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Cut down sugar consumption without sacrificing sweetness or happiness from your life with GOOD GOOD’s divinely delicious products


Most people want to live long and live well. The problem is two-fold. First, a high-calorie sugar-to-diet ratio defines modern eating. Leading to a host of health complications, i.e., 43.2 million living with diabetes in the US alone, not to mention the increases in pre-diabetes and rise in youth across U.S. Second, diet plans and weight management plans have a failure rate of 95%. So, GOOD GOOD® seeks to solve this problem by making it easy and delicious for people to avoid added sugar. Each product chosen over the conventional option strengthens that habit of managing and moving away from added sugar. GOOD GOOD was founded in 2015 when Gardar Stefansson, Agnar Lemacks, and Johann Kristjansson searched for solutions to diminish sugar consumption in everyday food. Hence the name of the company – GOOD GOOD. It must taste good and be better for you. Since the beginning the company’s focus has been to make it easy for the health attentive community to avoid added sugar.

The Icelandic brand sells in around 34 countries worldwide, currently has four principal product lines and around 32 different products. Most of them are manufactured in the Netherlands. The four principal product lines are: (1) Sugar substitutes: nine flavors of stevia drops, granulated & powdered sugar, as well as maple syrup, with two additional amazing flavors launching in market 2023. (2) Snack Bars: five flavors. (3) Baking Mix: one pancake mix with more varieties launching in market 2023. (4) Spreads: ten fruity jam flavors, two peanut butters, and two chocolate spreads with a third launching in market 2023.

GOOD GOOD ensures quality and safety by working with GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certified manufacturers that have strict rules for ingredient sourcing and do regular quality checks. All GOOD GOOD products are manufactured for ambient storage, and the shelf life is at a minimum of 1 year. Therefore, the team at GOOD GOOD is able to plan productions ahead of time, which helps them have enough stock available to cover several weeks of down time. At the same time GOOD GOOD always seeks to maintain a fresh stock and healthy inventory turnover as possible.

Q. How does GOOD GOOD operate and who are their customers?

GOOD GOOD operates as a mission led company. For the innovation team the goal is to enrich the naturalness of the ingredients and deliver a great experience. To do that products must be delicious, offering no compromise on taste, and be free from added sugar. Our vision is to move food culture in a positive direction that we believe is away from conventional added sugar products. Choosing a GOOD GOOD product over the conventional moves us closer to our vision by maybe 0.1% and that is ultimately what drives us. This is because we know that this 0.1% added up on aggregate over years means something. We believe this meaning is what has given our company the exciting growth we have experienced over the past few years.

Regarding the product association with Keto. CEO, and Co-Founder Gardar Stefansson says,

“Agnar Lemacks, one of our Co-Founder’s is an active keto-dieter since before it became a big fad, and I think in one way or another it was natural for us early on to associate ourselves with Keto. However, we do not consider ourselves a Keto brand as our products are built to meet the evolving needs of the health attentive consumer. GOOD GOOD is fit for multiple food lifestyles. It varies from product to product but for example our jams are suitable for, Vegans, Vegetarian, Gluten intolerance, Keto, Non-Glycemic (suitable for diabetes management).”

He furthermore added that,

“For us, we know our consumers are following multiple food lifestyles throughout their eating journeys, so it is important that products are robust, versatile and don’t corner us to one particular dietary lifestyle.”

Upcoming products and future of GOOD GOOD

When the TSR asked Gardar Stefansson about the upcoming products he stated that

“We just recently launched our newest addition to the spread’s product line. Two Peanut Butter Spreads: Creamy and Crunchy. This product is currently available in the U.S.A through ecommerce and will be available in select grocers in the coming months. On top of that we have 6 new products coming down the pipeline to be released by the end of Q3 2023. Stay tuned.”

Over the last year GOOD GOOD‘s team has grown nearly two-fold and it is currently focusing all its energy on maximizing customer value. This means improving product experience, improving the customer experience pre and post purchase, and doubling down on building a strong brand community. GOOD GOOD is also leveraging relationships with registered nutritionists to share value across all owned media i.e., The company will continue the same way as always focusing on delivering great tasting products, being experimental and never losing sight of their true purpose.

When asked what the company is actively doing to improve Gardar says,

“Change is in our DNA, being a small company from tiny volcanic island, Iceland we are forced to be solution orientated. We can never know everything, so we listen to our employees and customers and turn learnings into actions. Updating and improving ingredient formulations with our learnings is part of our process. And of course, ensuring our innovation pipeline retains imagination and creativity is important, as we want to try new things leaving room for some risk.”

One of the Pioneering Forces Behind GOOD GOODs Success

Lóa Fatou Einarsdóttir, COO of GOOD GOOD has proven herself to be an invaluable member of the team and the company is very excited for her to take on a larger role within the company. Her work thus far has been exemplary, and GOOD GOOD is all set to have her in a chief position in its future expansions and ventures. Before taking on the role of COO, Lóa Fatou Einarsdóttir served as GOOD GOOD’s Director of Operations and prior to joining its team she worked as the Head of Operations for Icelandic outerwear design company 66°North, where she was responsible for the company’s supply chain as well as warehouse operations and customer service. Einarsdóttir has a M.Sc. in Engineering Management from DTU in Copenhagen and a B.Sc. from The University of Reykjavík. Lóa Fatou is a wife and a mother of two children, when she is not working, she can be found usually among extended family or friends in her family’s cabin, having dinners, playing board games, trying to golf, watching Netflix documentaries, or reading a bedtime story for her kids.

“We are actively taking steps to find new ways of meeting present needs without compromising future viability. This is an always on process and you can never be perfect, but we view embracing the need as vital to succeed long term.”