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From Collaborative Discovery Sessions to Ongoing Support, Clearvision Empowers Teams to Reach Their Full Potential


Founded in 2005 in Southampton, the UK in 1997 as an IBM Rational consultancy house, Clearvision is an innovative software services company with offices in Southampton and London UK, as well as Philadelphia, Dublin, and Bangalore. The company started out with a mission to support hundreds of leading organizations manages transformation in their IT and apply agile methodology to empowering teams to reach their full potential. Over the years, the business has grown exponentially and now it has almost 100+ strong workforces. 

As an enterprise-certified Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Clearvision is well placed to provide large enterprises and the public sector with consultancy, technical implementation, hosting, training, and support packages for Jira, Confluence, and the rest of the Atlassian stack.

Why Clearvision?

Words from the Chief:

“We are an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner that has been helping software teams since the mid 90’s. Since before Google, Amazon, the dot-com boom and bust. We’ve seen the adoption and dumping of monolithic development platforms like Rational. We’ve seen the movement from waterfall to agile and all manner of hybrid approaches; the rise of more nimble development tooling; the move towards open source, distributed version control, CI & CD and release automation.

We’ve seen the development of DevOps and an ever-growing need for organizations to be more responsive, to adapt faster to changing external influences as once-dominant leaders of industries disappear. Remember Blockbuster, Kodak & Woolworths? These are lessons in agility.”

Atlassian Consultancy: Health checks, advice, and expertise for your Atlassian tools

Clearvision can help you implement individual tools like Jira or Confluence, roll-out any number of combinations and integrations between them, and configure them to your exact requirements – all within a matter of days.

You can kickstart your environment so the tools are ready to use, fast. With our expert advice, you can adopt the best practice from the get-go to really get the most out of your investment.

When it comes to tools, the company often stick with what it thinks is the best or easiest to do the job at hand. This can mean it misses out on what is the most truly effective way of doing the job.

Through discoveries and advisories, however, Clearvision can help. Uncover exactly how you should be using your Atlassian tools, and how to benefit most from your investment and ensure your teams use the features available to be as efficient as possible.

In short, with Clearvision you can ensure you’ll leverage the applications and be proactive in achieving success with Atlassian.

Where Clearvision Excel:

  • Configuring existing setups to optimize collaboration between tools and teams.
  • Improving existing workflows and processes.
  • Helping you understand best practice for your organization.
  • Creating custom workflows, dashboard, templates, schemes, agile boards and more.


Your software development lifecycle should be a journey. Whether you’re just getting started, are looking to improve your SDLC tools, or want some assistance along the way, Clearvision’s expert team is ready to guide you.

Clearvision’s modular, easily customized services will lead you around common pitfalls to achieve your goal of sustainable, robust and efficient software development. Speak to Clearvision today – together Clearvision will craft a solution to deliver exactly what your company needs to flourish.


If your organization is new to the Atlassian suite or in the midst of redefining your process, team up with Clearvision to discover a solution tailored to your company’s needs. Start with a Discovery workshop to review your current business and development processes, priorities and goals, current implementation of the toolset, team organization, and project management methodologies in place, tool access, and governance. Clearvision will utilize the expertise and knowledge of its Atlassian Certified Solutions Architects to provide a customized report of recommendations that are best suited for your organization.


Depending on your exact needs, Clearvision may recommend a learning path for your users and administrators. Clearvision’s experienced trainers are ready to coach and mentor your team to take full advantage of the Atlassian tools you want to use.


Clearvision’s Atlassian Tools Implementation provides the next step to configure and optimize your Atlassian Tools for your users and administrators. Whether you’re just looking to build out a few workflows or roll out a fully HA/DR ready environment with Atlassian Data Center, its experts are ready to do the heavy lifting to get things where they need to be.


Now that you’re teams have been enabled and given all the tools necessary for a successful journey, it’s time to set out and succeed in your goals. Clearvision can still act as your guide along the way, helping you maintain peak performance and efficiency with periodic reviews and assistance in staying current with the latest tools.

Clearvision have found that customers often have questions about the configuration, security, stability, and performance of their Atlassian Tools. Clearvision can help answer all these questions and more by evaluating your environment, with its Atlassian Tools Health Check. During the Health Check, its experts analyze your systems, produce a report detailing the health of your Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Bamboo instances, and provide you with advice and an action plan for remediating any and all issues so you can focus on delivering value to your customers.

Keeping your Atlassian tools up-to-date with the latest version is highly recommended, especially these tools are critical to your business. It brings along access to new features, performance improvements, bug fixes, and security updates. Having Clearvision’s help you bring your tools to the latest releases, you can get all the latest and the peace of mind without any of the headaches that it often takes to do so. Clearvision’s Technical Consultants will work with your teams to ensure that all of your Atlassian tools and plugins get upgraded seamlessly and headache-free.

Meet the Founding Duo

Gerry Tombs, Founder, and CEO: Gerry runs all day-to-day operations for Clearvision, as well as attending events worldwide.

Neil Butler, Co-founder, and NED: Neil is a Clearvision Non-Executive Director and co-founder, coaching the leadership team and attending key meetings/events.

“We are a ground-breaking software consultancy and development company, specializing in agile working and collaborative tooling and processes.”