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Robert Eppele, CEO and Co-Founder of gotomyerp, Speaks Exclusively to The Silicon Review: ‘We Operate and Care for a Diverse Group of Customers who Selected us Because of our Reputation for Delivering a Quality of Service Above all Others’


“We were the first company to offer cloud hosting using AWS architecture in 2007.”

gotomyerp, a leading provider of ERP solutions and an authorized Intuit commercial hosting provider, helps businesses of every size leverage the power of cloud computing infrastructure, easily. Besides, it helps clients decrease the cost of managing their systems without making the IT complex.

The company was founded in 2005.

To highlight and further stand what gotomyerp stands for and seeks to explore in this segment, I sat down with Robert Eppele (co-founder), who serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Below is an excerpt.

Kindly tell us about the company's journey and how has it transformed over the years.

We started as most consulting firms do — sell solutions, implement, consult, and support. We had grown well and in 2005 joined Intuit’s journey to becoming a leading ERP solution. Sometime in 2007, the leadership of gotomyerp was invited to a highly secretive project with IBM and Intuit, which was intended to put QuickBooks in an on-premises “cloud server”. The initiative was called “IBM SMART BUSINESS”. At that moment, we knew what we had to do. Our experience led us to Amazon Web Servies in 2007 and since then, our entire fleet has operated exceptionally well. Today, we operate and care for a diverse group of customers who selected us because of our reputation for delivering a quality of service above all others.

Q. What are the major services offered by gotomyerp?

An incredible hosting service that extends the longevity of your investment in QuickBooks, Sage, MS Dynamics, and other critical systems you depend on. We can do this because we have experts on our team that help manage, maintain and support each ERP system. This enables us to increase the value you receive while extending the investment you made in educating your staff, custom reports, third-party systems, which have been supporting your operations.

When asked, we can offer system selection and implementation services along with customized solutions that fit just about any business need.

Our customers depend on us to access their system every minute of every day. To that end along with all the security that AWS provides, we have taken the extra effort to prove to our customers that we are audited as a service provider. Anyone can audit a third-party data center like AWS or Rackspace, but what about the people who are running the servers on behalf of the customer? As of the writing of this article, gotomyerp again leads in this regard. We encourage all prospective customers to ask the “hosting provider” who’s SOC documents are being provided or relied on? Is it really theirs or their third partly colocation services?

Q. Switching to an ERP solution for an enterprise can be complex. How does gotomyerp make it easy for companies to transit to a new ERP solution?

Our process is engineered to be easy. We handle nearly all the steps needed to transition you to the cloud with the assistance of their consultant or ours. We coordinate the process for an exact sequence of events that guarantees day success.

Explain to us about your QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services.

We were the first company to offer cloud hosting using AWS architecture in 2007. Since then, our service has matured to the most resilient solution in the industry. Our team engineered multiple redundant servers for each customer, privately and securely. The biggest challenge for our customers had been the consistency in which they were able to use the full QuickBooks application along with the expansive third-party ecosphere.


Q. How do businesses benefit from “Sage Cloud”?

All customers experience the full benefit of their licensed products 100 percent guaranteed. We have certified hundreds of third-party applications that extend and enhance all the Sage desktop products including Sage 50, 100, 300, 500, X3, and Sage 100CRE and 300CRE.

Customers’ have struggled for years deciding if moving to the cloud was the best move considering the perceived monthly cost. Yes, high-quality service providers like gotomyerp do not cut corners on security and redundancy but that’s only where the value begins. Many customers compare “a (single) server” to the multiple redundant servers provided by gotomyerp for each customer. Most consider this too much whereas anyone who has experienced an outage will know, they wish they had more. We just do it and prove that the redundancies are in place for customer assurance or for more complex customers who need to have their outside CPA firm audit the environment.

Q. How flexible is gotomyerp's Tax Software Hosting Solutions? And how does it benefit organizations?

With all the native functionality that each tax software possesses, we are able to deploy the solutions instantly for CPAs, Enrolled Agents, or bookkeepers’ access to client information easily for preparation and filing requirements. By deploying in a decentralized manner, a firm can instantaneously expand and leverage talent from anywhere.

Q. The use of cloud services has expanded rapidly since the pandemic. Does the company plan to expand its resources to cater to the growing demand?

We constantly work to improve ourselves and add new services. In the later part of 2021 and into 2022, we are leveraging our over 20 years of experience in consulting by helping customers select, implement, and care for their most critical systems.

Leadership | gotomyerp

Robert Eppele, co-founder, serves as the CEO of gotomyerp. He’s a strategic entrepreneur who has created multiple businesses over 20 years in various industries, including engineering, marketing, and technology. Those years of entrepreneurial experience included three years served with Ernst & Young/Kenneth Leventhal, CPAs as senior auditor and technology consultant.

Mike Murphy serves as the director of marketing.

“Our process is engineered to be easy. We handle nearly all the steps needed to transition you to the cloud with the assistance of their consultant or ours. We coordinate the process for an exact sequence of events that guarantees day success.”