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10 Best IT Services Companies 2019

From Technologies to Solutions,Oodles Technologiescovers everything


We are committed to developing agile applications that help you out-perform the competition and keep you ahead of the innovation curve.

Oodles Technologies is an offshore software development company. It is a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience and proven track record in its area of expertise. The company’s mission is to create user-friendly internet-based applications that solve complex technology-related problems and deliver a smart business solution.

Oodles Technologies is an offshore software development company with a focus on state-of-the-art technologies. It hasa niche in awe-inspiring domains like Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, ERP, Big Data and Live Video Streaming. Oodles Technologies approach towards project management is based on Agile Methodology that strives to unite teams around the principles of collaboration, flexibility, transparency,and responsiveness throughout the process of developing new software or product.

Service offered

Software as a Service (SaaS)

With Oodles, reinvent your business with SaaS application development services. Implement SaaS into your business environment with its exceptional SaaS development solutions to increase the efficiency of your business model.The firm helps you place innovation at the heart of your business to empower you to move faster, scale faster, make informed and data-backed decisions, and reduce operational costs. Oodles help you build an extension to your existing web property or a stand-alone app with robust process automation capabilities. Be future-ready, achieve scalability with robust security.


Oodles Blockchain enable you to leverage blockchain and adjacent technologies including Shared Ledger and distributed Ledger, Smart Contracts, decentralized applications, and more to meet your industry and business specific needs for today and tomorrow. Disrupt the digital future with Blockchain. Its tech experts help you unlock the untapped and unimagined potential of blockchain solutions for your business.With Oodles industry-rich experience, it helps you navigate through the adoption, integration and implementation journeys of blockchain networks.

Mobile Application

Unleash your digital intelligence with Oodles’ power-packed mobile app solutions that are built with a user-centric approach and smart integration capabilities. With its Mobile App Development Services grow your market, scale to wider business verticals, and create new revenue streams. Oodles offers comprehensive native and hybrid mobile app development services ranging from application architecture, strategy, development, modernization, optimization, maintenance and more.

Video Solutions

Oodles Technologies sets the benchmark in the IT-echo system by creating the most dynamic and user-friendly online video content platform. Power up your application with creative and novel strategies, compelling video technological details to effectively engage users for continued business success.The firm assists you in organizing and managing the online video content efficiently with its advanced video solutions. Oodles’in-depth expertise and proven methodologies in online video content management systems facilitate you to deliver rich and engaging offerings at scale.

Internet of Things (IoT)

With IoT-led digital transformation services, Oodleshelp you establish a digitally connected world for your customers that add real value to their work and their lives.With its IoT solutions, the company integrates all your devices to securely connect them, gather data, and take intelligent actions to meet operational and management needs.

Bring on the potential of analytics, IoT, and AI to make your business smart (cloud-to-device and device-to-cloud), efficient, and secure by gaining comprehensive insights for informed decision-making.

Big Data Intelligence

Analyse your complex business data accrued since inception with its experts to develop ingenious ways of performance.Oodlessupports organizations to mine and derive value out of voluminous amounts of data collected from websites, mobile apps, and connected devices. Partner with Oodlesto explore possible big data opportunities to help you develop data-driven and intelligent strategies, create successful marketing campaigns, and make data-backed business decisions.

Rave reviews from customers

"I have worked with Oodles Technologies for over two years. During this time we have released several apps, including Lyfeline Milestones that we made available for both Android and iOS users."

  • LyfeLine Co USA

“The team is very knowledgeable and trustworthy, completed project on time and on budget. Will do business with Oodles team again.”

  • Fabio Cardenas, The Sundown Group (USA)

“It's been a real pleasure working with Oodles. Great problem solvers and very responsive, I couldn't have wished for a better team to work with.”

  • Michael Beddows, Founder, Trendr LLC (USA)

Meet the leader

Maneesh Madan, CEO:Maneesh is an adept technology leader with a vision and passion to apply pioneering technologies in various business domains. Maneesh is also a keen Yoga enthusiast.

“We keep close tabs on the latest trends and technologies and with our highly skilled team of developers, we deliver end-to-end development solutions at the best market rates.”