Marketing

With far too many years to mention in the IT industry, Sarah Bentley has held global & EMEA wide senior marketing roles for tech vendors. From there she successfully moved into a consulting role for a number of businesses from start-ups through to global enterprises, strategically advising, developing and managing marketing plans and campaigns. Sarah is now the Founder and Managing Director of a successful tech focused marketing agency – FLUME.

We are the disruptive marketing partner you can trust to conquer your challenges, take away the stress and support you when and where you need us the most.