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November Monthly Edition 2022

Golden Gate BPO Solutions – Creating commoditized and affordable global and multichannel outsourced contact center solutions


Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the functions more widely delegated to business process outsourcing (BPO), the practice of hiring third-party sources to operate certain aspects of a business. Many companies practice CRM in BPO situations in order to better facilitate relationships with customers on a consistent basis with minimal costs. CRM is also practiced between the company and the BPO provider to help foster a mutually-beneficial business relationship. This is especially true in outsourcing outlets in different countries, where working conditions and practices tend to differ from the company's main office. CRM in BPO outlets helps both sides align with each other and organize the workflow, while at the same time maintaining the relationship's long-term relevance. When your data is organized and managed by a CRM platform, you have a better understanding of your customers, which leads to more aligned messaging. Many activities (both behind-the-scenes and face-to-face) can be digitized and automated, allowing you to better target marketing efforts, shorten sales cycles, and provide better, more efficient customer service. Finally, a fully integrated CRM eliminates data silos, allowing for cross-departmental collaboration and presenting a unified front to customers.

Golden Gate BPO Solutions is one such company that delivers world-class customer relationship management (CRM) services on behalf of some of America’s most well-known companies and brands. Although the clients differ in size and industry, they all share the same obsession and mindset; providing an outstanding customer experience is necessary to achieve ambitious growth plans, increased customer loyalty and an enhanced public reputation. The company currently provides services from locations in the United States, Belize, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, the Philippines, Kenya and South Africa.

Global Delivery of Customized, Localized and Personalized Solutions

Multichannel Contact Center Solutions: Golden Gate offers a unique and effective call center outsourcing alternative that provides their clients with a high touch client-service provider relationship. Their outsourced call center alternative yields world class customer care, technical support and sales along with the full spectrum of outsourcing functions required to serve clients’ customers. In today’s consumer-demand environment, enterprises must have the ability to connect with end-users using a variety of channels. Digital communication vehicles are now more important than ever with the adoption of personal computing, smartphones and social communication platforms – consumers now have access to multiple touchpoints at their fingertips. Golden Gate's services are delivered from a handful of their niche-oriented, high-quality multichannel service providers strategically located in the United States, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Belize, India and the Philippines. This enables them to deliver their services on a customized, localized and personalized level to meet the clients’ operational and economic needs in a tailored and efficient manner.

Strategic Consulting Solutions: Golden Gate BPO Solutions provides strategic and operational consulting services with an experienced team that includes various subject matter and technological expertise. they help clients evaluate their strategic planning, business and operations, including their contact center operations and business process outsourcing, to identify opportunities where they can enhance shareholder or enterprise value, increase revenue generation, improve operational delivery, reduce costs, and put in place the framework for an operation and culture that promotes continuous improvement. Golden Gate's business consultants have operational backgrounds, sat where their clients sit and have been on the hook for the same decisions their clients make in their business. From the initial stages of any business relationship, or potential business relationship, they all carry with us the requisite experience along with a curious mindset of wanting to understand a client’s overall business and owner/management’s personal needs or goals, along with a desire to help as a positive and active resource.

The Formidable Leader

Stephen B. Ferber is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Golden Gate BPO Solutions. He also served as EVP-Strategic Planning and General Counsel of Interactive Response Technologies (IRT) from 2008-2011, where he played a significant role in IRT’s growth from $15M in revenues to over $120M during that time.  He successfully represented the company and its leadership team through a sell-side process that culminated in the company’s sale to HSBC Private Equity. Prior to founding Golden Gate BPO and joining IRT, Stephen represented high net worth individuals, executives and middle management as an attorney and business advisor, primarily with respect to complex employment and executive compensation agreements.

Mr. Ferber earned a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, where he was a proud member of the Maryland Terrapins Varsity Tennis Team. He received a Juris Doctorate from the University of Miami, School of Law, specializing in corporate, international and tax law. In addition to holding the currently inactive designation of Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Mr. Ferber is licensed to practice law in the State of Florida and is a member of the Florida Bar.

"Our commitment to people and forging life-long relationships is paramount to everything we do and everyone with whom we work."