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Global GRAB Technologies, a Leading Provider of Perimeter Security Products and Services, is Dedicated to Ensuring that Your Facility, Property, and Assets are Protected from Outside Threats’


“Global Grab manufactures several types of crash rated barrier systems including energy absorbing less than lethal technology. These barriers are all engineered with one thing in mind – save lives and property.”

Perimeter protection is a critical security issue for many industries today. Whether protecting critical infrastructure or commercial assets from theft, attack or sabotage, a robust perimeter security solution is a necessary first layer of defense. For industries looking to reduce their vulnerabilities, prevent loss
of revenue and comply with government regulations, knowledge of the latest products, applications and emerging technologies is crucial.

In light of the foregoing, we’re thrilled to present Global GRAB Technologies.

Global GRAB Technologies is a leading provider of perimeter security products and services throughout the United States and worldwide. It manufactures and sells a broad range of perimeter security products and provides installation and specialty construction management services, specialty design and engineering services, and security system maintenance services. For more than 19 years, Global GRAB Technologies has proven to be a trusted partner for a wide range of commercial, federal, military, and municipal organizations.

The company was incorporated in 1994 and is headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee.

Global GRAB Technologies: Synopsis

Services: That Make Global GRAB Technologies Outshine Competition

Products & Technology, A Proven Track Record: Global GRAB’s product and technology innovations have been proven at hundreds of customers sites representing the military, key government agencies, corporate and at other mission critical sites throughout the United States and internationally. The company and its employees are proud to support its customers in meeting their security goals.

Innovative Products: Global GRAB encourages a culture of innovation and integrity. Beginning with the creation of the GRAB® active vehicle barriers and continuing through the development of the other product lines including wedge barriers, a full line of passive barrier systems, and other proprietary products, the company strives to provide the best and safest products to the market place.

Project Management: Global GRAB’s team has the knowledge and experience to manage any size security project. From installing new security solutions to retro-fitting older products and existing systems, the company has the capability to manage your project efficiently.

Installation: Global GRAB has the resources and experience to provide a turnkey package for your security needs. Whether facing a single barrier installation or a full facility multi-barrier security enhancement, the company’s in-house installers are equipped with the experience and expertise to complete projects safely, efficiently, and on schedule.

Engineering: Global GRAB engineers are trained in physical security planning and design. Each engineering project is treated with the highest level of quality and detail. The company engineers designs all products and projects to meet industry requirements and client needs.

Maintenance: Global GRAB field engineers are trained and prepared to service not only its products but any barrier system at your facility. The company’s barrier maintenance will keep your facility’s security products operating at peak performance. You can rely on Global GRAB for on-going support, upgrades, continued training, emergency repair, and complete support of all perimeter security systems.

Site Analysis: Global GRAB is a resource for any facility in need of a perimeter security analysis. Its security professionals will analyze your facility to determine potential threats and recommend solutions to ensure that the integrity of your security is not compromised.

Training: Global GRAB will work with you to support the training needs of your personnel. The company understands that security guard training is critical in the moments when your facility is threatened. Having personnel respond quickly and appropriately to a threat is vital to the safety of your operations.

Brian Cooper: An Aspiring Leader

As President and Chief Operating Officer, Brian Cooper leverages over 15 years of design and construction experience in the Perimeter Security Industry. With an additional eight years of heavy construction experience, Brian is able to respond quickly to challenging situations, enabling him to ensure the best finished products for clients with special attention to schedule and budget.

Brian manages a great team of experienced managers that help him successfully execute day to day operations, including Engineering, Purchasing, Fabrication as well as all field operations encompassing construction and service & maintenance. As the leader of the Global GRAB Technologies Executive Team, Brian ensures that corporate planning and goals are implemented into the operations side of the company, while constantly striving for increased productivity and quality.

Brian is excited about the future direction of Global GRAB Technologies. The company is undertaking a large and ambitious Research and Development program using all its experience and ingenuity to design the next generation of products. These Products will continue the company’s specialization in energy absorbing less than lethal barriers that have led the industry for many years.

“As a leader in access control and perimeter security, Global GRAB Technologies offers a complete line of electric, hydraulic, and manual active vehicle barriers (AVBs) to protect against specific threats to critical infrastructure.”