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Fulcrum Analytics – Accelerating the use of data science and driving incremental profits for organizations

The importance of data and analytics in any sector is compounded, creating enormous quantities of knowledge that can provide useful insights into the field. In the last ten years, this has led to a surge in the data market. In order to gain decision-making insights, the compilation of data can be supplemented by its analysis. Data and analytics help organizations and businesses gain insight into the enormous amount of knowledge they need for further production and growth.

Fulcrum Analytics has stood at the forefront of data and analytics for over twenty years. The company offers sophisticated solutions, groundbreaking technologies, and winning strategies that help companies achieve their targeted results. It is interested in taking on its client’s toughest data questions — ones that create big impact, uncover the hidden picture beneath mountains of data, and move their business forward every day. From web hosting to big data analytics environments to building customized reporting within clients’ environments, its expertise and security practices can maximize the insights available in organizations’ data.

Industry-Leading Data and Analytics Products Delivered to Organizations

Fulcrum Anvil™: The team at Fulcrum has over 25 years of experience working with the financial services industry. They understand the data regulatory and business model challenges specific to this industry and are experienced providing help. It has the pleasure of working with globally known commercial banks, investment banks, and other financial institutions applying statistical models to maximize the value of customer and HR data as well as optimizing their internal processes. Fulcrum Anvil™ hosts Hadoop clusters for organizations that require a big data environment to test big data strategies without capital investment or staffing impact. It is perfect for proofs-of-concept, evaluating new tools and techniques, and determining where to make more permanent investments. Its managed services give clients rapid, cost-effective access to technology, platforms, and expertise.

RetailViewer: Grocery retailers face a unique set of challenges within the retail sector, as much of their inventory is perishable, and the traditional use of price promotions can make it hard to understand a product's true price elasticity. With narrowing margins and continuous competition, grocery retailers are always looking for an edge. Fulcrum Analytics has been delivering solutions for the grocery industry for more than a decade, helping clients put valuable data assets to work to improve pricing, promotion, and communication decisions to increase profitability. In addition to its grocery analytics consulting team, Fulcrum offers RetailViewer and Circular Optimizer backed by its team of industry experts to help grocery retailers make analytically informed decisions. It allows retailers to quickly and easily compare pricing strategies, track promotion effects over time, and determine optimal everyday pricing based on a variety of customizable objectives. RetailViewer can be implemented alone with base functionality or can optionally be customized for your unique needs and data capabilities with features such as Circular Optimizer and Segment Maximizer.

Fulcrum Impact™: Fulcrum Impact™ is an innovative tool, integrated into healthcare companies’ own environments, that allows their own analytics teams’ access to a semi-automated platform to make the evaluation of behavioral interventions more efficient, accurate, and repeatable. It contains a database of customizable frameworks and reports, reducing the labor needed to prepare data, design models, and build reports. Allows users to plug in data, benchmark metrics, build perimeters and analyze the outcomes, all through a simple UI. Enforces consistency and provides a repository of past interventions and evaluation results to facilitate evaluations at scale.

Data Anomaly Detector™: Fulcrum’s ML-driven Data Anomaly Detector, better known as “DAD”, applies cutting edge machine learning applications and data visualization to information technology systems historically run by SQL logic. It modernizes data anomaly detection by identifying unusual patterns in live data feeds with a minimal amount of user input or oversight, and becomes more effective as the user interacts with it. DAD leverages a blend of user context knowledge and machine learning methodology to automatically hone in on outliers and less obvious long-term trends or patterns in data. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) guides the user through a series of relatively simple prompts and the user-provided knowledge then gets incorporated into the underlying models. With each facet of each new record, the tool conducts backend predictive checks to q Deviations deemed statistically significant are noted as anomalies and recorded along with the level of significance. One can quantify the extent to which the observed data deviates from model expectations.

The Visionary Leader

Richard Vermillion serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Fulcrum Analytics.  In his former role, he was the chief architect of Fulcrum’s technology products and service offerings. As the CEO, he led a management buy-out of Fulcrum in 2013 and built up Fulcrum’s modern data science and engineering capabilities. In 2015, he led the spin-out of After, Inc., the leading provider of warranty analytics solutions, and acted as After's CEO until its successful sale in 2017. Now full-time at Fulcrum, Richard continues to contribute to the development of the company’s technology platform and to key client relationships.

Before joining Fulcrum, Richard worked for McKinsey & Co. He holds a B.S.E. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University.

“Our approach doesn't just provide recommendations — we deliver all the way to end-user implementation and take accountability for your real business results.”