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Get your passport to the next generation of Internet BitRabbit


It is quite evident that the internet has significantly revolutionized the computer and communications world. This unprecedented growth was possible due to the stepping stone set by other inventions like the telegraph, the radio, the telephone, and the computer. The internet is an example of the benefits that can be reaped by harnessing new technologies and sustained investment. Today the internet is a global information infrastructure, and it influences various sectors as we move forward. When the internet was commercialized, it paved the way for competition, private providers, and the development of new commercial products with internet technology. Mobile internet access is also continuing to grow, and in 2018 more than half of the world’s population was using the internet.

The internet can provide us with life-enhancing information, and BitRabbit is a company that specializes in researching new technologies to upgrade the internet. BitRabbit is a group of technical geeks and internet developers who has been developing internet software over 10 years. BitRabbit also provide consulting service to companies who want to use these technologies to create business on the next generation of Internet. The current Internet is broken. Although created to promote bring more freedom to people, the internet today has been a more separated places, by big companies and different countries. People’s privacy is invaded; people’s data are in the hands of big companies. BitRabbit wants to use new technology to fix these issues.

In conversation with JeffChen, CEO of BitRabbit

Q. It’s a cutthroat marketplace out there as companies make every effort to take the lead over their competitors. Design is certainly one aspect that can make a mobile website optimization to perfection. How do you always manage to design something significant?

We value the competition. If there were no competition, it only means there is no market. Our strategy is to focus on the problem itself and learn from the competitors. For example, we designed a new decentralized domain system, NBdomain, to fix the current domain and DNS system problem. It’s not the first domain system in the market, but we studied all other solutions and found we can make a much better design to address the fundamental problem that the user has. We are also making partnerships and working with partners together to enhance our ability to compete. For the NBdomain product, we are partnering with the Maxthon browser to make sure it can work natively on the browser when it launches.

Q. How do you manage to cater the ever-changing needs of digital transformation? Do you have skilled individuals who can help you manage your service standards?

The answer is, ‘keep learning.’ The world changes fast. Anyone who wants to keep up with the world must always learn. From top to bottom, in BitRabbit, we always keep an eye on the new technology and have an open mind to accept them. One of the key principles we have is “Always embrace the community.”

Q. How do you market your services?

We believe the best marketing is done by the users of the product. We are striving to provide the best product in the market and our users are always surprising us by showing how fast they can spread the word. We also use some traditional channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Linked-in. But we found the most effective marketing is always from our users.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Yes. Currently, we are building the NBdomain system. NBdomain is the passport to the next generation of the Internet, which will be largely built on the blockchain. NBdomain is designed in a decentralized way and the data is saved on the blockchain. Anyone interested in NBdomain can visit and get the latest information.

Q. What are your trajectories for the next 5 years?

Staring from a decentralized domain, we will contribute to the re-birth of the internet. Our technology will help the developer to create more secure and creative applications that will take back data to the users, protect user’s privacy, and bring more freedom at the same time.

Meet the leader behind the success of BitRabbit

Jeff is a serial entrepreneur and innovator. He was born in a small province in China. In 2000, after got a bachelor’s degree in Beijing, China, he moved to Singapore and work in a spin-off company of NUS (National University of Singapore), which created the world 1st anti-forgery technology about printing papers. In his spare time, he created a browser software called Maxthon. The browser incorporated a lot of innovations and got extremely popular very soon. In less than two years, the browser got over 2 million users worldwide. Maxthon got the first investment in 2005 in less than half an hour. It got another investment from Google in 2006. Jeff has been leading Maxthon for over 15 years and accumulated abundant experience in product design, Internet technology, and company management. He is known not only as the founder of the world’s No. 6 popular browser, Maxthon browser, but also as the person who always pushes the Internet to move forward. While working on browser innovations, Jeff also created BitRabbit PTE. LTD which is focused on researching of the next-generation Internet.

“We are proud to say we are always at the frontline of the Internet. At BitRabbit, we research, implement and test the latest technologies that will help customers to stay safe, private and keep the freedom at the same time.”