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50 Most Valuable Brands Of The Year 2018

Full range of application development services- from idea to implementation: XIM, Inc.


We are not creating another app — we are helping your business meet all the demands of the modern mobile and web industry.

XIM, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based software development team of experts. The company focuses on Mobile App development and Web development services.  Its expertise covers a wide range of IT services: Software development, Mobile App development, Social Networking App development, Quality Assurance services, and IT consulting.

XIM, Inc. was founded in 1994 in San Francisco, California.  As of today, the firm has partners in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine which are full of talented IT specialists. With the rapid growth of the mobile market and the popularity of social networks, XIM, Inc. opened a new mobile app development department, ZiMAD in 2009. Many of its apps, such as Bubble Birds, Pandas vs. Ninjas, and others, occupy TOP positions in app stores and have positive feedback from the users. XIM, Inc. applications have more than 10 million monthly active users.

The company is ready to offer you a wide range of specialists at each step of app building: proficient developers and creative artists, skilled Quality Assurance engineers and inspired data analysts. Thanks to its designers, every project meets all the requirements of User Experience and User Interface.

XIM, Inc has successfully worked with companies from the following industries: education, healthcare, aircraft & space suppliers, Real Estate, insurance and many others.

Services across Mobile and Web Technologies

Mobile Development: Our company focuses on results, so we can deliver the right mobile solutions to meet your business needs. We combine strategy, smooth development and usability to build a successful app that will give you an edge in market competition. Our apps have more than 12 million downloads and over 10,000 active monthly users. With a mobile app your company will benefit from:

XIM, Inc. is a well-established IT company with a primary focus on mobile apps development. For many years we have built a robust, successful portfolio: all of our apps are rated 4 or more stars in the range of app stores. We believe that small screens solve huge problems. That’s why we develop not just apps, but successful solutions that help your business out-perform your competitors.

Our services cover all application formats for any type of device, including cell phones and tablets. We can design:

  • Business Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Game Applications
  • Non-Game Entertainment Applications and others

Web app development:  XIM, Inc. is a proficient web application development company with more than 20 years of experience. We provide high-quality outsourcing services on web development – the best way to stay on trend within the quickly changing world of technology.

Our certified web development team is always learning and striving to implement the latest trends in web development. When we apply this learning to your project, we are able to deliver targeted, up-to-date solutions that are focused on meeting your specific needs.

Our expertise includes the following industries:

  • eLearning
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  • Mass Media
  • Aircraft and Space Supplies
  • Insurance

Social Network App Development:  With the development of information technologies picking up speed and the widespread of smartphones and tablets, people today have gotten used to smooth synchronization across all their devices. That’s why having just a mobile app is not enough.

 XIM, Inc. is an energetic team of experts that is always ready to bring fresh ideas to your business. Our developers and designers have strong expertise in creating powerful and engaging social media applications that provide your customers with a positive user experience.

Comprehensive IT Consulting:  If IT is not your main industry, it is a good idea to turn to professional IT Consultants rather than trying to solve your challenges yourself. Making your own attempts at IT solutions may distract you from your business’ main goals and may lead to the suffering of your product output. Our IT consulting practice helps firms to avoid such situations and to implement advanced solutions, enhancing their businesses.

As a mobile application and software development company with more than 20 years of experience, we cover a wide range of IT consulting services: from the creation of IT strategy to implementation of an ERP System to highly operational issues such as the development of a mobile application or website for your company.

Internet of Things: More and more devices are being added to the Internet of Things every day, automating our everyday activities and making our lives easier. IoT remains one of the most emerging markets for the past few years.

Clientele Testimonies

“We have a long-term partnership with XIM. Their staff has greater technical skills than any other vendor we have previously worked with. XIM’s management is transparent. I also very much appreciate their responsibility, work quality and ease of collaboration.”

-Matt Halligan, CTO at Openwave Mobility

“XIM has very extensive expertise. The team is able to understand your requirements and create exactly what you need. They treat you like a VIP client.”

-Yuri Gelman, Head of Operations at BAI

“We are pleased with XIM’s performance. It’s great to have a partner like XIM.”

-Tania Wasser, CEO at IntreSYS

Greet the Chief

Dmitry Belotserkovsky, President:

“With effective project management and the right mix of on-site and offshore teams, we have established ourselves as experts in the mobile/wireless and enterprise integration spaces well positioned to take on challenges in both the American and international solution and services markets. “

“We will show you a new level of doing business together. Working with us, you will have a reliable and dedicated team of experts that deliver innovative and profitable solutions. Our specialists love to bring fresh ideas into projects.”