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Cloud-Based, Automated Property Tech for a New Era: Genea


Genea provides best-in-class innovation to drive the future of property technology. The company’s cutting-edge access control, visitor management, submeter billing, and after-hours HVAC solutions have helped over 4,500 companies transform and streamline their operations. With the combination of advanced technology and customer-centric support, Genea has earned the trust of teams from Fortune 50 companies, corporate real estate, national healthcare systems, global enterprises, and more. Genea stays committed to providing innovative technology solutions. With new product features released every quarter, Genea helps its customers achieve a more secure and efficient future. But unprecedented technology is only one part of success.

At Genea, the team stays committed to delivering the highest level of customer service and support to all its customers. Genea promises to treat each interaction with the transparency and teamwork customers deserve. Genea Access Control now integrates with Salient video management, giving IT and security teams a powerful solution for securing any facility. This integration gives teams the capability of responding to video and door alerts from one dashboard. Additionally, it provides a fast way of connecting security cameras to Genea Access Control. When an intruder attempts entry, video will be sent directly to the Genea Dashboard. Some of highlights of this integration include:  

  • Camera Mapping – Doors and cameras can be synced with each other. When a door opens, the corresponding video feed will appear. 
  • Monitoring Access Logs- System administrators can pinpoint exact access events rather than having to scrub through lengthy video recordings. 
  • Live Video Stream- See live video from anywhere in your building or facility. 
  • Camera Wall- View multiple video feeds within one window. 

Why Integrate Access Control and Video Management 

In the past, access control systems were separate from other software and hardware systems, like identity management, video management and visitor management. However, the cloud now makes it easy to create one, unified security ecosystem. In turn, these integrations help security administrators react more quickly and accurately to alerts. 

Camera Mapping is Important for Your Security 

One of the most notable features of the Genea + Salient video management integration is its camera mapping ability. 

For example, say your enterprise has 10 buildings located across the United States. With the Salient + Access Control integration, your security team can view all their security feeds from one global dashboard at its headquarters.  

After mapping the appropriate camera to the appropriate door, the security team will be alerted within one dashboard at the time when access is attempted. When an intruder tries to access the front door of your satellite office, the event will get logged in Access Control and a video stream will be available to view.  

Monitor and Stream from a Video Wall 

Genea enables IT and security teams to view multiple live security feeds from a single window. The video wall can be customized to your liking as well. Additionally, when an incident occurs it gets logged into the Genea dashboard where administrators can view events and decide whether to follow up or archive them.  

Backed by Live, 24/7/365 Customer Support  

Genea Access Control is backed by around-the-clock customer support, so if you encounter a problem, you’ll get the immediate help you need. Learn more about this integration or speak with a Genea Access Control expert, today.   

Choosing the Right Access Control Solution

Cloud or on-prem? Proprietary or non-proprietary hardware? When it comes to choosing the right access control system, IT and security teams face more options than ever before. It’s important to match the needs of your facility with the features of potential access control systems.

But what are the key features to look for when evaluating a new access control system? 


How compatible is your access control software for system upgrades? Will you be able to upgrade your access control systems and switch service providers without being forced to rip and replace the existing hardware?

This is one of the areas Genea outscores Openpath. Genea runs on non-proprietary hardware from major hardware brands such as Mercury, HID and STiD. It means you can easily switch to Genea and upgrade the existing access control infrastructure with almost no extra cost. But, this isn’t possible with Openpath. Since Openpath operates on 100% proprietary controllers and smart readers, you may need to spend a massive amount on replacing your existing hardware if you plan to migrate from Openpath to another service provider.


Your access control system should integrate well with third-party systems in areas such as notification systems, video management, visitor management, identity management and elevator controls. Both Genea and Openpath offer flexible integrations with third parties. For instance, you will get a similar suite of identity management integrations with systems like Azure Active Directory, Google Workspace (G-Suite) and Okta. However, the advantage of Genea is that it offers these at no extra cost.

Genea works with video management systems such as Rhombus Systems, Cisco Meraki, and Eagle Eye Networks to bring in features such as facial recognition, activity logs, door mapping, Slack notifications, video GIFs, and event snapshots. Additionally, Genea’s technical support team will closely work with your IT team to set up API integrations. With Openpath, you are forced to deal with a hardware integrator that is unfamiliar with API integrations.

One Global Service Provider

Having a global service provider is vital when you are managing physical access control operations of multiple sites around the world. A global service provider will take care of your ongoing support requirements and software updates. Genea offers 24/7/365 direct support team whereas this is not offered by Openpath.

You may be forced to work with different groups of systems integrators that may take time to coordinate themselves and resolve issues.

Michael Wong, CEO

“Save time and money on expensive installation fees and make what you currently have work to the best of its ability.”