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Get Beyond – Helping owners of small and mid-size businesses save time and reduce costs by simplifying their complex back office operations


All office managers are looking for ways to save money and make operations run more smoothly. However, spotting ways to improve can be tricky. One overlooked area that can cut expenses is your payment management system. The value of a good solution is hard to quantify just by the price tag. After all, efficiency in your processes can add up to a big savings in other areas of your business. That’s easy to overlook if you’re not paying attention. One of the best ways to improve office operations is to minimize the menial tasks your staff has to do to keep the business running. By using accounts receivable automation to reduce manual work in your office, you free employees up for more important tasks.

Get Beyond strives to simplify operations, reduce costs, and streamline payments for business owners across the country. Every customer is provided with the reliable, flexible, and secure business solutions they need, in a clear, transparent manner they can trust. The company is committed to the highest level of technological innovation, contract terms and customer service—earning the customers’ business every day. Every employee is provided with the vital tools, resources and compensation needed to achieve success. From restaurant owners to dentists, Get Beyond partners with business owners to simplify operations. As your trusted partner, they will help guide your business to success using their suite of business tools and services.

Payment Management Solutions Offered

Beyond Payment Solutions: Create a smooth checkout experience with fast payment acceptance and deposits as soon as next day. ​ Never be surprised by your bill—get competitive processing rates with no arbitrary rate increases.​ Quit worrying about things like hidden fees, surcharges, and additional premiums. All charges will be fully disclosed. With their wide range of payment processing solutions, you can offer your customers every way to pay, helping you generate more sales. Accept all major debit cards, credit cards, and contactless payments with quick and secure account verification. The new Beyond Select series of versatile smart terminals accepts both traditional and mobile or contactless payments. Get all the features you need on a sleek, compact payment device.

Point-of-Sale with Complete Flexibility: Easily track sales and inventory in real time with the company's comprehensive yet simple reporting and analytics dashboards.​ Take all forms of payment with seamless transactions, fair pricing, and deposits as soon as next day.​​​ Protect your business and trust that your customers' personal information is always secure.​​​ From the most basic payment acceptance device to the latest smart terminal technology, get the secure and reliable payment terminal you’re looking for. Turn your phone into a pocket-sized POS with simple Bluetooth card readers that are compatible with your iOS or Android device. Get complete versatility with a robust smart terminal that works just as well on your checkout counter as it does in your hand.

Employee Management: Take care of your team throughout the entire employee life cycle with cloud-based employee management platform. From payroll tools that keep you tax compliant to HR solutions that manage employee benefits, they have got everything you need to manage your employees from recruitment to retirement. Quit wasting time searching for labor law updates and manually running payroll. Automate daily processes with online payroll and HR tools. ​ Their employee management solutions are not only cost-effective; they're designed to save you money. Simplify processes and increase profitability. Automate tax payments and avoid IRS penalties with their payroll and HR compliance tools—the company makes it easy to keep up with policy updates.​

Business Capital: Whether you are looking to refinance, invest in new equipment, or you simply want a little extra working capital, they’ve got a convenient, cost-effective financing solution for your business. The right financing is critical to help small businesses manage cash flow, purchase inventory, and expand. But between the complications of qualifying for a bank loan and understanding the numerous lending products out there, obtaining the funds you need can get complicated. The dedicated Business Capital Specialists have an average 10 years of experience and are committed to finding you the right financing option—and best-quality service. Your one-to-one lending expert will walk you through the entire loan process from start to finish.

Mike Peters | President & CEO

Mike and his team at Get Beyond are on a mission to deliver on Beyond’s core values, upholding their promises to team members, customers, and the communities they serve.  Over the past five years, Beyond has proven to the payments community that delivering quality service at a fair price not only drives customer loyalty, but also creates a successful career path for their Business Advocates and team members.

"Get Beyond will continue to bring their clients the innovative products they need, with the transparent, honest business practices they expect and deserve."