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Led by Valiant Leader Aubryn Thompson, Fueled is Improving User Experience through Impactful Digital Transformations


Innovative technologies have allowed food businesses to improve their operations and minimize costs, all the while boosting agility, efficiency and productivity. But launching a digital transformation project is riddled with challenges. It’s not just as simple as flicking on a light switch – it’s a continuous process of building an interconnected system that transforms workflow across different departments. That’s why many businesses choose to work with a digital transformation agency or expert to make the process as smooth as possible.

Fueled is a leading digital transformation agency that serves a range of unicorn startups, global brands, and Fortune 500 companies. The company strategizes, designs, and develops user-facing technology that wins in the marketplace. With the capabilities of an international agency and the ethos of a startup, Fueled builds uniquely innovative products that delight users and drive value for the clients. Its team consists of the types of hackers and rule-breakers typically found at startups instead of agencies, dev shops, or design studios.

Leveraging Best-in-Class Digital Platform for Improving User Experience

Digital Transformation: Elegantly leveraging progressive, vertical-leading vendors to produce lean and powerful enterprise-grade implementations. API-first vendors mean you own your data and you’re never locked in, minimizing technical growth maximizes the ROI on digital products. Its close partnerships with a range of vendors enable them to optimize user experiences, increase retention, drive revenue, and maximize customer lifetime value. It empowers you to upgrade and evolve your services mix over time. The strongest marketing operations are tightly integrated with product teams, enabling seamless coordination between feature development, integration of marketing tools and services, and building strong cycles of users who download and then continue using a product.

Cross Platform Experience: Its Android team was one of the first to use Kotlin to create a large program. This language produced an app consistent to their iOS efforts. The design team worked alongside devs every step of the way to ensure a cohesive design between products. Its app gathers data from users as part of a single, seamless flow, but intelligently routes it to a wide array of systems, from core hotel operations to rewards, marketing, security, and concierge. The company has set the requirements for Accenture’s API gateway to communicate with each microservice, ensuring their services met their needs and were delivered before feature development. Fueled created a digital transformation plan for one of the world’s largest casino operators. They have revolutionized the way over three million guests vacation the company has built an app that will lead to a 3-4% bump in ADR and substantial increases in incremental spend, all while giving guests a superior experience.

Digital Room Keys: To make the new on-demand, on-property check-in system as seamless as possible, Fueled needed to figure out a way to get guests into their rooms without needing to wait in line for room keycards. To do this, they worked with the client to incorporate door locks that could be opened with digital keys that lived in the new app. After a guest checks in, they have access to a contextual, personalized home screen. The app provides guests with entertainment and dining suggestions powered by a range of data points, including their current location and existing itinerary. Reservations can be made in-app, skipping phone calls and long box office lines. To achieve this, the company let the content do the talking. Unique to each property yet consistent overall, the content was crisp, clean, and digestible with a bold use of photography, so the users would be engaged and excited. The app keeps track of your room charges, allows for late check-out, letting you pay your bills when you leave.

The Ardent Visionary at the Helm of Fueled

Aubryn Thompson is the Managing Director of Fueled. She has worked with digital agencies since the birth of the iPhone. After running digital for a Denver agency, she came to Fueled in 2012 as the first Product & Account Director. While at Fueled, she was instrumental in the expansion of the company's team, clients and process. Later, she went on to manage other digital agencies as well as organize a group of project-based freelancers. She has returned to Fueled as the Managing Director, a reunion both parties are excited about. Aubryn believes collaboration, retention and pro-active communication are keys to success.

“From award-winning iOS and Android app development to elegant, seamless web development, we build products that thrive at the intersection of business goals and user needs.”