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Fordway –Commitment to ensuring long-term costumer success


Companies of all industries are learning the value of outsourcing IT services to third-party providers. By working with a contractor partnership, companies can enjoy having more time and resources for other projects. At the same time, experts in the field maintain network management operations and other tech-related tasks remotely. Companies no longer have to support in-house IT departments or invest heavily in infrastructure and maintenance. Instead, a business can rely on third party providers to take care of these daily tasks, while employees are distributed elsewhere in the business model to enhance marketing, development, and other important departments.

Fordway is a leading provider of IT as a Service to mid-size UK enterprises. It has been providing consultancy and services for 30 years. This is underpinned by its commitment to ensuring long-term customer success. Many of their customers use us as their long-term partner and rely on their services and expertise to deliver true business value.

Why Fordway

Simplifying Complexity: The company makes IT manageable. It also resolves your immediate priorities and enables transformation step-by-step at a pace to suit you. It also cares deeply about what it does and about ensuring a lasting positive impact on customers. It also cares about staff and corporate implications.

Bridging the Gaps: It has an end-to-end service solution that ensures nothing falls through the gaps.  Working with Fordway is simple, straightforward, and easy. It gives flexibility to its customer's needs and creates lasting value.

Getting IT Right: Fordway recommends only practical IT solutions. It doesn't matter whose logo is on the box.

Experience and Expertise: Customers choose them for a combination of responsiveness, experience, quality of service, in-depth technical expertise, and security accreditations.

Path-breaking solutions and services offered by Fordway

Delivers transformation and enables business improvement: It simplifies the complex and manages your services on an "as-needed, pay-as-you-go" basis while giving you independent strategic advice throughout the journey. Free up resources, access new capabilities and take back control to use IT innovatively.

Public Cloud: Fordway can also manage your Microsoft 365 tenancy to provide a device-agnostic mobile working platform with built-in security and staff collaboration tools. You can combine this with technical support to your IT administrators and IT power users and end-user service desk capability from product experts. Many organizations fail to understand that Microsoft does not guarantee backup for these products, leaving documents and data held on OneDrive, SharePoint, or Teams vulnerable. They provide peace of mind by ensuring that your files and data are always safe and recoverable and optimized to minimize back-end storage and cost even in the most unlikely public cloud failure scenarios.

Data Centre and Private Cloud: Get the benefit of secure, fully managed scalable and elastic cloud with consistent fixed-cost monthly billing in your private cloud environment. Its cloud platform acts as the foundation for your hybrid cloud strategy, a replacement for internal infrastructure, and a base for running legacy applications that can't easily be migrated to the public cloud.

Connectivity and Access: Fordway Cloud Connectivity Services can be deployed over existing or new bandwidth. Using state of the art SD-WAN and LAN management techniques delivers a network service that uses dynamic application-based routing to make the best of your underlying network infrastructure. Deployed over an existing WAN to improve performance or supplied as part of a WAN replacement where Fordway will specify and source new bearers to meet your needs. The beauty of this approach is that you do not need co-termination of your existing WAN circuits or LAN management contract to take advantage of the improvements offered by Fordway as both new and old circuits may be wrapped up into a single service.

PSN Gateway Service: Fordway provides a PSN Gateway service for organizations such as local authorities, social housing providers, and smaller central government entities that need PSN connectivity, but would like to simplify compliance requirements and reduce costs. Fordway's PSN Gateway Service provides a highly available, flexible service significantly reduced cost compared to the existing PSN connection. Fordway is a certified PSN Service Provider with significant infrastructure, delivering key services over the PSN to Government departments and associated agencies.

Richard Blanford, Chief Executive Officer

"Our success comes from delivering lasting business value and building strong relationships based on mutual trust."