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Gather Better Data & Ensure Continuous Improvement with RizePoint’s Compliance Management Solutions


"Led by the spark of transformation and intelligence, one of progress and intuition.”

RizePoint, a small Utah-based company, is having a big impact on enterprise compliance. Every industry, from retail to hospitality, has some type of compliance whether its brand standards, quality control, or safety. RizePoint’s cloud-based software is changing the way companies gather compliance audit data, and making continuous improvement possible through real-time business intelligence.

What began as a custom software development and consulting business in 1997, has grown into a global leader in compliance software solutions. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, RizePoint enables customers to gather better data, see necessary actions earlier, and act faster to correct issues before they become costly liabilities. Their software is purpose-built to clearly align and unify field teams, regional management, and executive leadership around the organization’s compliance performance; it builds and protects brand equity by enabling a consistent customer experience. Considered the industry standard for foodservice, hospitality, and retail, RizePoint mobile and cloud-based solutions serve nearly 2 million audits with 200 million questions answered annually.

Top offerings of RizePoint
RizePoint combines tools, technology, and expertise to help some of the best companies in the world protect their brands through safety compliance and auditing of their franchise locations. The company’s mobile application makes it possible to audit thousands of franchise locations on any tablet, on or off line – transforming the cumbersome process of checking boxes, scanning results, and emailing spreadsheets into a streamlined, cloud-based process. In addition to easier auditing, RizePoint provides real-time dashboards so C-level leaders can view performance data on both the micro and macro level. Unlike many compliance software solutions, RizePoint incorporates Corrective Action Management. CAM software makes it possible to improve quality, safety, and social responsibility issues in days instead of weeks or months with typical paper audits.

World renowned pool of clients
Five of the top eight foodservice companies, including Wendy’s and McDonald’s, and five of the top eight hospitality companies, including IHG and Marriott, benefit from RizePoint. Other clients include: Papa Murphy’s, Avendra, Darden, and Sysco. RizePoint serves more than 285,000 users in 120 countries and territories, speaking 40 languages. Their mobile auditor is used in 105,000 food service restaurants, 27,000 hotels and resort properties, and 13,000 grocery and retail stores.

Hospitality harnesses the power of RizePoint
Most hotel brands have rigorous brand standards and audit those standards at least annually. How those audits are performed and analyzed separates the good from the best brands. Industry leaders, like Marriott, see the power of RizePoint for brand audits. They are able to perform standardized audits on mobile devices, and see the audit result data on dashboards in real-time, meaning no more paper checklists, scanning documents, or manual data analysis. This enables the corporate office to identify trends and act on issues immediately. For example, in the hospitality industry, one red flag could be frayed bathroom linens.

This seemingly small detail has the potential to hurt a brand’s high quality reputation and increase materials costs over time. With RizePoint, quality assurance managers can change their quality audit to include a dryer drum inspection, thus preventing any further brand or linen damage. In addition to faster and better reporting, RizePoint software enables hospitality clients to create custom audits that elevate brand and safety standards above regulatory levels. Higher standards create a safety buffer, protecting the brand’s reputation. It’s up to each brand to set their standards and audit protocol. Whatever the protocol may be, RizePoint makes it easier to gather, measure, and see audit data.

Overcoming obstacles
RizePoint is a growing company and experiences the same growing pains that any small company faces. They are dedicated to innovation and have to balance the standard conundrum encountered by most tech companies: configurable vs. customizable. RizePoint is working to make its software more configurable for all clients, ensuring a positive customer experience for every customer.

RizePoint’s present and future focus areas
Today, RizePoint targets three verticals: foodservice, hospitality, and retail. Within these segments, the company’s software is utilized for a variety of tasks: supplier quality management, corporate social responsibility, food safety compliance, voice of the customer integration, and facility safety. In the future, RizePoint will remain focused on these three verticals but plans to expand its Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) compliance capabilities. The company’s most recent product update includes an API that allows Bluetooth thermometer integration, video uploading during an audit, and improved business intelligence.

Know the Key Executive

Frank Maylett, President and CEO – Maylett brings more than 20 years of experience in leading, selling, and expanding software service organizations and is recognized for his intensity, intelligence, and integrity. Prior to RizePoint, he was the Executive Vice President for Global Sales, Services and Alliances at Workfront/AtTask Inc. Under his leadership, SaaS revenue grew dramatically and the company witnessed increased productivity, positioning Workfront as the leader in Enterprise Work Management. Frank has also worked for inContact, Kabira Technologies, IBM and Novell. He was named the CEO of the Year by the Utah Technology Council in 2016. Frank was a 2014 recipient of Selling Power Magazine 50 Best Companies in America to Sell For award, ranking at number 20. He was also the 2013 recipient of Utah Business Magazine Sales and Marketing Executive of the Year (SAMY Award) for excellence in sales leadership. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Phoenix, and studied Business Administration and Management at the University of Utah.

“Our mission is to foster brand protection and loyalty, ever-improving quality and ultimately greater revenues and profitability to customers.”