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Global Security Solutions Provider: SECUDE

thesiliconreview-dr-heiner-kromer-chairman-ceo-secude-2019SECUDE is an established global security solutions provider offering innovative data protection for users of SAP software.Founded as a joint venture between SAP and Fraunhofer Institute in 1996, SECUDE maintained a close SAP technology partnership and became a reliable resource for security solutions for the SAP market with ‘Single Sign-On’ for SAP, which was acquired by SAP in 2011. With a focus on making processes for data security and protection efficient and automated with little or no user interference, SECUDE’s goal is to minimize the cost of rollout and operations.

SECUDE’s solutions are trusted by many Fortune 500 and DAX listed companies. With branches in Europe, North America, and Asia, SECUDE supports customers with the implementation of IT security strategies through a global network.

Solution Offerings

HALOCORE: HALOCORE is data security software that protects intellectual property and other sensitive information extracted from SAP systems. By integrating directly with SAP, HALOCORE protects data with automated classification, blocks unauthorized reports, and helps generate fine-grained access policies. This innovative approach allows enterprises to maintain a high level of control and security over sensitive documents extracted from SAP throughout their lifetime, even if these have been shared via email, downloaded to a recipient’s PC, or printed as PDF.

HALOCORE MONITOR: HALOCORE MONITOR audits all exports and downloads of critical SAP data regardless of which egress point the data flows. Through pseudonymization, the audit log meets, by default, Works Council requirements. It is a key extension to the standard SAP Security Audit Log (SAL) and, furthermore, enriches the auditing data shown in SAP Enterprise Threat Detection (ETD) and SAP Digital Boardroom, especially as it audits all exports using an automated classification engine. Closing these GRC compliance gaps even during ‘firefighter’ activities, the module provides real-time insight into which sensitive data is at risk of leaving the SAP system and sends e-mail notifications in case of data leakage.

HALOCORE BLOCK: HALOCORE BLOCK effectively prevents business-critical data and documents from leaving the protected SAP application and, thus, protects against accidental or intentional data leaks.

Directly integrated into SAP, it works based on the HALOCORE audit log at the source of all recorded data flows. Users without a corresponding SAP-authorized profile would not be able to download files. Furthermore, a granular, bespoke policy can be implemented using automated data classification, which tailors the control over SAP exports to the specific needs of organizations.

HALOCORE PROTECT: HALOCORE, through its PROTECT module, extends the SAP access control shield for Intellectual Property (IP), Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and even Toxic Data and other sensitive data beyond SAP’s boundaries. HALOCORE intercepts the data being downloaded from SAP and applies fully customizable classification labels to the document metadata.

Additionally, HALOCORE is tightly integrated with Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP) and fully supports the implementation of Active Directory, Office 365, and Azure Active Directory. Using Microsoft AIP every document exported from SAP is automatically and efficiently encrypted at the server level before it arrives on any device. Using the automated HALOCORE classification engine, granular authorizations and user rights are assigned to sensitive data, allowing easy and secure exchange of documents between employees, partners or suppliers.

Message from the Chairman

Data is the ‘new gold’. This adage may be clichéd, but with concepts such as the Internet of Things, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and so on, being increasingly leveraged by industries worldwide, it couldn’t be truer! However, this also means that data, such as IP, is the most precious commodity for any business and one that must be protected against all threats – internal and external.In these days of heightened security challenges coming across in all forms, technology, and human, one cannot be too sure against the array of challenges. But, as our research and experience prove, the greatest is the human factor especially caused by the one weak link in the security chain(malicious or otherwise).

As an SAP user, you would be aware that your data resides in the heart of your business operations – your SAP ERP system. But most SAP users are unaware of a hidden danger – data leak due to uncontrolled user downloads and data flows in the background. Thus, there is a real need for solutions that monitor and block such leaks from SAP applications.

I assure you that when it comes to your precious data in SAP, you have come to the right place. With over twenty years of core SAP experience, we understand the nuances of this enterprise platform as no other. In fact, SECUDE’s origins are from SAP itself and have ever since maintained close technology partnership. Today, our solutions are trusted by many Fortune 500 and DAX listed companies.

-Dr.HeinerKromer, Chairman, SECUDE

Meet the Leader

Dr. Heiner Kromer, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Heiner Kromer is the founder-chairman of the board of SECUDE AG. He brings over 30 years of experience as founder, partner, and CEO of high technology and consumer product companies. His experience and leadership powers SECUDE to be a force in the domain of SAP Data Security. He holds an Economics degree from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and a doctoral degree in Economics from the University of Zurich.

“Data is your IP. Protect it before it goes out of hand.”