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Freedom Forever LLC Solar Power for Your Home


Environmentally we are at a tipping point. It is now critical for us to lean on renewable energy sources for our planet and humanity’s health. One of the best ways of becoming energy sufficient is by going solar.

Freedom Forever is making this happen through their services across the nation. The residential solar installation company executes best-in-class Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) for its Independent Authorized Dealers. We interviewed Brett Bouchy, CEO of Freedom Forever, to understand how the company ensures a best-in-class experience backed by its 25-year production guarantee.

Q. How is Freedom Forever making a difference?

Freedom Forever is focused on residential solar installations that delivers a best-in-class EPC for its dealer network. Since 2011, we have enabled our dealer network to succeed with a premium offering and aggressive pricing flexibility. Freedom Forever’s 25-year production guarantee provides the ultimate peace-of-mind for homeowners reluctant to make a significant investment.

Freedom Forever guarantees the amount of power your solar power system will produce for a full 25 years. If your system ever breaks from our fault, we replace the broken parts and reimburse you for any lost power production while your solar system is down.

Q. High upfront costs have always been a major concern in solar adoption. How affordable is your service?

From an affordability standpoint, now is the best time to go solar. In response to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Freedom Forever reached into our hearts and pockets to develop a promotion to alleviate some of the stresses of not knowing when your next paycheck is coming. When homeowners go solar with Freedom Forever, they receive a check for $500 ($1000 in California), plus the peace-of-mind knowing that they will have no solar payments for the first 6 months. We also offer a wide range of solar power financing options to help homeowners find the right fit for their financial needs.

Q. Are solar panels eco-friendly?

Solar energy production yields no emissions, no greenhouse gases, and no fossil fuels, but it does require a certain amount of energy to make the solar panels. Solar panels currently produce all of the energy it takes to make them in as little as 6 months. So while they still require energy to be produced, their eco-friendly value outweighs the amount of energy it took to produce them.

Q. Consider that the sun’s intensity varies based on the location, the time of year, and the time of day, how consistent is this supply of energy?

Yes, solar panel production varies, depending on the location and time of year. In general, solar users can expect to produce about 35% of its annual production between the beginning of fall to the end of winter, and produce 65% of its yearly output from spring through the end of summer. This is why it’s essential for homeowners to look at their annual production as opposed to month over month.

Q. One of the disadvantages of installing solar panels on your home is that they can be expensive to move, should you decide to move them. How can we make solar panels more portable?

The real question is, should we make them portable? Panels are essentially not mobile, and there is a reason for this. The movability of solar panels is limited and virtually non-existent due to several factors. If the solar system is leased, the panels cannot be moved for contractual reasons. Also, a large number of utility companies simply do not allow solar panels to be moved. Most importantly, since every solar system is a custom design, removing solar panels and placing them on a different house risk design incompatibility and production issues.

Q. How do you market your services?

We partner with independent authorized dealers who not only specialize in solar but the regions they service. Together with our dealer network, Freedom Forever aims to educate homeowners on all aspects of solar through our online Learning Center, which features informative blogs, videos, downloadable resources, and our Solar Academy.

To take our education efforts even further, we created and launched a 30-minute infomercial. Since its debut in April 2020, it has helped educate thousands of homeowners on the benefits of going solar. Moreover, Freedom Forever hosts a monthly podcast, The Solar Disruption Theory, where we sit down with CEOs, activists, and other solar experts to discuss and explore the ins and outs of the solar industry. 

Q. What does the road ahead look like for Freedom Forever?

For the last 3 years, Freedom Forever has been named on INC 500’s list of fastest-growing companies. In the last year alone, the company has experienced rapid growth across the US, expanding its number of branches, coast-to-coast with plans to be in 20 states by the end of 2020. Our exponential growth will not slow down any time soon; over the next five years, Freedom Forever expects to be operating in 43 states.

The Thought Leader

Brett Bouchy is an entrepreneur and a clean energy enthusiast. Since 2015, Mr. Bouchy has been the CEO of Freedom Forever and, through his servant leadership, has guided the company to become one of America’s fastest-growing residential solar companies.

“Freedom Forever’s 25-year production guarantee provides the ultimate peace-of-mind for homeowners reluctant to make a significant investment.”