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August Monthly Special 2023

GID Company California – A Concept Development Corporation helping client’s grow by allowing them to concentrate attention on core activities


GID is a leading and top product development company in California, USA. The company provides extensive and satisfactory product design and development services that includes its well-planned product prototype development. Its expert professionals excel at providing impeccable product design California. The company’s concept development corporation will be implementing a unique and effective product development process that results into a rewarding product.

Q. Why GID?

Members of the GID team have worked in a wide variety of industries, some having commissioned and managed manufacturing plants, with responsibility for bottom-line results. Other members have expertise in 3D Digitizing of free form shapes derived from models they design and sculpt from their client’s idea. Being an experienced product development company, they can assure a smooth path from new product idea inception through setting up world-class manufacturing operations.

GID has extensive experience in injection molding and all plastics processes, material selection, castings, machining, extrusions, sheet metal, electronics, software development, firmware, electromechanical devices, optics and production assembly automation. It the one-stop solution for product development, Tooling design and fabrication can be achieved in one-third of the time and cost of conventional approaches with their expertise and use of CATIA V5, the state-of-the-art 3D virtual design software supported by IBM’s Product Life Cycle Solutions. This product development company has enough experience due to working with high-tech, automotive, computer, instrumentation, medical, consumer, and recreational products.

New Product Development: Turn Ideas to Well-Designed Products‚Äč

Choose GID Company for New Product Development and bring your innovative and inspiring ideas to life. Their trusted product development company in California can help you design and manufacture market-ready products with superior features, functionality, and durability. When it comes to new product development, they hold expertise in mechanical product development, plastic product manufacturing, electronic product design and development, and more. If you have a new product idea, then come to us. They can shape your ideas into a fully functioning product.

New product development basically refers to all the product development stages included in turning creative and inspiring product ideas or concepts into reality. Whether you are new to product development or if you do not have the required resources or strategy to go through new product design & development, getting assistance from GID Company – A renowned product development company will be beneficial. From product ideation or brainstorming to product launch in the market, their efficient and well-planned product development process covers everything.

Being a leading product development company in California, USA, GID Company can guide you through the steps of building a successful product. Their highly experienced and knowledgeable product designers, developers, and engineers will make a personalized product plan and strategy to design an excellent product to stand over and above your competitors. Using the standard instruments and latest technology for unique product development, their professionals will ensure to provide reliable product development services to small and large businesses as well as individuals.

Prototype Development

Get exceptional prototype development services to achieve the desired goals and prototyping objectives. From rapid prototyping to new product development, their prototype development company can help bring your product idea to life. They build superior quality, robust, and functional prototype models that meet your product concept and expectations. Product prototype development means building or developing a working replica of the entire or a part of the product before investing in the complete product development. Product prototyping is an essential stage to take into consideration when it comes to new product development. Product prototyping is the process of shaping the innovative and unique product idea into a market-ready product with helpful features. Product prototype development has its own variety of benefits to endure.

Getting expert help from a prototype development company such as GID Company will help you understand the intricate elements of product design and development, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, and other essential things to build a successful product. Their professionals have been offering rapid prototyping services for more than 20 years and have expertise in developing products for a wide range of industries. Their effective and well-planned prototype development process can guide you to make your product idea work and develop a product that excels in the market. As prototype development is a crucial stage in product development to understand and improve the actual product, it will be a wise decision to approach an experienced prototype development company. Not only rapid prototype development helps an individual or business to understand the product concept but also it provides you glimpses of how the final product will appear, function, and perform after launching in the market.

James Grimes | Founder

James Grimes is the engineering and design leader and mentor at GID Development Corporation. As President, CEO and Chairman of several corporations, Jim specialized in the marketing and manufacturing sectors utilizing his physics and mechanical engineering background to develop products ranging from military components, consumer goods, and automation tools to medical devices. He holds design and feature patents with a reputation for coordinating product design and manufacture from creation to final production.

James has been the keynote speaker for product specific development techniques for many of his Fortune 500 clients such as Apple Computer, Union Carbide, Mattel Toys, Hewlett-Packard, GE, and Dassault Systemes. Additionally Jim has accepted invitations to speak to local groups on subjects ranging from the integration of clean manufacturing facilities into densely populated communities to student development programs for future industries.

“Experienced in bringing ideas to life, we’ll take you on the journey from concept to reality!”