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e-Learning is imparting and facilitating knowledge on media, electronic devices like that on the Internet, CD-ROMs, DVDs, streaming media, etc. It has drifted the method of learning imparted to the students. Unlike conventional chalk and board style of schooling, eLearning makes giving and receiving simpler, prolific, and productive. Shortly, it is the method of teaching purely through technology. The word e-learning is used synonymously with virtual knowledge, online education, computer-based training, web-based knowledge, and networked education. Whatever may explain e-learning, it is revamping the style traditional academia teaches, and the learner's grasp. The idea of e-learning is to empower learners to absorb personal accomplishment, basic schooling, or obtain a degree certificate, without actually attending the school or university or any other academic institute.

Go1 is the most extensive curated eLearning library from the world's top training providers, available for a single subscription within your existing learning platform or available. There's even an opportunity to upgrade the Go1 Platform for Enterprise. With Go1, you'll always have the right training courses to up-skill, re-train, and retain your employees. Go1 is an established leader in online learning and education and continues to work alongside some of the world's largest companies, covering a wide range of industries and regions. The firm provides the opportunity for individuals to develop themselves to face the future, and for organizations to reach their strategy.

Next-gen Products furnished by Go1

Go1 Content Hub: Go1 understands that you deliver a diverse range of training, whether compliance, technical, or soft skills development. The Go1 Content Hub provides you with a wide range of topics by a versatile collection of global, regional, and specialized providers. The firm helps you create contextualized learning experiences that engage curiosity and encourage self-directed learning habits while meeting your business needs. Go1 allows your learners to develop and apply their skills in the flow of work, in systems they recognize, at the time of need. Go1's Content Hub is available to be delivered on hundreds of LMSs, HRISs, and apps at the touch of a button.

The Go1 Content Hub gives you access to a diverse range of learning courses designed to give your employees the skills needed to grow your business. Go1's pricing model ensures your employees will enjoy the same wealth of material as large enterprises. Go1 can assist in curating content into learning journeys unique to your organization. Rolling out the Go1 Content Hub is made even more comfortable with the Go1 Platform, including industry-standard reporting functionality to ensure you can track learner achievement against each course (SCORM and xAPI).

The Go1 Platform: The Go1 Platform provides an intuitive experience in uploading your existing content. Compatible resource types include SCORM, xAPI, PDF, Audio, Video, MS Office files, and many more. Upload content from any learning authoring tool, and if you don't have one, they've included an easy-to-use course creation tool to compile your custom content! You have everything you need to get started with comprehensive reporting, built-in assessment, quiz engines, and 24-hour support. Go1 recognizes that you may have already invested in a system to meet your business or learning requirements; it's why the Go1 Content Hub is available on hundreds of existing systems, from unified communication like Microsoft Teams to a wide variety of Learning Management systems (LMS). For those beginning their eLearning journey, or requiring a discrete, stand-alone platform, the Go1 Platform offers an intuitive SCORM-compatible solution for any organization.

Meet the visionary leader behind the success Go1        

Andrew Barnes is the Founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer Go1. He has a passion for education and a belief that technology can help create new learning opportunities. As CEO, he sets strategy and direction for the company and enjoys working closely with customers and partners to help organizations and individuals unlock new opportunities through learning. Mr. Andrew is a Rhodes Scholar and completed an MSc in Education at Oxford University before completing his Ph.D. at the University of Queensland.

"Go1 helps millions of people in thousands of organizations engage in learning that is relevant, effective, and inspiring."