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November Special Edition 2021 (Vol-II)

Growing by Leaps and Bounds: The GCN Group Seeks to Raise Capital to Become the First Global B2B Platform


“We are opening two new offices in the USA and Singapore as they are strategic markets with expertise in terms of the IT sector.”

When Miquel Rey, founder and CEO of GCN Group, sold his company to Westcon, he discovered that the most difficult part of a digital transformation is to change the mindset and mentality of a big team in a large company to form a new mentality and digital approach to business. Through this challenge, he developed an innovative concept to enable companies to easier handle this transition and help this mentality to leverage the digital culture and approach to doing business. 

The digital transformation of a company requires a great deal of investment and time, which is where the GCN Group comes into play.

The GCN Group is the largest B2B channel network of local IT distributors around the world, supporting each other through one single platform to fuel ongoing marketplace success.

Eyeing for staggering growth, the GCN Group is expanding its footprint at a rate of two countries per month. As of now, the company is active in 31 countries, with a strong presence in Europe, North Africa, LATAM and Southeast Asia.

Notably, all successful B2C platforms are global, and the GCN Group is offering a digital platform in the B2B market, bridging the gap. The GCN Group provides all the valued added services for the marketplace (e.g. training, document repository, billing, support, etc.) under one B2B platform, KATY, which benefits all members in the IT channel.

The GCN Group integrates manufacturers, distributors, resellers and end users so all the participants in the channel meet digitally on KATY platform.

While speaking to The Silicon Review, Miquel Rey revealed that the GCN Group is actively seeking to collaborate with investors as the company is aggressively expanding across geographies. Below is an excerpt.

“We are growing fast to reach 100 countries through the GCN Group business model and industry network mindset. By being part of the GCN Group, we are enabling SMBs to keep up and stay ahead of the changing digital environment, have greater future projections, increase business agility, stay competitive, and generating an alliance strategy to compete on a global scale.”

“Currently, we are opening two new offices in the USA and Singapore as they are strategic with expertise in terms of the IT sector.”

“As we continue to expand, we are seeking to raise capital with investors who support our concept and forward-thinking business model.”

KATY Platform: Built to Digitalize and Automate

KATY platform, developed by the GCN Group, is more than a marketplace. It’s an interactive ecosystem with high profitability business solutions for each member of the channel, offering digital marketing, business management, automatic services, support and training, and BI-based reports to connect to customers effectively and efficiently. Needless to say, the platform brings the manufacturers, distributors, resellers, purchasing people of the companies, and the employees of the companies together and is all connected under the same umbrella.

“Since the launch of KATY platform, sales have boosted a significant 35% across all brands. We have also been able to increase our reseller portfolio by 25%,” said Ricardo Lopez, Marketplace Team Leader. (Grupo CVA, GCN Group member in Mexico)

 “Through the adoption of KATY platform and the synergy created by the GCN Group, we have been able to utilize industry-based connections that would not have been available to us otherwise to integrate key vendors such as Microsoft CSP efficiently to our markets.” Amel Zghal, Executive General Manager (SPG, GCN Group member in Tunisia & Libya)

The GCN Group serves a range of industries, including Information & Technology services, IT distribution, ICT, to name a few. It offers the capacity for SMB and vendors to enter a platform and sell their products around the world and tap into new markets, which, in turn, increases their business.

“Through our business model, we are preparing these businesses for the future as the industry evolves, from both internal and external factors.”

Put simply, the GCN Group offers IT resellers the possibility to enter a digital market and guarantee a future as digital platforms enter the B2B market. Furthermore, the company focuses on:

Transformation: Covering SMBs’ need for a digital platform, channel-based, where they can acquire IT products and services.

Consolidation: A real alternative for local IT distributors to compete globally with large distributors and digital platforms.

Growth: Forward-looking project that will allow local IT distributors to stay up to speed with today’s digital environment.

In a nutshell, the concept of the GCN Group is to create a network and provide a single marketplace with more products and services than the top global distributors, with access and expertise to smaller untapped markets to give businesses more agility, reach, and growth.

Miquel Rey | Founder & CEO

Miquel Rey leads the team and supports local distributors in different countries around the world in their process of digital transformation. He is also actively involved in innovation and relationships with stakeholders and major manufacturers. Miquel has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and a proven track record in turning brilliant business ideas into a reality while establishing innovative and successful enterprises.

His vision is to lead the B2B market in the IT sector and then extend it to other industries is commendable. He wants to reach countries that other networks are not able or willing to go to because they are markets too small or unprofitable to establish themselves.

His range of expertise speaks volumes about how he has evolved over the years. He’s an expert at cloud services, multi-channel platforms, digital transformation, multilevel digital businesses, SW and platform development, and business innovation.

"As we continue to expand, we are seeking to raise capital with investors who support our concept and forward-thinking business model.”