June Monthly Special 2022

Providing End-to-End Solution Packages to Corporates: Global Immigration Law, a Top-Rated Immigration Law firm, Plans to Expand its Geographical Footprint


“Our goal is to extend services to the businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world, who would like to invest and set up businesses or extend their services to the UK.”

Global Immigration Law is a London-based advanced legal and immigration counselling firm. It has practical experience in giving exceptional movement legal guidance to organizations and people. The firm operates in the UK and Turkey.

The Silicon Review contacted Emel Yilmaz, owner of Global Immigration Law, who spoke about how the firm is making a difference in this segment and plans to stay at the forefront. Below is an excerpt.

Head to Head with Emel Yilmaz, Owner of Global Immigration Law

Q. How is the industry you serve currently evolving? And where does Global Immigration Law stand at the moment?

With the announcement of new immigration routes to the UK by the Home Office, it has become evident that the immigration sector in the country is expanding. No doubt, the UK has seen the greatest rise in the numbers of immigrants in 2020 before the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit. After Brexit, since most of the non-settled immigrants left the country leaving a great shortage in many occupations, Sponsorship License has become more popular than ever. Companies with Sponsorship License can hire overseas employees as a response to the employee shortage in the UK. At this point, we offer immigration and HR solutions to the companies; from applying for a Sponsorship License to sponsoring management and finding employees to set up their HR system. In other words, we provide end-to-end solution packages to corporates.

Also, new routes to the UK are on the way, to be announced in April and further in August. Therefore, the changing routes and new visa types require the applicants to be more qualified with language skills. For instance, the visa formerly known as Overseas Business Representative Visa, which enables the companies to set up a UK presence or branch of their own companies, was replaced by the UK Expansion visa, which is a sub-category of the Global Business Mobility Visa. All the business-related routes were grouped under this visa type. As Global Immigration Law, we provide visa and business setup consultation to the corporates who would like to expand their business in the UK or would like to expand their teams with qualified employees.

Apart from the visa routes for companies, there are new visa types such as Scale Up Visa and High Potential Individual Visa for individuals that would like to remain and work in the UK. Scale Up Visa is especially for companies that would like to bring new talents to the UK without a sponsorship license while meeting some of the requirements of the Home Office. These requirements are to show annualized growth in either turnover or staffing of at least 20% for the previous three-year period and that have a minimum of 10 employees at the start of the period. On the other hand, High Potential Individual Visa is a route open to individuals who have graduated from the top universities of the world without a requirement for a job offer.

Q. What groundbreaking and proactive methodology does Global Immigration Law implement to ensure its clients receive a high level of service quality?

We always strive for client satisfaction with our constantly updated immigration knowledge. The immigration sector is a constantly evolving and changing sector. Especially after Brexit, many immigration routes and rules have changed and to keep up with the market, you must constantly update your information as an immigration advisor — that is what we do. We are always up to date regarding immigration matters and pioneer in our sector for new routes. Also, with our corporate-oriented and holistic approach, we set the bar high for quality service to our clients. We provide end-to-end solutions to our clients with the packages we offer. Another pillar of the foundation for our success is good communication and relationships with our clients, thus high client satisfaction rates.

Q. What are the various services Global Immigration Law offers?

We are working mainly with corporate clients that would like to set up their business in the UK, or are already present in the UK, but would like to expand their business with new talents and specialists. Apart from our corporate clients, we also provide immigration solutions to highly qualified immigrants, artists, academicians, IT specialists, and applicants who are graduates of STEM fields. We offer sponsorship license application and management services, visa consultancy services regarding skilled worker visas, Global Business Mobility Visa routes (to be announced in April 2022, which are formerly known as Overseas Business Representative Visa and other business visa routes), Startup Visa, Innovator Visa, High Potential Individual Visa, Global Talent Visa, Scale Up Visa, etc.

Q. What new endeavors is Global Immigration Law currently undertaking?

We are expanding our sphere of influence to other countries while focusing on new routes to the UK. New visa types for businesses and companies are on the way and we are providing corporate immigration solutions for new investors, entrepreneurs, and businesspeople. After the announcement by Home Office, we will start providing our visa consultancy services for new routes to the UK. We are also expanding our scope of services. In addition to immigration consultancy, we added HR services to our scope and now we are providing HR services for corporate clients that would like to hire overseas talents. This is a necessity because after hiring immigrants, the company needs to keep all the documents and records in check, thus we provide this service as well.

Q. About the future, where do you see Global Immigration Law a couple of years from now?

Since immigration is an extensive field encompassing all the countries within its scope, we aim to be a world-renowned company. Our goal is to extend services to businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world, who would like to invest and set up businesses or extend their services to the UK. We also plan to open new branches in other countries in addition to a branch in Turkey. That said, we would like to grow our Global Immigration Law family with new operational bases and new members in the coming years.

Q. Is there anything else you want us to highlight that we might have missed?

I would like to talk about some of our accomplishments this year. I have been featured in Monthly Lawyer’s Magazine, which is the most prestigious magazine for the law sector in the UK with my article on Sponsorship License on 28th February. Also, as Global Immigration Law, we received the ‘Best of Europe Award’ in the category of England’s ‘Best Law Firm’ from Tugce Sarikaya Events in Turkey on the same day. Moreover, we have been listed in the Global Law Experts directory and assigned as UK Visa representatives on the Global Law Experts website. We have been featured in many publications in the UK and Turkey for the awards we received and best of it all, we were nominated for and will receive the ‘Corporate Livewire Award’ from London & Southeast England Prestige Awards in August for being the best immigration advisor company in the UK.

Emel Yilmaz | In Her Own Words

I completed my BA and MA degrees in Law in the UK. After graduating from Westminster University in the Law Department with an honorary degree, I completed my MA at the University of Law. After completing my law studies, I gained experience in immigration law, corporate law, and corporate immigration law at private law practices after completing my MA degree. After specializing in immigration, asylum, human rights applications, corporate visa laws, and family visas, I established my immigration advisory firm, Global Immigration Law.

“We have been featured in many publications in the UK and Turkey for the awards we received and best of it all, we were nominated for and will receive the ‘Corporate Livewire Award’ from London & Southeast England Prestige Awards in August for being the best immigration advisor company in the UK.”