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Giovanni PATRI, PHOENICI CEO: ‘Our Objective is to Provide a Satisfactory Service to our Clients and to Ensure that a Real Relation of Loyalty Exists Between them and us’


“We are planning to extend our activity in the USA and Canada to actively serve the millions of victims present in those countries.”

Identity theft is a crime in which the perpetrator steals personally identifiable information like driver’s license or social security number for obtaining credit or any other services in the victim’s name. In the era of the internet where everything is electronic, theft of identity could have devastating consequences for the victims. Not only can the victim lose a lot of money, he or she would not be able to access benefits like insurance, buy property, and so on.

According to various studies, there is an identity theft every minute and that number is only growing. A company named PHOENICI offers ground breaking solutions to prevent the theft of identity and provide rehabilitation to victims. Founded in Luxembourg, PHOENICI works diligently to stop the yearly progression of identity theft and reduce the number of victims significantly.

In conversation with Giovanni PATRI, Founder and CEO of PHOENICI

Q. Why was the company set up?

I created PHOENICI in 2015 after a decade of research in the area of identity theft and also in anti-money laundring processes. I developed a methodology that combines various tools and a certain amount of information to attest the genuineness of the identity of individuals. The main goal is to protect the identity of individuals, companies, and celebrities and to stop the dissemination of identity documentation. Simultaneously, the idea was to provide B2C2B services to help professionals to reduce the risk to get their clients’ identity stolen in their systems.

Q. Can you tell us about your products and services in brief?

With PHOENICI IDENTITY LOCK, we propose a whole range of services around the prevention-protection of identity theft and rehabilitation of identity.

PHOENICI ID Prudential: In this service the client will be provided an identity certificate after registration, furthermore, this document can be used by the client to certify their identity with third parties.

PHOENICI ID Evidential: This formula provides the client who is already a victim of identity theft with a specific additional information module to attest their identity. This service allows our clients to resume the course of their life normally, while the legal proceedings are in progress.

PHOENICI VIID: This formula is designated more specifically for companies, executives and celebrities (public figures), who are very much exposed to the risks of identity theft and for whom our solutions are the best adapted to the new social networking sphere.

PHOENICI ID Entity Audit: Our ID Entity Audit service is designed for professionals (business clients) seeking to reassure their customers, on their internal processes on the matter of identity theft and obviously anti-money laundering checks and GDPR rules.

Q. It takes everything to stand out and compete in the business world, was it same for your company?

Definitely, the business world is highly competitive, but the right timing to stand out is also important. For instance, my first attempt to provide my identity protection services was in 2011 in France. At that time, I was so advanced for my time that nearly nobody understood the real problem I wanted to solve. In mid-2015, I got attracted to the emergence of fintech and cybersecurity so it was the right moment to step in the game and hustle the market, thus I incorporated PHOENICI in and quickly started to promote my vision. My approach started to tickle more people.

Q. What are your company’s core values and how did they help you to succeed?

We are honest and transparent with our clients. Our objective is to provide a satisfactory service to our clients and to make sure that a real relation of loyalty exists between them and PHOENICI.

Q. Any company, big or small, must have a sense of authenticity and originality to succeed, what do you want to be, a leader or a follower?

We would be a leader because of the reason that we don’t have time to follow others as we focus on our clients, not our competitors. Furthermore, we owe to our clients to be leader of the identity services, for their safety.

Q. What are the factors that help your company to compete on a global platform?

At PHOENICI, we don’t compete because the global platform is not a competition and we don’t consider our clients as trophies. We have a human-driven culture and communication is the key point in our firm. Internally, we apply participative management in order to involve everybody in the progression of the company; this helps a lot to share experiences and to solve problems efficiently.

Q. How do you maintain your customers’ trust and loyalty?

Emotional attachments like passion and loyalty come from having special personal experiences and phenomenal services that people are so proud to be connected to. Furthermore, they want to share what an awesome company they’ve found. We excel in our work to be sure that our clients renew their affiliation with one of our PHOENICI IDENTITY LOCK services and become our best referrals.

Q. As a question on sustainability, where do you see your company a couple of years from now?

We are planning to extend our activity in the USA and Canada to actively serve the millions of victims present in those countries.

Giovanni PATRI: An Aspiring Entrepreneur

He is a serial entrepreneur, speaker and an expert in identity with 20 years’ experience in international finance. He has evolved as executive director in the financial services industry, having worked for prestigious international companies such as Deloitte, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. He speaks seven languages which helped him navigate in an international environment.

During his career he has been accredited by the Luxembourg and French financial authorities, for the highest functions in the fund industry like Executive Manager and Director of various Management Companies and Director in several investment funds, with up to EUR 1 Billion of asset under management. He also served as Member of the Executive Committee of a bank.

In 2019, he decided to share his knowledge in entrepreneurship and he was elected as Member of the Executive Board of the Luxembourg Start-Up Federation.

“We look at the identity theft problem from another direction as compared to everyone else and that what makes us a visionary. As a consequence, our vision is that each of our clients feels his or her identity safe.”