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November Edition 2021

Gembah – Helping Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Confidently Navigate the Product Development Life Cycle


Bringing the right product to market is complicated. It can also be time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive – and still not result in a profitable product. You may build it, but that doesn’t always mean they will come. This is when product innovation plays a pivotal role. Product innovation is important because it can help you create new spaces in a seemingly crowded market. By identifying the gaps and imposing yourself into a new space, you can find an audience and satisfy consumer needs in a way that is new and refreshing. Of course, when we talk about innovation, we don’t refer only to products, but also to services, processes, or business models. Those are a little less obvious, but they can be just hugely lucrative and successful.

Gembah is one such product innovation company that is democratizing and demystifying the product creation process by helping entrepreneurs, e-commerce sellers, and small-to-midsize businesses research to design and manufacture products. It takes a great process to make a great product. It also takes advanced technology and a network of experts in each product development area. Gembah is the only company in the industry to offer all three key elements in a single place. From research and design to sourcing and manufacturing, Gembah is the one partner you need to bring the right product to market with confidence. Whether you are an established company wanting to augment your internal team to bring new products or product categories to market faster or you are a first-time entrepreneur and innovator with an idea and Gembah has everything and everyone you need to be successful.

The Gembah Difference

Gembah is much more than a design firm or a product development company. Its proprietary platform brings the processes, technology and network of experts together to help you through one or every stage of the innovation cycle so you can bring the right product to market faster, better and with greater predictability. And you’ll have a Gembah product manager walking alongside you every step of the way. The company uses predictive analytics and trend data to help you understand the marketplace in terms of sales velocity, search terms, ratings and reviews, and pricing perspective. With Gembah, you’ll know beforehand if your idea has potential, what you can expect to spend, and if margins will be enough for you to make money. Reach your sales goals faster. Get to the top of search pages faster.

Leveraging Industry-Leading Product Innovation Services

Product Management: Production and operations management is absolutely essential to ensuring your product comes out right. Gembah’s inspectors are your on-the-ground representatives, analyzing your product’s quality run just as you would. They oversee the entire production process, so you can stay focused on building your brand at home. The company’s inspectors follow AQL standards when determining whether the quality of the factory’s output is acceptable. These are the internationally accepted criterion, which means the manufacturer is obliged to comply whenever they demand the company will replace defective products and increase the overall quality of the production. The testers go beyond what a third-party inspector can accomplish. Rather than acting as an intermediary between you and the factory, they’re operating as a member of your team. They understand your product vision and can tell when it is or isn’t being met.

Customs & Local Compliance: Simply put, if you aren’t testing and labeling your product correctly, it will get stuck in customs. Without proper compliance documentation, you can’t sell your product in its destination market. To avoid this product purgatory, and the possibility of having your shipment sent back, compliance needs to start before it’s time to ship. When importing to the United States, Canada, or anywhere else, there are going to be certain regulations your product must abide by. Before the product is packed away, the company and its team make sure it passes every compliance measure to enter its destinations and hit the markets.

Supply Chain Evaluation: Supply chain management is one of the most complex elements of globalized manufacturing. Materials and components come with varying grades of quality, pricing, taxes and points of origin. But Gembah is on your side. They don’t get fees and kickbacks when you spend more. They are successful when you are. Since Gembah works with a range of companies manufacturing all over the world, they can easily spot when a material is overpriced. Also, they know which shipping channels are reliable, which countries have tough regulatory standards, and how to seek out savings and mitigate risk at every step.

The Pre-Eminent Leader

Henrik Johansson is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gembah. Henrik not only co-founded and leads Gembah, but he is a former CEO and co-founder of several venture startups, most recently Boundless, a $100M promotional products company and platform. When he isn’t focusing on building Gembah, you can find him trail running or eating Mexican food.

“We help companies and innovators take their ideas from concept to reality, faster, better, and at a lower cost than ever before. Our vision is to completely democratize product innovation.”