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50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2022

Pioneer in bot management, creating better experience for users and businesses: GeeTest


In the digital world we live in, businesses are under constant threat of a cyber-attack. Businesses that come under cyberattack can incur higher costs from operational disruption and altered business practices. The biggest losses come from the reputational damage suffered. Companies that have lost control of their customers’ data have paid millions to settle claims. Hence, it is of utmost importance to have top of the line cybersecurity practices. Globally, there are various companies providing excellent cyber security services among them GeeTest stands out. GeeTest is the world’s leading bot mitigation solution vendor, protecting your websites, mobile Apps, and APIs from malicious traffic.

GeeTest has been committed to bringing advanced biometric data and AI-powered bot management technology to the global market and has occupied Top1 market share in APAC and services with over 320,000 enterprises worldwide presently including Airbnb, Nike, HUAWEI, distill, Imperva, etc.

Most notably, GeeTest has achieved absolute comprehensive coverage in the blockchain industry with over 20% of the Top 50 crypto exchanges that chose GeeTest to fight fraud attacks, including BINANCE, FTX, Poloniex,, etc. GeeTest was also recognized as a selected vendor in Forrester’s Now Tech: Bot Management, Q4 2021.

In conversation with Wu Yuan, CEO of GeeTest

One of the biggest barriers to businesses when it comes to investing in any kind of technology is the cost. Tell us about the affordability of your solutions.

The technical staffs of GeeTest security team are all computer experts from top universities around the world, engaged in behavior verification and cyber security related technology for more than 10 years. They are from the top 5 universities in China, some are talents from the top 10 global QS, and some are technical experts who have published books in the industry. GeeTest is fully capable of developing its own products, investing in or creating any kind of new technology, and that’s what we’ve been doing all along.

Q. As cyber criminals become more sophisticated, they find new, unexpected ways to target systems. How do you gather insights to stay updated?

GeeTest believes that the reason why cybercriminals use bad bots to attack online businesses is that they have three advantages that security vendors tend to neglect most of the time. Firstly, attackers use automated tools to increase the efficiency of bots attacks, ensuring attacks happen day and night. Secondly, they control dozens of mobile devices via group/cloud control platforms to help bots bypass device detection. Thirdly, they have access to credential information to back up bot attacks that involve identity verification, like ATO. In the light of the findings above, GeeTest developed their new bot management solution “3 Shields” which has three key strengths: ①behavior verification, ②identity verification, and ③device verification to decrease attacker’s efficiency in three aspects.

  • Behavior verification

To accurately identify bots while keeping legitimate users’ experience uninterrupted, GeeTest made a major upgrade to their flagship product GeeTest CAPTCHA. The new upgrade is called Adaptive CAPTCHA which is the 4th generation of GeeTest CAPTCHAs. It ensures both ease of use and security in every step of the online customer journey.

*Key features

Adaptive security strategies: 7-layer dynamic security strategy changes with the patterns that bots attack and transforms to 4374 security strategies per defense cycle, increasing 3.714 times the cost of cyber attackers.

Fully customized protection: to suit every client’s security demand, GeeTest Adaptive CAPTCHA allows clients to configure CAPTCHA challenge frequency, difficulty, and types for suspicious requests.

Seamless integration: GeeTest Adaptive CAPTCHA offers three modes (Intelligent Mode, Invisible Mode, and Direct Platform Integration) to make CAPTCHA service integrate with the client’s own security system.

Uninterrupted user experience: 6 CAPTCHA types include NoCAPTCHA CAPTCHA, Slide CAPTCHA, IconCrush CAPTCHA, Gobang CAPTCHA, Icon CAPTCHA, which suit various security demands without interrupting the user experience.

  • Device verification

Cloud and group control platforms allow cybercriminals to use different devices for different attacks which help them bypass device-based verification. Device fingerprinting or machine fingerprinting used to be an efficient way to identify users’ devices by checking their IP, cookie, etc. However, with the help of cloud/group control platforms, the devices that attackers use can have unique information which is harder to detect.

GeeTest built a network on their device-based verification product. Instead of combining certain attributes of one device to identify it as a unique device, GeeTest took one more step, adopting the GCN algorithm to create a network of all devices they’ve detected, and in turn, to use the network to analyze new devices.

  • Identity verification

Identity verification innovation uses a risk control invisible front architecture to ensures that there is a real person behind an online interaction. As cyber attackers use stolen credential information to back up automated bot attacks like scalping, it is necessary to verify each user’s identity as long as online business owners want high-quality traffic. GeeTest claimed that “3 Shields” is a bot management solution that aims at three vital strengths of attackers and is a dynamically changed solution. After all, you cannot defeat bot attacks once and for all, as they are also learning from us.

Q. Cyber security is the top priority of any company. How do you secure your clients’ data without increasing the complexity of their operations?

GeeTest Bot Traffic Analysis Dashboard is an all-in-one system that delivers real-time visualized data analysis to help our clients better understand the attack trend on your business while you use GeeTest Adaptive CAPTCHA, and allows them to make quick changes to system settings, such as security scheme, security strategy, CAPTCHA interface customization, etc. to swiftly adapt to the ever-changing attack and fraud trend. GeeTest offers real-time accurate risk detection for our clients. Dynamic global database accurately capturing web simulators, suspicious IPs, CAPTCHA farms, and more potential risks in real-time.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We just released a new product, GeeTest 4.0 adaptive CAPTCHA and new bot management solution this year.

Meet the leader behind the success of GeeTest

In 2012, Wu Yuan resigned from the State Key Laboratory of Mapping and Remote Sensing Information Engineering of Wuhan University, ranked 5th in China, and formally founded Wuhan Jiyi Network Technology Co. Ltd. was the first to propose the “behavior-based authentication security technology”, which changed the “Text-based CAPTCHA” technology that had remained unchanged for 15 years, creating a change from the 1.0 era to the 4.0 era. In the early stage of the venture, it has won the favor of many international and domestic investment institutions. Around this core technology for the world’s 320,000 websites, applications, enterprises to provide “more secure, more convenient, more intelligent verification” service solutions.

“GeeTest Bot Traffic Analysis Dashboard is an all-in-one system that delivers real-time visualized data analysis to help our clients better understand the attack trend on your business.”