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Globussoft Pvt Ltd: Building Business Globally through Innovative Technologies

‘Nasscom Certified, Globussoft Pvt Ltd was incorporated in the year 2009, to provide technology products across a wide range for digital marketing industry’

Building innovative & cutting edge technology products for the digital marketing industry from years, Globussoft has emerged as a key player in the ‘Global Digital Marketing Software Solutions Space’. Poised to make a big leap in software production, with growing innovation, technological advancements and global market growth for the need of versatile, scalable software’s, Globussoft has gained trust of over 4500 customers, in more than 50 countries, across 5 continents and over 2 million users consuming their services via the web/mobile and cloud aka SAAS.

Software engineering being a big part of their business, Globussoft is responsible for designing, developing, and delivering their exclusive products. Their software engineers thrive on simplifying people’s jobs and lives and helping them reach new heights through ever-advancing technologies.

Globussoft partners with major business firms includeing Frompo , AuraRank and Shopify. Besides this, they partner with leading global companies like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Cisco, Zend, Oracle, Dell, IBM, Zuckup etc to develop exceptional software products.

Headquartered in Bhilai, the company also holds offices in offices in Mumbai (India), UK, US and Germany.

Unique Product Offerings of Globussoft
Through their Global Network Delivery Model, Innovation Network, and Solution Accelerators, the company focus on helping global organizations address their business challenges effectively with the help of their offerings. Includes the following:
Strategic Business Units:

Socialsignifier- A website promotion tool, this drives traffic and links through social signals. Zuckup- – This offers a platform to transfer money the way we live today. With a belief that the world needs a better social and mobile way to transact.

Rebrandone– A successful online internet business, which has been built to help other internet entrepreneurs build their online businesses. Be it an e-commerce idea or the next killer mobile app, RebrandOne can help clients build, scale and market it.

Brandzter- Brandzter is powerful digital marketing tool which brings four powerful marketing tools on one platform – Ranktracking, Social CRM, Reputation Management and Lead Management helping you build your ‘brand’ further.

GlobusGames- A home to a lot of wonderful games. Globussoft offer exactly the kind of gaming experience one want. They cater to different genres of games on various platforms as their experienced team is adept at all games related technologies. Some of their games are CaveRun Mowgli, BowHunting Chief, SpeceDebris Phantom, DartWheelChief.


  • Digital Marketing Products: Ranktracker, Rankable
  • Social Media Management Products: Woosuite
  • Local Search Marketing Products: Brandzter
  • Social e-Commerce Products: Stormio, Lusly, Vesyl, Shopcade
  • Deal Aggregator Products: Mashup Deals
  • Social Gifting Products: Card Truth, Wishume
  • Social Dating Products: Cuddlepoint
  • Vertical Search Engine: Frompo, Filesclip
  • Education/Learning Products: Moople

Knowing the Key Executives

Sumit Ghosh, Co-Founder & CEO
While pursuing his 5th semester of his BE Degree at Bhilai Institute of Technology, Sumit started his dream company in the year 2009 at the age of 23. He has been credited for taking the company from an idea to a full-fledged software development company with a customer base of more than 4500, an employee count of 200 and a net worth of USD 10 million in just 6 years.

Carrying experience of more than a decade in Product Development, Architecture Planning and Project Management, Sumit’s primary focus areas include Microsoft Technologies, Java and PHP (Open Source) and he’s an expert programmer on various platforms like .NET 2,3.5,4.0, WordPress, Joomla, Magento. He is adept in programming languages like VC++ 9, C# 3.0, PHP 5, Java, Coldfusion 8, Assembly, VB.NET, VB 6.0 etc. While working with TCS for more than a year, he was involved in researching on latest MS Technologies, making prototypes for enterprise grade applications, performance modelling and benchmarking of applications.

Besides being a leader in his software development, Sumit is a member of Corporate Technology Excellence Group of Microsoft Practices. He enjoys an admirable position in Digital Marketing space and is quite friendly with his employees.

Steve Kaplan, Co-Founder & CMO
Steve is Globussoft’s direct connection between the Western and Eastern world. He has vast experience in digital marketing, consulting, and technically oriented processes to connect people to technologies. Steve understands how people interact and engage with the web via social media, search engines, mobile, video, and display advertising creates a unique synergy with the Globussoft team. He regularly travels between the United States and India working with clientele across 40+ different industries.

Steve brings a lot of value to Globussoft through his deep knowledge and experience in Internet Marketing, Inbound Marketing Integration, Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, Analytics Integration, Marketing development, Digital Asset Architecture, Digital Media Positioning and Production, Copywriting, Pay Per Click Advertising, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Strategy, Digital Distribution Channel Development, and Usability Experimentation.

Steve works with Globussoft to help bridge the gap between marketing and development as well as the gap between marketing and sales. He conducts consulting and needs assessments for complicated projects from a concept standpoint, which enables Globussoft team members to fill in the blanks when it comes to our vast array of programming experience.

A voracious reader, Steve has a strong online presence on various popular Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Social Medial Marketing, Digital Marketing, Conversion Rate optimization blogs and forums.

We touch lives of over 50 million internet users globally with products and services or partnerships.– Globussoft Pvt Ltd