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Grata – Providing Unparalleled Information and Access That Drives the Private Economy


If you’ve ever gone searching for information on the internet about a product you were interested in buying, you’ve replicated one of the critical parts of the B2B customer purchasing journey. Search marketing allows a business to capture valuable leads from buyers researching a purchase. By marketing through search engine results and paid search advertising, a company can capture high-quality leads with intent to buy. These leads are educating themselves on problems and searching for solutions, and are the best B2B leads you can acquire because they possess a magical quality – purchase intent. For B2B marketers, it offers an opportunity to meet leads at the exact right moment and bring them into a value-packed funnel that leads to conversions.

Grata is a B2B search engine that helps private equity, investment banking, corporate development, and consulting teams find and target private companies. Grata’s machine learning technology enables you to identify similar companies, find new targets you would otherwise miss, and automate personalized outreach. Grata has a history of delivering at every level. People trust them because when they set goals, they achieve them. Grata’s community is a place where they share knowledge and ideas with each other, customers, investors, and partners. This builds trust, which builds lasting relationships. Everyone contributes to the shared vision. Grata brings the power of machine learning to automatically triangulate the most trustworthy insights, starting with any company's most reliable source of truth - their website. Its proprietary algorithms, smarter search, and signals ensure that, whenever a company updates its information, you'll be the first to know.

Offering Next-Generation B2B Search Engine Solutions

Investment Banking: The average buyer only sees only 18 percent of relevant deals. Confidently find the right buyers for your clients. Source roll-up targets amidst the complete universe of 8M+ hard-to-find middle market companies with up-to-date and comprehensive information about each. Grata is your secret weapon to source high potential deals for clients, accelerating your search for the right companies and giving you a strategic advantage, so you can focus on making deals happen. Gain valuable intelligence about each client in advance of a deal, providing you with the information edge needed to engage and facilitate high potential deals. Tables, logos, and market analyses built for you providing you with the intern you have always wanted, all year long. Confidently build comprehensive lists of companies for each project amidst the complete universe of US companies, with up-to-date and comprehensive information about each.

Private Equity: Advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms that read and structure business information from company websites at scale provide unparalleled contextual insights about private companies. Source the companies that look like your best investments and most loyal customers. Automate your company research. Grata is your first line of defense in sourcing proprietary deals; streamlining your search for the right targets and helping you find what others miss. Grata's proprietary engine with 100M+ data points, equipped with a smarter search engine, enables you to see the right companies faster. Search by your thesis, in your own words. Find companies based on their strategy, business model, services, features, and more. Get the latest information on private companies. See what your competitors miss and engage in meaningful conversations with the right opportunities. Grata’s proprietary data and algorithms give you an information edge - equipping you with key company insights before you make contact, making for more informed conversations.

Corporate Development: Grata is the window for your company to source synergistic high potential deals, streamlining your search and helping you pitch the right targets in your market, unlocking access, and giving you a strategic advantage over your competitors. ‍Middle market companies and SMBs are over 99 percent of your opportunities. Capture hard-to-find companies that aren’t in the news or raising capital. Get nuanced information on private companies. See what your competitors miss and onboard key stakeholders to engage in meaningful conversations with the right opportunities. Find your dealmaking edge - open an expanded universe of opportunities that match your strategic directions and deliver synergies for your company. Automate market maps and easily share high potential targets with your board and key stakeholders, putting the days of pixel pushing and logo cropping behind you.

Meet the Leader

Andrew Bocskocsky is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Grata.

"Our private company intelligence engine streamlines the process of finding the best companies to target: making it easier and faster to gain visibility into the entire market in less time."

"What once took hours or minutes to find detailed, relevant company information across multiple sources, Grata achieves in seconds with only a few clicks."