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Rise to the top with Geoprise Technologies’ highly ingenious ERP solutions


There are different ways humans experience the world, but they are primarily shaped by the relationship that is shared with technology. The use of software has gained immense traction in recent times, and it has drastically shifted the dynamics of work and labor. In many ways, ERP software has come to embody the complexity that has become characteristic of this stage of our technological development. Its comprehensive offerings have positioned it as the single solution for all business-related problems. One of the main reasons businesses integrates an ERP system is to centralize all business data and processes into one main reservoir of information.

Harness the benefits of using an ERP system with offerings from Geoprise Technologies. The company specializes in IT Strategic Planning and implementing Supply Chain solutions to Industrial companies worldwide. Geoprise has significant experience serving companies in the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Aerospace & Defense and Semiconductor Industries. Through its proprietary ERP Solution GM-X, Geoprise has delivered great value to clients who operate with multiple organizations, in multiple languages and use different functional currencies at a much more attractive price point than traditional enterprise ERP products. Geoprise Technologies was founded in 1999 and it is based in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Employee Training

If a company plans to use an ERP system, it must ensure that the employees fully understand how to use this valuable resource. Proper training will help you realize the benefits fully for your company. GM-X comes with detailed documentation for all the major subsystems and each of the individual tasks. Training is typically delivered in a classroom-style as part of the process definition stage of the implementation methodology. Geoprise adheres to a Train the Trainer approach empowering clients to deliver their own training as needed. The company is developing on-demand video training that would allow individuals to be trained online at their own pace and on their individual schedules. The GM-X user community continually comments that they love the simplicity of GM-X ERP screens, making the application clean, intuitive, fast, and easy-to-use on practically any type of device, including desktop PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The big reason for this is the GM-X Model-View-Controller framework. Although the GM-X application has nearly 3,500 visible screens (3,494 to be exact), these are delivered to end-users through just 35 templates known as “transaction patterns,” and 80% of those screens are delivered through just seven transaction patterns. The result for users is extraordinary consistency: once they have learned how to use a screen belonging to a particular transaction pattern, they already know how to navigate and use all the other screens of that pattern. The consistency, simplicity, and navigability of the user interface have proven to be a great learning accelerator for people who are new to GM-X.

GM-X Functions

Core functionality of GM-X includes Role Based Access and Workflow. Roles can be defined to provide access to specific tasks or groups of tasks. An individual can be assigned multiple roles. Following any of the major Business Processes, as a transaction progresses, its status is changed making it visible to users with different role definitions. Workflows can be defined to trigger when certain events occur making a task appear or initiating an email to users with the role definition required to take the next required action.

Notable work

Last year it was announced that Geoprise would extend its services to Credo Semiconductor, a provider of high performance mixed-signal integrated circuits used in high bandwidth applications, to implement the GM-X ERP for Blockchain application. This was successfully implemented, and the desired results were achieved. The project’s goal was to support Credo’s global product costing and inventory accounting functions in the United States and the Far East. Dan Fleming, Credo’s Chief Financial Officer, stated that “Geoprise clearly demonstrated the capabilities of the product costing portion of GM-X, and we were happy to see that all of our product costing requirements were met.” He furthermore added that “We also found GM-X to be a much more flexible and customizable solution than any of the alternatives we evaluated.”

To provide immediate visibility of its consignment stock and minimize human data entry costs when capturing inventory transactions, Credo will be activating standard GM-X Web services integration capabilities to leverage the RosettaNet EDI services offered by its foundries and OSAT vendors. RosettaNet is a consortium of major electronics, telecommunications, and logistics companies dedicated to creating and implementing industry-wide, open e-business process standards.

Marketing and New releases

Currently, Geoprise markets its Products and Services through relationships and direct sales. The Company has submitted Press Releases when significant events are being announced, and the website has a very thorough description of the capabilities of GM-X. Geoprise was featured in the November 9, 2018 issue of CIO Review, where GM-X’s performance, security, and productivity capabilities were highlighted. The Company’s strategic roadmap will make GM-X subscriptions available through AWS, Azure, GCP (Google) and SAP HANA  infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platforms over the coming 18 months.

Geoprise is currently enhancing the GM-X Accounts Payable subsystem to accommodate nearly every type of payment available today, including cryptocurrencies. thesiliconreview-nelson-m-nones-cpim-founder-geoprise-technologies-20Development of a Fixed Assets subsystem is well underway, to be fully built and integrated into GM-X by Q4 2020. Geoprise has invested heavily in the development of GM-X over the past ten years, and it has become a world-class modern ERP solution. The focus of The Company today is growth through awareness, and leveraging channels mentioned previously. Geoprise expects to double its install base in 2021 and continue to do so at an increasing rate after that.

Leader behind the success of Geoprise Technologies

Nelson M. Nones CPIM is the Founder, Chairman and President of Geoprise Technologies. Mr. Nones is a recognized expert in the field of production and inventory management. He has 38 years of international business experience in the technology, industrial and finance sectors across 37 countries on 4 continents. In addition to founding Geoprise, he has most recently served as a Senior Manager at Deloitte & Touche Enterprise Risk Services in Singapore and was the Asia Pacific Vice President for DELMIA Apriso subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes. Previously, he was DELMIA Apriso’s Chief Products Officer where he was the principal functional architect of FlexNet, the world’s first native Web services application for manufacturing and logistics execution. Mr. Nones holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and Urban Studies and has completed course work towards a Master of Arts Degree in Economics and Geography at the University of Minnesota in the USA. He is certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) by APICS – The Association for Operations Management, and is also a Certified Master Black Belt.

“Our mission is to create exceptional value for our customers by harnessing the power and economy of information technology to enable lean, world-class operations on a global scale.”