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50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2023

James Peters, President of Global Expansion: “We’re your full-service global employment partner, from onboarding to exit.


Global Expansion addresses international hiring complexities with EOR expertise, anchored by communication, client focus, agility, and local insights. The company employs advanced tech for real-time updates, fostering trust and transparency with clients. Global Expansion’s custom solutions cater to clients’ unique objectives, spurring its growth. The company emphasizes speed in responses and onboarding, facilitated by its culture of urgency and process optimization. Global Expansion maintains a network of local experts for up-to-date knowledge on regional laws and taxes. The company’s teams also provide ongoing support to clients. Balancing adaptation with its core values, securing its continual growth.

At Global Expansion, the company’s uniqueness lies in proactive communication, attention to detail, understanding client needs, speedy response times, quick onboarding, and profound local knowledge and support. Global Expansion builds trust through clear and timely communication, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of client needs. The company’s customized expansion plans align with client objectives. Global Expansion prioritizes fast response times without compromising quality. The company’s globally diverse team provides accurate guidance and support based on local knowledge.

In conversation with James Peters, President of Global Expansion

Q. Setbacks are a part of every growing business. Tell us about a few roadblocks and learning lessons that helped Global Expansion grow through the years.

Building a global business had challenges, but each spurred growth. Here’s how we handled them:

Cultural Differences: Launching globally, cultural norms varied. Our solution: intensive research, employing local teams, tailoring products to each region.

Regulatory Hurdles: Varying local laws and regulations posed issues. We enhanced legal/compliance teams, collaborating with local experts for adherence to regulations.

Language Barriers: Multiple languages hindered communication. We invested in localization, translating materials and employing multilingual staff.

Economic Volatility: Fluctuating exchange rates impacted profitability. We managed this via risk strategies and market diversification, reducing risk.

Competition: Penetrating markets with established competitors was challenging. We highlighted our unique selling points, provided excellent service, and formed strategic partnerships.

These obstacles have reinforced our resilience and adaptability, enhancing our respect for market diversity. Setbacks became learning opportunities, fostering our successful international business.

Q. Can you introduce us to your services? What are their key features?

Global Expansion, your dependable EOR partner, offers superior international employment services. We simplify global HR tasks, mindful of your specific business needs. You’ll benefit from our:

  • Active, accountable team: Our skilled team promptly handles your inquiries, focusing on your unique business needs.
  • Unmatched EOR expertise: Our brands have over two decades of experience, making us industry leaders.
  • Extensive global presence: Our 214-country reach ensures consistent, high-quality services worldwide.
  • Top-notch employee experience: Our local experts provide personal assistance to each employee.
  • Reliable payroll: Trustworthy, punctual payroll services for your international team.
  • Transparent pricing: No hidden fees; know your costs upfront.
  • Autonomy: As the only privately owned EOR, our actions aren’t dictated by external investors.
  • Professionalism: Our team’s experience enhances your global hiring process.
  • Wide global network: Our partner network amplifies our support, easing your entry into new markets.

Q. How does Global Expansion support SME’s, innovative start-ups and Fortune 500 companies with their global expansion?

Global Expansion’s services aid businesses aspiring for international growth. Our assistance includes:

  1. Local Regulatory Guidance: We provide worldwide knowledge of employment laws and regulations, ensuring compliance and reducing legal risks.
  2. Efficient Payroll Management: We simplify the complexities of foreign payroll, guaranteeing prompt, accurate payments.
  3. Effective Talent Acquisition: We source local talent, managing administrative processes, beneficial for SMEs and start-ups with limited HR.
  4. Benefits Administration: We offer a globally aligned benefits package, which is more cost-effective than individual country packages.
  5. Overhead Cost Reduction: Use our services to save costs linked to establishing a foreign entity, like legal fees and office setup.
  6. Accelerated Market Entry: We speed up new market entry with our international presence, enabling quick scaling of operations.
  7. Cultural Expertise: We advise on management styles, communication techniques, negotiation strategies, and business practices, all suited to clients’ target market’s culture.image

Simply, Global Expansion enables efficient, compliant international business expansion.

Q. What’s the one thing you want Global Expansion to be known for?

I want Global Expansion to be known as the EOR partner that actually feels like it’s here to support you. An accountable team that quickly answers questions and proactively works to understand our client’s unique needs. And for award-winning tech, which makes our client’s global HR tasks efficient and easy.

Q. Tell us, what’s next for Global Expansion.

We have technological advancements related to our SaaS platform and Workday that are set to be announced towards the end of the year. Allowing for smoother data synchronization, streamlined workflows, and improved data analysis.

“I strive to guide clients through tax and global mobility challenges, enhancing their service experience. My expertise lies in policy development and expatriate taxation, where I collaborate with clients for effective outcomes.”

“We are a trusted partner in our clients’ global growth journeys.”