November Edition 2020

Make full use of your digital data and transcend your business to next level with GetInData’s big data consulting services


Before stepping into the battlefield, every general need to make a thorough study of his opponents to create a good strategy and be battle-ready. Similar to that, before making a decision in regards to big data, business leaders must look into the major challenges, so that they can build a data-driven business. Companies often fail to learn even the basics of big data before its adoption. They end up wasting resources and lots of time on things they don’t even know how to use. If employees fail to understand the value of big data, then it can impede the company’s progress.

One of the best ways to deal with your big data concerns is by hiring an excellent big data consultant. There are various firms providing consulting services in big data, but one that stands out from the rest is GetInData. The company offers expert big data consulting, development, and training services, helping companies to address challenges related to their large data processing needs. GetInData was founded in 2014, and from day one, it is focused on Big Data projects. The company brings together a group of the best and most experienced professionals, working with the cloud and open-source Big Data technologies, to help companies build scalable data architectures and implement advanced analytics over large data sets. GetInData’s customers count on it when they face tough challenges regarding their data processing needs. The company is well-known for its engineering excellence and unmatched experience when it comes to Big Data tools and technologies. Having a lot of insights from projects across multiple industries, GetInData often acts as advisors to its clients, helping them refine and prioritize their requirements, so the data architecture that the company builds for them gives a real competitive advantage. As a Google Cloud Partner, GetInData helps companies with building their analytics capabilities in the cloud. The company also has vast production(work) experience in implementing Big Data projects for companies such as Spotify, Truecaller, Kcell, Acast, iZettle, and many others from pharmaceutical, media, finance and FMCG industries.

In conversation with Piotr Krewski, Board Member and Co-founder of GetInData

Q. Data is expected to continue to play a vital role in the ingestion, computation, storage, and management of information. How do you interpret this?

The amount of data created each day by humans and machines is growing every year, and because of the technology around us, this trend will keep on going. In my opinion, in today's world, it's not just about having data but also about what kind of data you have and what you can do with it. Without good quality data, all analyses, predictions, and models are worth nothing. The better your data quality is, the more you can get out of it. Another aspect is how effectively you can work with data and how much time it takes you to get from raw data to insights. This is not only a technology problem but also a challenge for processes and people's mindset. If you have a business idea and you need analysis to make better decisions, you should be able to do it fast, adjust it constantly, and easily automate it so you can move forward.

Q. Digital transformation must provide competitive edge to the customers. How do you gain insights to keep your clients ahead of the curve?

Digital Transformation is not only about having data but ability and courage to use it widely in the business and processes. It’s not about technology itself, but if people work with data on a daily basis, if they make data-informed decisions on every level of the organisation, if the company is transforming the culture to be data-driven.

At GetInData we approach Big Data projects with the focus on defining business use cases, scenarios that we can improve by implementing data analytics. We start small to slowly show the way we could improve the decision making process, to prove it makes sense from a business perspective, to assist the organization in their learning process. We usually work together with our customers in mixed teams so we can learn from each other - we give technology expertise and broad experience, they provide business knowledge.

Q. What kind of trends do you see in data related projects? How do you respond to them?

Without a doubt, Big Data architectures that we implement and deploy are evolving very rapidly. There are two very important trends worth mentioning: real-time processing and cloud computing. I'll address them briefly since they are having a huge impact on how companies deal with their data. A few years ago, most of the projects we did involve the so-called batch processing, e.g., processing and analyzing data in very big chunks containing billions of data points. It could be one day's worth of transaction data from a retail chain or data about user interactions on mobile apps from the past hour. Nowadays, many companies want their reports and insights faster so they can act as fast as possible when the problem or opportunity arises. Systems that we build for our clients are increasingly real-time. Data flows to the system as soon as it is generated; analysis happens on the streams of data, and insights are produced immediately. And it all scales massively to millions of events per second with the use of technologies like Apache Flink and Apache Kafka (open-source). The other trend is about moving data processing and analysis to the cloud. Readers can easily find a big list of cloud benefits in many internet sources, so I'll not repeat them here. Certainly, cloud computing is the future, and we help companies migrate their data systems there. Our clients count on us to build optimal data architecture in the cloud using native cloud technologies and open-source Big Data tools.

Q. How do you market your services?

The recommendation given by satisfied clients is worth more than any advertisement. I'll encourage the readers to check out GetInData's clutch profile. That is why we focus on building good partnerships with our clients by delivering high-quality projects. We are also active in the Big Data community by speaking at conferences and meetups. We organize a meetup in Warsaw, and co-organize one of the biggest purely technical conferences in Europe - the Big Data Technology Warsaw Summit. We also organize technical and business webinars for our current and future clients. We have a channel on YouTube, social profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and blog on our website. In all of these places, we promote our services by sharing lessons learned and success stories of our projects.

Q. How do you structure your offer? Do you offer any of-the-shelf products?

We do not provide any off-the-shelf products. However, we design our solutions as logical building blocks so we can choose the set functionalities we need, adjust to technological requirements, deploy and configure together to work as a data platform. We adopt the assumption that each client is different with distinct data that has to be analyzed and different business use-cases that need to be addressed. Thanks to that, we are able to build tailor-made systems that are optimal to a given company, its unique characteristics, and requirements and enable our clients to reap maximum benefits from the most precious commodity that they have - their data.

Meet the leader behind the success of GetInData

Piotr Krewski is the Board Member and Co-founder of GetInData. He got his extensive experience in Big Data Technologies by working for Spotify, IBM and Truecaller, where he managed one of the largest and fastest-growing Hadoop clusters in Europe. He started GetIndata to help other companies to utilize the full business potential of Big Data with the help of modern scalable technologies. He also provides Big Data related training and lectures at Universities.

“While our core activity is big data software development for clients ranging from successful startups, to big corporations, we value the opportunity to share our knowledge during dedicated training sessions and