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Founded By Television & Radio Producers, Goldman McCormick Public Relations Delivers Best in Class Services in Traditional & Social Media


Goldman McCormick PR was founded on a unique vision where exceptional service would not only be provided to Clients but Media Professionals as well. Goldman McCormick PR co-founders Mark Goldman and Ryan McCormick are former TV & Radio producers. They see the worlds of PR and media differently because they have co-existed in both. At Goldman McCormick PR the team has a hardwired “media mindset” 24/7. They help get clients seen on TV, heard on radio, and read about in newspapers (and webzines). The company serves as the megaphone to a client's message and it also excel in crisis communications. When your reputation is under fire, the actions you take in a short period of time can have long term lasting consequences. Goldman McCormick PR also plans press conferences, create tailor-made podcasts, and do media training.

In conversation with the Co-Founders Mark Goldman and Ryan McCormick

Q. PR is highly effective when it is targeted and tailored toward an individual. How flexible are your services for customization?

Each Client has a customized plan of action specifically targeting media outlets that are deemed a best fit for reaching their audience. One of our main specialties is media placement for attorneys. Sometimes cases can get settled quickly if the press coverage is strong enough. In 2020, our firm managed the media relations of the lead attorney in the historic $600 million Flint Michigan Water Crisis settlement. Over the years we've also had great success with doctors, political candidates, health experts, and entertainers.

Q. In what unique ways do you approach and build rapport with reporters and influencers?

We make ourselves available twenty-four hours a day to reporters and we’re quick to respond to their requests. We also take notice of other stories these reporters are working on and offer our assistance in helping them attain primary sources or access to certain individuals. It doesn’t matter if a member of the media is at a publication read by thousands or read by millions. We treat everyone the same and we recognize that each Reporter has the capability of telling a Client’s story.


Q. What three takeaway tips can you give to other communications pros looking for the same impact you achieve with your Clients?

Keep It Simple - We think a ten-page plan of action is nine and-a-half pages too long. Make your battle plan easy to understand & execute. Do a few things exceptionally well rather than do several things just good. PR Fundamentals First - Call Reporters and give them everything they need, follow up appropriately, never lie, and always make yourself indispensable to the media. 3D charts & multimedia PowerPoint presentations may be aesthetically pleasing but, nothing compares to the effectiveness of PR fundamentals executed with excellence. Online Newsroom - Every CSR campaign should have one. Update yours on a regular basis and allow it to be a treasured asset to the media. It’s a job seekers market now. It is harder than ever to attract and hire top candidates.

Q. How do you identify qualified individuals?

It’s extremely difficult to find top candidates. We often prefer to work with other established PR firms like Steve Allen Media and we partner on clients.

Q. It is quite difficult to achieve success in every PR campaign that is developed. How do you overcome failures?

No matter how many media appearances we attain for a client or regardless of how happy they are, we're never satisfied. This insatiable hunger motivates us to work 24/7 to attain the results that our clients deserve. Can it be hard at times? Absolutely. If something isn’t working, we don’t hesitate to try a plan of action that is completely different. One of our strongest virtues is persistence. Persistence always prevails. Failure only occurs when you stop trying and we never, ever quit.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

The future for our company and our Clients is bright. Every day we’re expanding our press relationships and refining our communication skills.


Q. Goldman McCormick PR has a long standing reputation as one of the top crisis communications agencies. Can you please explain why and what your methodology is there?

For an individual whose reputation has come heavily under fire, this can be an incredibly stressful situation. Whatever immediate actions / no-actions that are taken once a crisis emerges can have a profound impact on the overall outcome. We have over ten years of firsthand experience helping Clients (from all backgrounds) weather storms like this. Effective crisis communications go far beyond press engagement. A large part of it is also being composed and consistent in your message.

Q. What are your company’s key values?

The first one is that we produce for our Clients. Whether we're getting them media appearances, producing their podcasts, or writing content for their websites - we never stop working for them. Another key value is full transparency - we're always straightforward with our Clients about where they are on the path to raising their profile. We also let our Clients know from day one that they can contact us anytime. Another part of our core values is animal rights advocacy. We love working with pet rescue groups and other organizations that protect the welfare of animals. 

Q. What can you do that any other PR agency couldn’t do?

NHL Legend Wayne Gretzky was known for being able to "see the ice" in a way that few (if any) could. On each play, he knew where all the players were, where they would be going, where the puck would be heading, and the chances of a probable outcome. Based on decades of experience compiled with strong intuition, our PR firm is able to "see the media playground." We know how a story / campaign will likely play out in the media. We have a sense of what trends and stories our Clients need to be discussing in order to get media requests.

Q. How often do your Clients hear from you?

Often several times a week. We love speaking to our Clients to give updates and collaborate on new ideas for increased media exposure. Our firm doesn't do 9 - 5pm. We're here whenever our Client needs us.

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