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Steffan Dalsgaard, Founder and Executive Chairman of Golden Triangle Ventures, Inc., Speaks to The Silicon Review: ‘Our Vision is to Create and Acquire Businesses that have the Potential to Become Significant Players in their Respective Industries’


“We believe that our firm will be a globally recognized business trading on a senior exchange with partnerships and alliances with some of the world’s biggest companies.”

In the current economic environment, businesses must find ways to stand out, tighten their operations, and increase their revenues while keeping expenses low. Choosing to use an experienced consultancy firm may allow businesses to grow rather than maintain the status quo.

Golden Triangle Ventures, Inc., a multi-faceted consulting company, is pursuing ventures in the Health, Entertainment and Technology sectors with many additional projects and ventures developing which provide synergistic value to these divisions. The company provides a professional corporate advisory service to select clients that fall within its three business sectors.

Golden Triangle headquartered in Las Vegas, NV.

Interview Excerpt: Steffan Dalsgaard

Getting Off on the Right Foot

Steffan Dalsgaard, the Executive Chairman of Golden Triangle Ventures, has represented many publicly traded companies for over a decade with his father. The latter also ran an investor relations firm to help small-cap companies with several corporate objectives. That is when Mr. Dalsgaard learned about the market and became a full partner in his father’s firm. Both executed a plan to take their company public to acquire unique businesses that they truly believed in or formed from scratch and provided these companies with the required resources and capital they needed to become successful. Their vision was to build a conglomerate of notable companies under one public umbrella that all provided value to each other.

“In 2015, my father passed away, and it has been my lifelong goal to finish this dream of his and build an amazing publicly-traded company.” This dream was achieved in 2019 when Golden Triangle Ventures was formed. The company completed a reverse merger to become publicly traded.
That said, Golden Triangle Ventures dives into every aspect of the companies it owns and represents, creating a custom-tailored strategy that is used to accomplish an array of business goals and objectives.

“We believe that each one of our businesses has a unique execution strategy that can drive each company to become potentially industry-changing. Our vision is to create and acquire businesses that have the potential to become significant players in their respective industries.”

Delivering Multi-Faceted Services Under One Roof

The company’s Entertainment Division owns a company called Lavish Entertainment which is a Las Vegas-based concert production company with nearly 100 team members and over 30,000 national followers. Lavish Entertainment has the vision to become a global entertainment company, and management is working on several projects that could shape the future of the entire entertainment industry.
Golden Triangle Venture’s health division owns a company called Global Health Services, partnered with one of the world’s largest CBD extraction facilities. It provides an array of services for the industrial hemp/ CBD industry. The company has launched sales of a high end health and wellness product line called Le Pragma which is sold under the Company Health Portal ( and acquiring many additional products, assets, and developed companies that can benefit the world.

Golden Triangle’s technology division owns a unique business named HyFrontier Technologies, which holds a patent-pending technology to make hydrogen water for small scale and large-scale farms. The Company is now building a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to commercialize this hydrogen water technology to farms around the world.

“We have found significant results while watering plants with hydrogen water, and we believe this technology can greatly benefit anything that grows. We also believe this could provide human health benefits, animal health benefits, and potentially so much more.”

“Regarding a success story, our entertainment division, Lavish Entertainment started doing business in 2017 and is doing business as EpicRaves. Our first concert had 200 people show up, and we have completed 13 mind-blowing events since then. Our most recent show before COVID-19 nearly had 3000 people and almost sold out an entire arena. We believe that the future of each of our businesses is beyond what anyone can imagine.”

Last but not least, Golden Triangle team is comprised of some of the most respected and knowledgeable individuals in their respective industries.

“Our company comprises many professionals that all have unique skills to help us execute our company vision. We look at the core fundamentals of the businesses we represent and own. We create a strategy to execute on, and we look at where we started and where we believe we will become if we execute our plans properly. In the year ahead, the world will fully understand our plan and vision for this company. We have so many projects that are coming to light and I truly believe that we are building a business that could become industry changing in each of our divisions.”

The Driving Force Behind the Success of Golden Triangle Ventures, Inc.

Steffan Dalsgaard, founder, serves as the Executive Chairman of Golden Triangle Ventures, Inc. He has over a decade of experience in public relations and business development. Mr. Dalsgaard has represented and consulted dozens of private and public companies over his career. He consults with companies on all of their corporate objectives while providing a professional and corporate face to their organization. He has built a strong reputation in the public relations industry and has a mission to work with emerging growth companies that are positioned to become significant businesses in their respective fields. Mr. Dalsgaard has a vision of operating a nationally-recognized holding company for a multitude of businesses, all under one umbrella.

“We believe that each one of our businesses has a unique execution strategy that can drive each company to become potentially industry-changing”